Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Canadian Comfort!

What can I say! I can actually see outside the tunnel. The light is blinding!  I'm almost done (for now!).   I got the last magazine quilt quilted last night. I made the binding and sewed it on the back. I need to sew it onto the front this morning. The sleeve is made and I'll hand stitch that down in a meeting I have today. Then it's off. The pattern is written and sent. I just have to do some blah blah blah about the fabric collection. 

Yahoo!!!!  But WAIT!  If you think I'm home free, nope - I see another tunnel looming and the next deadline for a quilt to be in the US is June 30!!!   But that is 9 days away.  Nine days is a huge amount of time to make a quilt. 

I've started to write out my list of deadlines - there are SEVEN deadline quilts between now and September 1.  Seven!   How that happened, I've no idea. But it just does and I'm getting into design mode so there will be more (hopefully!)

I wanted to share two very Canadian things with you. When I was at Quilt Canada, I saw the Trend-Tex challenge. This is a challenge that has been sponsored by Trend-Tex for many years - I want to say about thirty. Anyway, it's been a long time. 

I have been lucky enough to purchase two challenges in the past. I'll share them one day - I think I've already shared them at some time. This year, I had almost forgotten about the Trend-Tex challenge until the last day. I popped in early on the last day to have a look and I couldn't find the light switch in the room.  DRAT!   But I did get in there before the bidding closed. 

There were MANY that I wanted, but not wanting to be crazy, I bid on several. I was outbid on some, but there were TWO in particular that I really really wanted. I'll tell you the story about the other one tomorrow. 

When I saw this one, I knew that I wanted it.  It's a very clever way to use up the five fabrics that were in the challenge kit. Pop on over to the CQA challenge page to see all the quilts and the fabrics that were in the kit. This little quilt is #44 on their page. 

Canadian Comfort by Jodie Matte
Isn't is just the cutest thing ever!!!!   And so me!!!  I know that I can't help myself - if I don't have that large steeped tea, black with two sugar in the morning - I'm grumpy!  It truly is my morning comfort!   I'm very excited to be the proud owner of this little quilt.  Thanks to Jodie for the great idea and it will travel with me when I do my lecture on challenge quilts!

The second thing that I saw at Quilt Canada that I HAD to have was this license plate.

Row by Row license plate

I do not need more license plates, but I WANT more license plates! And when I saw this one, I knew it was going to end up in my collection.  I'm not sure how many they brought to the show, but at one point I walked by and didn't see any hanging. I asked and there were only a few left. It's very hard when you walk the show in the morning and no one is around to buy things from!

That gives me TWO license plates for this year.  I have noticed on the Row by Row pages, that license plates are NOT as common as they once were. No worries - I don't need more.  I hope to do TWO full days of Row by Row this year.  Not saying a word, but my conspirators already know who they are.  Matter of fact, I hear they did a TON of research into one of our days.  Game on - I'm ready!!!

Thanks to everyone who provided suggestions about creating a prioritising system.  I'll look into the options and I do like what I found. The question is - will it work for me?  It's all a learning experience!

On that note, I'd better get that darn binding on!

Have a super day!!!!!


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