Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Should I be doing this?

I have lists, I have deadlines and what did I do last night?  Well, I did a little bit of what I was supposed to do, but I really, really wanted to get this quilt off the design wall, so I could put something else up!  So I finished it.  The inner green border was on and ONE of the sides with the pinwheels. So technically I had to cut and trim seven pieces of border in order to finish it.  

Quilt top - DONE
This is the mystery quilt from my guild for this past year.  Not bad to get it done within the same year that it was offered!!!   Once the quilt centre was complete, we were on our own to figure out the borders. I decided to use up every little piece of leftovers and made pinwheels for the border. The quilt needed some relief from the busy centre so a 2 1/2" strip of green was added.  Why green?  No idea, but it looked good at the shop so green it was!

I wanted to balance that inner border and not worry about the binding at the edge of all those seams, so I added another 2 1/2" border.  This border was cut, but not together.  Now the top is DONE!!!!  It actually felt great to work on something that had no deadline. I think I needed that little boost.

I found some backing fabric in my stash and made the binding (which was cut, but not sewn together). This is larger than I normally make quilts, but that's OK.  It's fun and I love the end result.

Backing, binding and top - ready for quilting

I did get some work done on the deadline quilt.  The backing is done and the binding is done. Yahoo!!!  I was thinking of custom quilting it, but seriously - I don't feel like it so an overall design it is.   It's not as big as I normally make them so I'm good!  Should be no problem to get it quilted and bound tonight and in a FedEx box tomorrow.

Then onto the next deadline project which is July 10.  By actually writing down those deadlines, I'm not sluffing them off.  They are very real and that's the point of all this list writing.

I had a bunch of errands to get done after work which I accomplished last night.  Errands take up a lot of time and when you work - well there just isn't a lot of time.

I had to stop and pick up something that someone got me.  Oh my god -- I just love it.  Another Row by Row license plate!!!! Jeanette was on vacation on the west coast and thought of me when she hit a quilt shop!!!    Thanks so much Jeanette!!!! That makes three for 2017.  She took a very interesting trip to the west coast via Amtrak!!!   It sounded like such a cool idea. Something to look into (trips by train and how relaxing that would be!).

Row by Row license plate

I do have a day planned for row by row. Can't reveal the details yet. Oh no! But it's going to be fun. That I can guarantee you!

On that note, I HAVE to get the pattern finished today for Coast to Coast to Coast.  So many enquiries!

Have a super day!!!!


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