Monday, December 11, 2017

The planets were aligned (and so were the stars!)

You know me and technology. Some days things are great and some days things are not. 

Yesterday was my lucky day. I decided that I had too much work to do to keep messing with two computers and I needed some pictures so I had better bite the bullet and do what should have been done years ago! 

I started by installing EQ8 onto the new computer. It was easy - I went into my online account for EQ and hit the download button. Once the file downloaded, I hit install and next thing I knew, I was in EQ8 messing around. It's so super easy to use - no more EQ7 as it's only on the old computer and I hope that I won't be opening that up any time soon. I still need to grab all the files off of it. 

So that was good. I'm feeling super confident. Let's move onto the next one - let's try to upload that new photo software - Photoshop Elements 18. 

Signed into that account on the internet. Oh yes - this is the one with the very tricky password. I think I've had to reset my password a hundred times whenever I work with it. And yes - I had to reset the password yesterday, but once that was done - I was good. The software took forever to download, but once I was done that - it was quick to install and I was good on program number two! 

Seriously? It was that easy? I think I worked the entire day on the new computer. 

There is one more piece of software that I have to migrate and that is the book database that I use to keep track of the books I read. I have three choices - download an app to my mobile so I can get a scanner so I could scan my own books (would be great to avoid duplicates when shopping for quilt books), I can have one accessible on the internet and one on the desktop. There is a price associated with all of them. What to choose? what to choose?  I think the internet based one might be the best? I can acccess if anywhere - that would be awesome. 

Any thoughts on that? Does anyone else use a software to track their books? I do NOT want to move the information from one file to another company so probably stuck with this one, but that's OK. That's a job for later today - I think!

And to top the day off, I decided that I needed to try and install the drivers for the printer. Gosh - I hit the appropriate button and then I had to run to the printer to get a code - 90 seconds to do that dash and then I was able to print. Seriously?  And I was able to print later in the day so I know it wasn't a fluke!

Like I said - it was my lucky day. I should have ran out and bought a lottery ticket!

There are still a few things to tweak and the worse part is the lack of e-mail addresses. It's a royal pain as I need to send e-mails to people and I can't because I don't know their address.  I will have to open up the old computer and get as many as I can because the auto-fill is still working there. 

I did get some sewing done - well prepping for a sewing session later today. You'll have to wait for that one. However there is one thing to be careful for - don't gawk around while filling the iron. I overflowed the darn thing! I've got some great stories on irons and ironing coming up as well!

Don't overflow the iron!
And yes this is Motivational Monday! I don't have anything to report other than what I've already done. Perhaps I'm going to have to do a recap on Monday.

I'm still thinking about how best to set my goals for 2018. Plus I'm reading a super book on goal setting and it's a bit of an eye opener. Don't worry, I'll be sharing that with you as well.

But I'm off today to sewing where I hope to finish ONE more of the UFO goals that I set for 2017. I do have a number of quilts to finish off before the end of the year - quilts with deadlines - not sure of the number at this point, but the maximum is 4 possibly 5 or the number could drop to 2. Waiting for confirmation on a couple of things. But holy cow - the pace around here has slowed to practically a crawl.

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!


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