Thursday, June 22, 2017

I'll trip you!

The days are shooting by faster than I can keep track of.  It was so nice to go home last night (when I finally did make it home) and have NOTHING to do. Well, you know what I mean - nothing URGENT to do.  

I did tidy up a teeny bit and then decided to go outside to read and enjoy the longest day of the year. Well, I think Lexi and Murphy will have something to say about my shortened stay outside. Let's just say that those two dogs are ATTENTION seekers.  It was worse than being in a kindergarten class on a sugar high.  All I can say is those dogs are attention seekers. 

I'm picking fabrics for my next project and well - I have zero qualms about starting something new. I just can't help it, although I did get one "old" project pinned back on the wall that needs the borders put on. I can't seem to find the rest of the fabric although I didn't search very hard. 

There is some mad planning going on behind the scenes and let's just say that I've some very conspiring friends. One of them I'd like to hire as an assistant. She's meticulous about details!  How to slip more suggestions past her and then take advantage?  Oh Laura........  I need help!   I'll be sharing the details of that conspiracy in the next couple of weeks!

Also trying to get some stuff organised for the upcoming retreat.  I know - I can't wait!!!  So much to choose from - what to take?  I know - look at the priority list, but some of the projects are not the kind of thing to work on at a retreat. 

So as promised, I'm posting a photo of another challenge piece that I acquired at Quilt Canada. This is part of the Trend-Tex challenge.  I had a quick peek around the room and picked some that I liked. I put my bid on a few. When I went back to check on the status, I was outbid on several. Hmm - that's OK - I can live without that one or this one. BUT there was one that I was outbid on that I really really wanted. I looked at who outbid me. Hmm - that Peggy!  I like Peggy, but I don't think Peggy needs this quilt even if we both know the quilter. Hey - I used to live in Quebec and went to many sugar parties!  So I outbid her. 

We're standing around waiting for the bidding to close and guess who walks in?  Yep - that would be Peggy!  "Why - hello Peggy!" I said sweet as sugar pie!  "What are you doing here?"  I told her I would trip her in the rush to the bidding sheet if need be. I was kidding!  I wouldn't really have done that - well I don't think I would have.  But Peggy kindly let me have the piece as she was already the top bidder on another one.  Thanks Peggy - I really appreciate that. I even offered to share it with her - she could hang it for six months and I could hang it for six months. I tried to be nice!

Anyway - here is the piece. It was made by a fellow guild member, Tish.  Tish -- so super creative.  I love it and who would have thought you could create this from the five challenge fabrics!!!!  Brilliant and I'm so excited to have this in my challenge collection. 

Maple Syrup Zakka Style  - Tish Leupen

By the way, I forgot to mention that the piece from yesterday - Canadian Comfort - the Tim's cup - that won THIRD place!!!   There was one other one that I really wanted, but I already had another outstanding bid.    I'll post the last one tomorrow.

And on that note, I'm off to get some work done.  I'm behind - tons to write, tons of e-mail to work out and a teeny bit of sewing today. Then tonight, it's cut cut cut and onto the next project for the June 30 deadline.

Oh yes - I did get some prep work on my February project for The Task Master.  A tad behind, but I've every intention of getting caught up!

Have a super day!!!



  1. Hi Elaine, isn't that Timmie's cup inspired and this maple sugar shack too. People amaze me with their creativity,

    1. Jocelyn-- you are so right. Very inspiring!

  2. I still love Tish's quilt! If it had been Product of Ontario I would have outbid you again and again, since we do make our own syrup! Enjoy!

    1. ONly one solution. I'm going to give Tish my challenge kit that I never used and she can make one for you!!!!! TIsh - are you listening?

  3. Wow! I am thrilled to know that 2 people that inspire me very much and who'se work I really admire bid on my quilt. Thanks Elaine and Peggy! I might be willing to made a Made in Ontario version....,,,. I knew it had sold and I'm thrilled that I will be able to visit it once in a while!

    1. I have some fabric for you. Peggy will provide instructions on what has to be on the piece!