Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I just did what?

How many of you are guilty of this?  You buy a pre-cut bundle.  You know - those layer cakes, FQ bundles, jelly rolls or whatever.  They all look so pretty, how could you not buy one?  

That's what happened to me on the Saturday that I left for the retreat.  I was at the Hobby Horse and Patrick Lose was going to be there in the afternoon doing a trunk show. His new fabric collections were in the store and the pre-cuts were in the classroom. 

Hmmm - there were two Christmas collections and a Halloween collection.  Which to choose?  I was tempted to buy more than one, but common sense prevailed and I bought only one!  The Halloween one. 

Then I was in the car and on my way to the retreat.  

Turns out that some of the ladies had planned to make a quilt using the Scrap Crazy ruler by Karen Montgomery.    

I piped up (because I was in the spirit of the retreat) that I had a layer cake in the car.  Just bought it!  "Then you have to make the quilt", they piped up!  Then I thought - "NO - I don't buy a layer cake and cut it up!  I like to savour it!"  

Next thing you knew, I was out to the car and got my layer cake.  Actually, I watched Mary Beth do the demo. The rest of the group cut out their quilts and started to sew. The next morning, I borrowed one of the rulers and then cut and sewed my quilt. 
Me and my layer cake!
And here's my quilt. 

Scrap crazy quilt
I want to put borders on it, but wasn't able to find the same collection where we were and I didn't find anything that I liked to go with it. BUT I did find this for the backing.  I LOVE IT!!!
The backing
And here we are with our quilts.  They were gorgeous. Some managed to find the appropriate fabric for the borders, some did not.  The batik layer cakes only had 40 squares, while the rest had 42. That's why the quilts are different configurations.

The Scrap crazy quilts!
Anne decided to make one the next day, but I never managed to get a picture of hers, but she did get the top together.

So eight of 12 people made the same quilt.  It was pretty neat. A simple pattern that didn't take long to sew up.  And I can't believe that I cut up that layer cake within 48 hours of purchasing it. Those American girls are a BAD influence!!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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