Thursday, June 29, 2017

Another one bites the dust

There's no rush!  No need to panic!  I got home and decided to sit in the backyard for a bit to enjoy the nice day. Of course, I was pestered by a pair of hooligans, but I ignored them and they went away - well sort of!  

I haven't been reading in a long time and you know why?  It's the authors I pick.  The last three books I've read have been by Jennifer Chiaverini.  Don't get me wrong - I like her books, but they aren't page turners. I read those kind of books when I feel like it or when I have the time.  So me - who can rip through a book in a week has taken months to read those three books. Enough of that!   I'm back to my page turners and loving it!  Currently reading Clive Cussler!  This is the kind of book that I'll stop everything to read! Thank goodness there is a long weekend ahead! I'll be in the gazebo!

I've been holding off quilting the quilt that needs to be in the US tomorrow. Well, not holding off exactly - I was trying to convince myself that an overall pattern would be OK.  I loaded the quilt, joined some batting together and then decided - I can custom quilt this before going to bed.  So I did. And you know what?  I had fun doing it!  I did quilt it with invisible thread - there's a panel in there and I didn't want to have to change threads, so I put invisible in and away I went. While you can't see a lot of the quilting - I really need to break out of that mindset, but seriously, it's the quilt top I want people to see.  It's another one of my casual custom jobs and it looks great.  OK - maybe the next one, I'll get a bit more daring and quilt with contrasting thread.  Seriously, while I like quilting, I don't really want the quilting to over take my design.  That's just me. 

The binding is also on the quilt and I need to make the sleeve and sew it on this morning.  When I get home, I'm going to take that little page from the micro binder and have fun ripping it up!  One more deadline met and onto the next one. 

I'm super excited about my progress and there really wasn't any stress involved in getting this one done. Why?  Because I was very aware of that deadline and very aware of how much time I had to complete it.  How old am I?  And why has it taken me so long to figure this out?  

I'm not sure if I shared these two pieces with you - maybe the first one, but certainly not the second one.  These are my Canadian pin holders.  The first one is a panel by Northcott. I simply quilted it with MICRO stippling (what was I thinking?) and put a binding on it. And added the pins!

The second one is the Pin Holder that was in the June issue of Quilter's Connection.  The instructions are in the magazine so be sure to get your copy.  I may have an extra copy of two if anyone is interested. Please leave me a comment.

Canadian pin holder

If you're waiting on the instructions for Coast to Coast to Coast - the one with all the Provincial panels that was unveiled at Quilt Canada, the instructions are written. I've sent them to someone to check over and then hopefully by end of day tomorrow, you'll be able to download them.   Make sure you're on the Northcott newsletter so you will notification. If not, I'll be posting the link as soon as it's up.  There is a link at the top left of the Northcott website where you can join the newsletter.

Holy cow!  I'm looking over a couple of websites this morning and look what I found.  Handmade pins to embellish your pincushion.  Yikes - look at the price!

Well, I'm off to get that sleeve on and start writing the next pattern and I've MANY MANY quilts that are waiting to be designed.  Got to get my EQ7 out and my digital fabric and start slicing and dicing!

Have a super day!!!



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    1. Thanks Jocelyn. Send me your address so I can send you a copy of Quilter's Connection if you wish.

  2. Replies
    1. Barbara --- Oh yes - way more exciting than the quilt themed books!!! Send me your address if you want a copy of Quilter's Connection!

  3. And which one are you reading now? He has two new ones out but haven't purchased them yet, next time I go to Costco will see if they have them.

    Pat D.

    1. Treasure of Khan. 2006 but I'm reading them in order and can't bear to be up to date. No flexibility there!