Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fired up!

We had our monthly class at The Hobby Horse yesterday and we all received our homework for the summer.  Yes - even me who is supposed to be ahead of the class.  I'm fired up to get some projects done - it was a very inspirational class even for me!

I love the show n tell from these classes and I've been very bad in NOT showing any of it to you.  I'm going to try and get that started soon.

But I do have a couple of pictures to show you!  So Ronda had asked me a week ago if I wanted a commemorative bag for Canada 150.  Sure! and she gave me my choice. I got the bag yesterday. Shelly turns up with the same bag for me - she knew which one I would choose!  Thanks, guys - the bags are already being used.

Commemorative reusable bag

I had no idea where the bags even come from, but I love them!!!!   So what am I going to use them for?  You can never have too many bags. The darn things never seem to wear out!  These are going to be my retreat bags.  My projects will go in there. Two bags are better and easier to carry than a laundry basket. No sense hurting ourselves carrying one big old heavy laundry basket.  I'll be perfectly balanced with two of these. BIT THANKS to Shelley and Ronda!

My tools and supplies will go into a separate bag so that way they are easy to find when I want them.  That's it - two bags. But those bags are a good size and if I'm careful, I can put a lot of stuff in them. I made a list last night of ten projects that would be great to make some advancement on. So I spent last night madly cutting and prepping.

My scrap basket is overflowing!
 My scrap basket is overflowing and needs to be emptied. I think I might have to make a cover for a pet mat as I don't think there are any sitting around.

Then I decided to look for something - my stuff for English paper piecing. I knew where it used to be. I knew what kind of container it was in, but do you think I can find it?  Nope - I do believe I moved it. Not only did I move it, but I'm pretty sure that I put it in a new container so I could keep the punches for the hexies and everything in one spot. Well - it's as good as lost now and there were a lot of prepped hexies in there.  Where could it be?  No idea. It will surface one day, but when?  who knows!!!

Here is some of the show n tell from yesterday.  This is a bag that Shelley made. It's called the ??????   - oh god - she told me a thousand times yesterday what it was. I repeated the name so I would remember and POOF - the name is gone. I do remember that it's a pattern from Swoon.  But the coolest part - she made it from an old leather skirt of hers.  Now that is cool.   I think I have a black leather skirt (suede) - I may have to dig it out!!!   Awesome job Shelley.

The Sydney bag by Swoon
 Just checked the website - it's called Sydney!

The bag was quite heavy so I asked what was in it?  Shelly had also made several small bags and when she pulled out this one - I  had to have a picture. I think the bag matches her hair!

Matching bags to your hair color!

While I love the bag, I LOVE the hair!  It's pretty cool and here I was telling people about the lady with the blue hair and in Shelley walks with green hair!  I wonder if there will be any change for Canada Day????

On that note, I'm out of here. I'm working on my next deadline quilt and also trying to prep some stuff for the retreat. But seriously - let's focus on what' important!

Have a super day!


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