Saturday, December 2, 2017

What I've been working on

One of my goals is to finish (after how many years) migrating all my computer stuff from my laptop which has a dead battery so technically not a laptop anymore to the "new" computer. This is a process that is long overdue - gosh I think I've had this "new" computer for 4 or 5 years now. No - it's not outdated - don't say that! It's actually a pretty cool computer as it has a touchscreen and the screen moves around and all kinds of fun stuff.

I think I may end up taking the computer to my friends at The Geek Squad to clean up the mailboxes. There are e-mails and mail boxes from my old e-mail and it all needs to go. I have a thing for hanging onto my old e-mails, especially when I switched to a new e-mail address.  Oh no - I NEED those e-mails. Well, ask me how many times I've gone in?  None!  So that all needs to be cleaned up. I'm not sure I'm qualified to do it without getting rid of something that I really want to keep.

And I'll start to migrate all the information onto my new 6 Terabyte hard drive so that all my information is in one spot. Then I can start (or continue) to sort through pictures, files and whatever other goodies that are there. There are thousands - tens of thousands of files, but once I got going and sorted into "like" folders, I don't think it would be so bad.

But for the moment, I have to look at Facebook on the old computer - for some reason, my old e-mail address is on the newer computer and for the life of me - I can't change that. It's probably something very simple. I need to upload my new Photoshop Elements that I just bought to the new computer and my EQ8 software. Once that is done - I think I'm good to go.

There is one thing that I don't like about the new computer. The keyboard!  It's wireless as is the mouse and I'm OK with that. But it's STICKY.  The keys all need a good whack to loosen them up. It's better the more that I use the keyboard, but if you see typos - it's not my fault!

The other thing is that some of the keys are in a slightly different positioning from the laptop so instead of hitting caps - I hit / or some other key. A wee bit annoying, but it'll all come to me the more that I use the keyboard.

Had an amazing day with Ronda and made HUGE progress. I'm going to share that with you tomorrow. Yes - I still owe you pictures from the reveal of our projects last week - that is also coming. I had to finish prepping for the tuffet class and there is a lot coming from that. I've loads of pictures to upload. But today - you're getting a recap of what I did last week on QUILTsocial. I think I posted the first two days and then - well the rest of the week was a tad turned upside down. So here are the links to all five posts. Actually when I look at the timing of everything and what I did in these posts - yep - I know what I'll be doing in the future! Well - I hope.

QUILTsocial - Monday

QUILTsocial - Tuesday

QUILTsocial - Wednesday

QUILTsocial - Thursday

QUILTsocial - Friday

On that note - I had to switch to the old computer in order to upload those links. There are still some kinds with network connections and whatnot. Honestly, technology and me - well we have our moments.

I'm out of here!

Have a super day!!!


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