Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Today's the day!

It's the first day of Quilt Canada.  I'm pretty excited and I'll be glad to have a day to "relax". I know that sound silly knowing that I have two 2-hour lectures and have to be in the booth until 6 PM.  But there will be no rushing, well there might be rushing. There's always rushing! I'm waiting for a package and hopefully it arrives before 2 PM.

I'm happy to report that the quilt for the booth got quilted, it got trimmed and the binding is ON. There's even a sleeve pinned on so it can be hung the moment I arrive at the Convention Center this morning.  Wait - there's more!  I also got TWO other small projects DONE. How's that for a hat trick and it's not even 7 AM!  I'm very happy that all this got done. There is ONE more quilt that I might quilt tonight - the top will be in the booth and I have a bag that I would like to get done. Let's see what happens tonight!  If neither get completed for the moment, it's not the end of the world.

Yesterday we arrived bright and early to get set up. Didn't take long to unload the cars and bring all the stuff in. Lots of walking as the loading dock is at one end and our booth is at the other. That was the exercise for the day. Northcott is sponsoring a show of Quilts of Valor quilts. The quilts are the result of a contest that was run by Northcott.  We hung the quilts yesterday - there were many that I hadn't seen.  They are STUNNING and all the quilts will be donated after the show to QOV where they in turn will be donated to a serviceman or woman.   Come and vote on the quilts but I'm warning you - it won't be easy!

I zipped back to the office where I checked the items off on my list. Made several trips to the car with everything. Lunch with the customer and then home to get some work done!

Back to the convention centre for the awards ceremony where Northcott sponsored one of the categories. What can I dsy - the quilts are STUNNING.  The Best of Show was truly a best of show. There was no denying this - it's a master piece.  They had the quilt at the awards ceremony so we could appreciate it.  You MUST come to see this quilt.  If you don't get a chance to get to Paducah or any of the other big shows and you are close to Toronto, I'd take the day off and come.  The quality of the quilts on display is exceptional.

There;s lots to see and do at Quilt Canada. There are vendors, there are numerous quilt shows, there are classes and lectures. Don't forget my lectures today!!!  Modern quilting at 9 AM and all about Panels at 2. Hopefully for those attending, they'll go home inspired and a tad more knowledgeable.

And don't forget to stop by the Northcott booth.  We've got an amazing display to share with you. Something to do with the Transcanada Block party????  Come check it out. And then you better ooh and aah over all my projects in the booth. Take pictures, post them - tag us at #northcottfabrics  and tell my colleagues how good I am! Just kidding!

On that note, I'm off and running.

Have a super day!!!


PS - Quilt Canada is in Vancouver next year so if you can't make it this year to Toronto, maybe you can make it to Vancouver!

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