Monday, October 24, 2016

Yes - there is a light at the end of the tunnel

I'm not going to shock you with the details of my day yesterday.  I have no idea how many quilts were bound - I do know that I did quilt two. I was aiming for three, but too tired to make that happen. 

The day did NOT start well.  My allergies kicked in full time and my eyes were watering so bad, I could barely see what I was sewing.  Perhaps that and the clogged sinuses were the reason that TWO bindings got put on the FRONT of the quilt, not the back.  RIP RIP RIP!!!!

This is what the bags looked like on Sunday morning. 

Bags waiting to be filled
And this is what they looked like this morning.  Filled to overflowing.  That's great news.  There were three that had the binding stitched on only one side, but now everything (in those bags) is done!!!!!

Overflowing bags!
I was going to save some time and serge the edges, but NO. The binding is on all the projects that are completed so far.

And what does the studio look like???  There is still LOTS to do before I leave, but the bulk is being shipped.  The rest will go in the suitcase.



Now what hasn't been completed did get shoved into ONE of my tote bags. Yep - just one!!!   That will be my thing to work on for the next three days.  Get as much done as possible.  

I did NOT eat well yesterday.  Pauline had brought me a pumpkin spice muffin the day before - that evil girl!  And yesterday - well I thought I deserved another one, however when I stopped at TIm's - there were NO pumpkin spice muffins, no fruit explosion and thus I was reduced to taking a blueberry.  Nothing wrong with blueberry, but it's NOT pumpkin spice. Then I had a cupcake for dessert at dinner and licorice.  It was NOT one of my better eating days.  Bottom line - my weight is very much in check so I'm not going to complain.

Thankfully my allergies didn't hang around all day - they were on and off which was very annoying.  But I got loads done.

On that note - I'm back to work!

Have a super day!!!


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