Saturday, June 10, 2017

The light at the end of the tunnel...............

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes it does.  I just didn't get to the blog yesterday.  A number of reasons which I won't go into.

It wasn't the most productive day at the office as we had to remove everything from our offices so the carpets could be cleaned. No, it's not all sitting on the sidewalk.  We do work in a warehouse, after all, so everything was hauled in there.  That was my workout for the day.  We'll have nice clean carpets on Monday. Yeah - so it'll be worth all the effort! And I seem to have a lot of sewing stuff that had to be moved! This is why I don't have carpet at home.  Huge dust collector and way easier to run the vacuum or the Swifter over ceramic or hardwood!

I've been sewing on the items that I need for my lectures and our booth at Quilt Canada which is NEXT WEEK!!!  I'll share them for everyone AFTER the show is over. I'm thinking I've said that a lot lately and then I don't post the pictures.  I'm going to give it all my effort. Because I made a resolution yesterday. This weekend is the LAST weekend that I spend sewing like an idiot to meet a deadline.  It's summer and who wants pressure over the summer?  NO ONE!!!

After the madness for the next couple of days, there is one quilt due by June 30 and one due July 20.  There are NO trade shows for several months, so there should be no reason for mad sewing at night and on the weekends except if I want to.

However, I can't really complain because everything that I'm working on this weekend is of my own design. Some I'm happier with than others, but the giveaway for Quilt Canada is super cute. For those in the US, it is very Canada focused, but I'll post the picture anyway.  I do have a US one that I haven't posted yet.  For those Canadians who don't make it to Quilt Canada, I'll see about having some giveaways on my blog once I see what leftovers we have. I'm very excited about it. It can also be made with yardage so you don't need the giveaway and the pattern will be posted on-line.  I'm thinking there are a few patterns that I've done that are NOT online. We better fix that and I intend to have a look after Quilt Canada is over.

It's hot outside and Lexi and Murphy have quite the story to tell, but they are resting after their romp at the dog park and will get that blog post up tonight. Lazy dogs!

I had pictures to post, but silly laptop froze the moment I inserted the camera card. I've no time to reboot the laptop so those pictures will have to get posted tomorrow.  Notice how everything is tomorrow with me?  Bad bad habit!

On that note, I'm off to create stuff with BRAND NEW fabric (that part of the job is super cool - the deadlines - not so much).  How much can I get done in one day?  I already finished another quilt top this morning that is for my panel lecture. There are a few more projects for my lecture demo, but I don't think they will get finished - the stuff for the booth takes priority for the moment and the magazine deadlines (there are two this week!)  Yes better planning would have avoided this.

Have a super day - stay cool!


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