Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Time to reveal my new toy that I bought a couple of weeks ago. I did have the use of this toy while I was working. For those who know me, this pains me greatly to admit that I bought an iPad. Not just an iPad, but an iPad Pro. I'm going to blame it all on my friends. I was very hesitant to buy the iPad Pro and then what size of a screen to buy? I started off with the small one, but after consulting with a few people, I took it back (hadn't even cracked open the box yet) and got the big one. You know how it is - Go BIG or go home. I decided to go big!

iPad Pro - new toy for me

So why did I buy an iPad? I plan on doing some cool design work when my long arm becomes computerized. This purchase is all thanks to Marilyn BTW - it's all her fault. Helen Anne just clinched the size issue for me! I also want to consider myself moving into the 21st century and I like having manuals on the iPad. It's convenient (no danger of losing them) and easy to flip the pages. Oh my god - I can't believe I just said that!

And I feel it was a parting gift from my ex-employer. I used the money I received from days owed to me, including vacation and lieu days for the remainder of the year to buy it. Thanks, ex-employer - I love my parting gift! And all those extra hours made it so worth it. I bought a case for it, but I have to confess that it's still in the box! Now here's the thing - even though I called it a toy, I didn't buy the iPad as a toy. I bought it as a tool! I'll be getting it set up later today as I'm going to need it as a tool for the other "toy" that I opened up yesterday. The one that I can't share with you yet!

In light of the iPad story, I thought it was time to share with you that book I was reading about how addicting technology can be. I want to prove that I'm NOT addicted to technology. Oh trust me, I know all about addictive behaviors with computers. I remember playing Tetris so much that I could see those little brick shapes falling when I closed my eyes. And one Christmas holiday many years ago, I played computer games non-stop for days. My neck was so sore that I could no longer hold my head up without major pain! I was slouched in my chair with my head resting on the top of the chair and popping muscle relaxants.  Oh yes - I know about computer addiction which is why I choose to NOT use my devices as games! They are TOOLS!

So here's the book - Irresistible by Adam Alter.

Irresistible by Adam Alter

I must have had a very good social studies teacher when I was in Grade 6 or 7. I remember we went through the entire psychology of what makes people buy. That was years ago and for some reason, that lesson has stuck in my head. That's what makes me so skeptical of everything as well!

It was interesting to read Adam's take on the whole business of addictive technology. A couple of things to note - the inventors of this techie tools NEVER allowed their children to play on the devices - like the iPhone and the iPad. Steven Jobs would NOT allow his children near them because he knew they were addictive!  Technically it's not the device that is addictive, but the apps and functionality of it all.

I think if I could sum it up in one paragraph - it's that ALL these developers have GAMIFIED whatever they put out there. They've made it fun, they've made it measurable and they've made sure that all the blips, whistles and whatever else that will fill our needs are included in those apps. That addictive stuff is INTENTIONALLY put in those apps. They want you to become addicted to them. Even something as simple as Facebook. How many shares? How many likes? did each of your posts get. If you post a more outrageous picture, it might get more. What about trying to make a viral video? What about click bait? Can't resist checking out that cleverly worded headline to make you dive in to see what's happened. Play a game? Can you beat your score? Can you get on the leaderboard?

I think the most outrageous thing I read in the book was about the app that had Kim K's name attached to it. I cringe whenever I hear that name or any of the other family members. We are a society of sheep that allows them to become rich and famous for doing NOTHING! Anyway, this game app allowed you to increase your "star status". At the beginning, it's free to play the game, but if you want to increase your star status, you have to cough up money.  And so as a result, society has added MILLIONS of dollars to the K coffers. Isn't that the most ridiculous thing ever?  Blows my mind, to say the least!

And why do people get addicted? It's easier to have a "relationship" with the device than it is to have a face to face conversation with someone. People get lonely, people get bored and they get addicted. It's very sad but true. I like all those apps - Facebook, Instagram, but I'm not addicted to them. God - I I can't even remember to go on Instagram because I'm busy reading a book or sewing or walking or whatever.

While I LOVE my technology, I'm in no way addicted to it. There are some days when I don't check e-mail, I rarely get texts and sometimes it takes me hours to answer it. I play ONE game on my phone - Scrabble which is hard to be addictive unless you have mega multiple games going. I try to play one turn in each game a day. Sometimes two if I'm (or my opponents) are lucky!

Children under two - absolutely NO to any screen. They need to learn social skills because if they don't learn these skills before two, they will have a very hard time to learn them later. They become good at technology but people skills are non-existent. It drives me crazy when I see kids watching a video on their screens in the car in the city. Isn't that the best time to talk to your kid?

Anyway - that's my soapbox story for today. I'm going to crack open that iPad and get it set up for what I need it for today.

As for quilting stuff, I had another amazing day yesterday which I'll share with you tomorrow. Company just came through the door and I have to run.

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. I just read Irresistible also. And I had Marketing in both high school and college so a lot of what I remembered added to my understanding.

    I am on my computer daily at work and do spend time on my computer at home....but I am able to walk away from it to get my housework and creative projects done.

    Have a great day.

    1. Sherry -- Thanks for sharing. I thought it was a great book. And yes - I can be on the computer all day, but it's being able to walk away when you want that's the issue! So glad you can - so many people can't!! Although I'm hard pressed sometimes to walk away to get housework done! Thanks!