Friday, June 17, 2016

I'm so excited!

ACK! I'm so excited for no reason!

I had the most amazing time teaching at Quilt Canada. There is a bit of irony in that one of my lectures is about organizing your studio!  However underneath all my current mess, there is a logical system.

Five trade shows in five months - well, there is not a lot of time to put everything away. For my lectures, I had to rip a few things apart in order to get to or find certain quilts or props.  I have put most of that away.  Then it was time to rip more stuff apart to prep for the class yesterday. Since I got home at 10 PM last night, I didn't really have a chance to put all that away yet.  That's a job for tonight.

Here's the bad news!  As I was rifling through the projects, I came across a couple that I want to put to the top of the list. I know some people can go through their projects and cull what they no longer like or want.  That is NOT the case with me.  I still get that same tingle of excitement when I see these older projects.  Besides I paid good money for them, I want my maximum entertainment!

As if all these trade shows hasn't been enough, I'm going on a sewing retreat in a couple of weeks.  See where this is going?  However, I've decided to be smart about this retreat. Well, I'm going to try. I have pulled a couple of projects and I'm NOT going to take them unless they are properly prepped. And in trying to do that yesterday morning in a mad rush to leave the house, I somehow lost my glasses. Not a big problem until it comes time to drive the car.

Where did I leave them?  Upstairs?  Downstairs?  Under some of the "debris" from the madly ripping apart?  I had no idea. No spare pair and no time to dither.  I got in the car and drove!  Before you go crazy, my eyesight is NOT that bad without my glasses.  I had no close calls and I can see fine.  I even sat at the back of the room at the Jane Sassaman lecture and I could see everything just fine including reading the slides!

I did find them last night - upstairs upon a cabinet where I was getting fabric squares out of a rolling drawer.

Why am I so excited?  Like I said, I had a couple of great days teaching, meeting new friends, meeting and chatting with the makers of the quilts in the show - and I have a few stories to share with you about that. My amazing dinner with that mystery person.  Several potential speaking engagements as a result of my classes, opportunities for future teaching and well - just the entire excitement of the show - it just grabs me and sucks me in!

Let's not forget the license plate frenzy.  Many people have commented on my license plate quilt. I have to say that I'm very pleased that I made it, I loved every minute of the process and I'm buying new plates totally guilt free and that makes me very excited!   I have another story to tell you about the plates.

On that note, I'm back to the show today as I have pictures to take and stuff to delivery, meetings with people and well just general FUN FUN FUN!

Have a super day!



  1. Your hectic schedule makes me feel pretty tired though you seem to thrive. I totally empathise with the packing unpacking bit, how time consuming and how mess making. And on the subject of glasses, next eye test I'll buy two cheap pairs so I have a sare. I think you are the lady I heard speak on a panel with J. Sampou and Anna- maria H. at Quilt - you certainly held your own!

    1. Thanks so much for the suggestion of the second pair of cheap glasses. Since I rarely wear this darn pair of mine, when I can't find them, it is a nuisance. Some would say I should get that string thing, but that would annoy me more. I vote for the second pair.
      And YES, I was the person on the panel with Jennifer and Anna-Maria. Although I was in awe sitting in some great company, I wasn't going to be intimidated. Thanks for coming to the panel at Quiltcon. Hopefully our paths will cross one day. Have a great day - Elaine