Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Crossing items off the list!

Off to Monday sewing yesterday and it's so great to be back with the group. I almost feel like I wasn't gone for two years. That's so bizarre, but that's how comfortable I am with the group!  

It's time to get rolling on some of those UFO projects. The end of the year is looming and well - I still have a lot of work to do!

I spent a couple of hours and did the buttonhole stitch around all the silhouettes on this wall hanging and it's done! I had completed the other one last week. 

Safari wall hanging - ready for quilting
 So now both of them are done, backings are made and the binding is made. Ready for quilting!

Backings/bindings and tops ready for quilting!
 I decided to do a little bit of piecing and I got block number 11 completed of the Kaleidoscope quilt. Only two more sets of blocks to do and I'll be ready to sew this quilt together!  The end is in sight!

Block #11 for Kaleidoscope -  DONE

Then I dug out the Dirty Dozen list for 2017. Hmm - now there are three items completed as the safari quilts were part of the list. That still leaves a lot to be done before the end of the year. There are two other projects that I've been working on and it won't take long to complete either of them. Can I get all of them done by the end of the year? You'll have to stay tuned in order to find out.

Dirty Dozen list for 2017

I'm liking how this list kept me motivated (in a very slow way), but I got things done that I wouldn't have done otherwise. I liked it so much that I created a new Dirty Dozen list for 2018.  Yep - I found 12 more projects (easily found 12 more) that I would like to get done and so that list is created! If I don't finish this list before the end of the year, I will continue to work on it for next year. The list for next year is a wee bit more forgiving. Some of the items on the 2017 list involved FOUR quilts for one project. Several included two quilts and so on. Next year - there are ONLY 12 items in total!  It'll be way easier!

One of my favourite things on Monday is to come home from sewing and unpack my sewing bag and repack it for the next week. I'm focusing on that list so here is the next project (which is actually two quilts).

Amish with a Twist and Amish with a Twist II

Amish with a Twist II just needs three borders put on and I think two of the three are partially cut. Amish with a Twist needs some applique. All the applique is prepped - it just needs to be stitched down and then this last border needs to be sewn to the quilt. I'm doing applique next Monday.

Applique to be stitched next week
 While I was tidying up more stuff this morning, I was working on the cutting table and knocked my scrap bin off the table. Oops - just missed the garbage bin by a few inches. I need a better aim! The scrap bin needed to be emptied anyway!

Not a very practical way to empty the scrap bin

We had our first snowfall yesterday. Hm - am I going to miss my old commute?  I don't think so - 20 seconds and I'm in the basement. Yep - I can handle that!

Let's just say that Lexi and Murphy are thrilled with the snow. I think Lexi blogged about it.

Have a super day. Drive safe if you have to go out.


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