Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We've got company!

Thanks to those of you who suggested different ways of working on that deadline list of mine.  Super super suggestions.  And why didn't I think of those?   Anyway, I did a little digging and well - you have to wait until next week. That gives me ONE week to test my theory. 

I mentioned that I had company coming on the weekend. Yes - on top of all the work that I had to do - I had a guest coming. She promised to be no trouble and I was really hoping that she would help out. Why don't you take a peek and see what happened. 

Welcome to the studio - MRS. BOBBINS!!!!!

Mrs. Bobbins has arrived
 By the way, she is pretty vocal.  She surveyed the mess and well, I just tuned her out after the first five minutes!

I was really really hoping that I could put Mrs. Bobbins to work. But we seemed to have a problem.

Too short for the cutting mat

Hmmm - ironing could be a  challenge as well

Hmmm - sewing might not work either

I don't think working on the long-arm is going to work out either

Wait a minute, there's one thing that Mrs. Bobbins is good at and her stance says it all. I gave her my Task Master to look at and she hopped right up on the chair and had a good peek. She was really really good at this job.

Checking out the Task Master

I needed a break and so did Mrs. Bobbins so we shared a cup of tea and had a good chat!  Mrs. Bobbins is very good at chatting.

Mrs. Bobbins having tea

And before I knew it, the day was over and Mrs. Bobbins had to leave. But wait, she didn't go far. Mrs. Bobbins is now standing guard outside my office door.  She knows that I have a lot of work to do so NO ONE is allowed in unless they pass by her first. I think Mrs. Bobbins would have been a good drill sergeant in the army!

I'm happy to say that one quilt is gone by FedEx yesterday. The top of the other one is done. I just could not quilt it last night, but so nice to work this morning and NO pressure.  I can't wait to get my little system organised and see how it works.

Have a super day!!!


(for those of you who did NOT attend Quilt Canada, Mrs. Bobbins was in the Northcott booth.  She is the face of the Trans-Canada Block Party and is currently visiting participating quilt shops all over Canada.  If you check out the Facebook page, you can see where she's been.  There's an exciting contest going on with the blocks and the grand prize is a Bernina sewing machine worth a LOT of money.   Check out the rules.  You just need SIX blocks to participate.  Can't get to six shops that carry a block?  That's where Facebook and your friends come in handy.  Get them to help you out!  I know that I'll be calling on a few to get me a few blocks that I want.

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