Friday, June 16, 2017

A fun day at Quilt Canada

Yesterday was a crazy busy day.  I was in the booth for pretty much the entire day. A few quick trips out to see someone and back in the booth to help out. We saw a LOT of people yesterday. I also did a lot of wheeling and dealing and networking right in the booth. It was super exciting and I've a long list of things to do when I get back to the office. All of them are exciting, none of them require making a quilt (yeah!).

It was so great to see so many people. And because of my work schedule, I don't get to the CreativFestival where I usually see so many so it was great to see everyone yesterday - even if it was for a brief hello. I'm suspecting that today and especially tomorrow are going to be much quieter. You never know with trade shows. But I've never seen the last day of the show very busy.

I did manage (on our way out) to sneak through the Juried show. WOW - some amazing pieces of work. I hope later today or more likely tomorrow to have a better look. I did get to the show very early yesterday and that is where I got the bulk of my look around. I also zipped through the vendor mall to see if there was anything that I would like.  I did see two things and as I was flying by later in the day to get something, I managed to pay for both items. There is one more thing that I would like to buy and then - well - I'll see.

But here is the quilt that I worked so hard on just before the show.

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Coast to Coast to Coast

I used all thirteen provicianl panels from the Northcott Sesquecentennial collection.  I wasn't sure that I was going to make it a pattern. I really designed it one afternoon on a comment in the office. There was some discussion (I don't even remember if it was a customer or one of our staff) who said - what can you do with all those panels? You can't make one quilt out of them.  GAME ON!  I sat down with my EQ7 and designed the quilt.  I sliced and diced those panels (electronically) and created the design. It's actually very simple. I'll be putting together some ideas of what to do with the leftover bits from the panels.

Well someone accidentally put on the label that there would be a free download pattern.  And before the first day was out, I knew of THREE people who had already purchased all thirteen panels in order to make the quilt.  And there was a lady running around yesterday trying to buy her fabric, getting guesstimates of the yardages. It was pretty funny (and a tad exciting too).

I heard from someone saying what are we going to do with all these sesquicentennial quilts once this year is over?  Seriously????  Are we not PROUD Canadians?  Why wouldn't I want to hang this quilt in my office or my home next year or the year after?  I'm still going to be a PROUD Canadian then.  I've travelled to all provinces and one of the territories (by various modes of transportion, including my bike).  I will be proud to hang this for the next 50 years, although I kind of doubt that I'll be around in 50 years for the 200th birthday. But my DAUGHTER will be and she better be hanging this quilt and saying how proud she is of her Mom to have made this quilt.    Just saying M - you better not give this one away when I'm gone!

So guess what I'll be doing on Monday. I'll be writing the pattern.  The quilt is already booked for its first visit to a quilt shop. If you are a shop owner and want to borrow it - well, we can work someting out.

On that note, I'm out of here.  I've got an all day class on perfecting the hand applique stitch. It's going to be such a calm quiet day, I hope I keep awake!  I'll be back in the booth around 4:30. Just in time to end the day.

Have a great day!



  1. Wowwwww!!! This is so perfect! Congratulations on meeting the challenge and then some!

  2. Well, that quilt is beautiful and so meaningful. Our country is wide and wonderful and what a great way to celebrate all of it. Your quilting looks wonderful too. Way to go!