Friday, December 1, 2017

The day after!

Wow - a HUGE thank you to everyone for all your comments, phone calls, texts and I just LOVE YOU ALL for all your encouragement and support. There are two ways to look at life - with my head down, sad and angry or with my head held high and happy. DH and I went out for dinner on Wednesday to "celebrate" and he said, "what are we going to talk about now?" We did spend a lot of time discussing my work. That was good for a laugh!  I guess we'll just have to talk about the girls!

Over the last two years and four months, I was able to meet a ton of people and make a lot of new friends. I had just watched this video by Jennifer Moore the other day. She took the world into her own hands and quit her job so she could do her sewing thing.  Check out the video.   It's so refreshing to see that people are starting to think about how they are spending their days and not focusing on the money. In hindsight, I should have quit months ago - but that's OK.

There are so many reasons that this is a great step for me. I'm going to say that quality of life is the biggest one.

So where does this leave me? I did freelance work in the quilting industry for 16 years before I went to work. I taught classes, I did long arm quilting. Well - I did a lot of stuff. And that's what I'm going back to do. And I get to renew some old relationships that had languished because of time. There will be opportunities that come up along the way and I shall investigate them to see if they fit my lifestyle. I think I know that I'm not a 9-5 person who sits in the office all day. It just doesn't agree with me. I want to work from home, I want to be super creative and I want to be my own boss. Why fight who I am? Oh, my kid is so like me!!

Anyway - enough of all that! It's time to move on!  What did I do yesterday? I had a couple of errands to do and after that, I was hungry and tired. So yep - had lunch and then had a nap. I really don't feel like I've fully recovered so I'm taking it easy. Hard to believe - but true!

And that's basically what I did yesterday!  WAIT - I promise to keep this exciting and this morning, I was up early and off to work (20-second commute! Yeah!) to the studio where I'm prepping for a tuffet class that's happening tomorrow.

I'm taking photos as I go along and I'm not sure if this is where I want to start doing some videos? I saved one just in case I decide to go that route. Otherwise, I'll just do an online tutorial. But here are the foam bases, all marked and ready for the next step. Which I'll do outside since it's a tad messy.

There are 10 in the class, but I had a few bases here for myself so I might as well do everything production style. I tell you, those 10 people are super lucky. It's going to be easy as pie to make their tuffets!

Then onto that huge roll of fibre. Remember - it looked like a giant roll of toilet paper?  I've cut it in preparation for the next step of the tuffet prep. I have loads left so if you want some, let me know. I might even be convinced to do the prep for you!

Upholstery fibre for the tuffets

I had planned to take today as a day off - a sewing day with Ronda!  I was hoping to do fun stuff all day, but I'm not sure that I'm going to have time to mess around. I do have a quilt that needs to be made and in a box by Monday and I have to get these kits prepped so I may end up doing a wee bit of both. We'll see how the day progresses.

I'll be happy to get all the "must do" stuff off my plate and then evaluate what I want to work on. Heck - I have a sewing day on Monday with the old gang and I have no idea what I'll take. Am I excited? You bet - I can hardly wait to get there!

I do have a few e-mails that I need to send today. I need to inform some contacts immediately that I'm no longer employed and I have a few e-mails to send out regarding classes and sit n sew days.

I managed to find my business cards this morning, but look at the mess I have to go through!  I would bet that a lot of that can be trashed once I get going. I literally emptied my entire office and threw it in boxes. I collected a lot of stuff in 2 years, but some of that is my personal projects, designs, etc.

Stuff to go through

On that note, thanks again to everyone for your support and words of encouragement! I feel so appreciated and loved!

Have a super day!!!


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