Thursday, December 14, 2017

It just doesn't get any better than this.....................

I can't complain. I seriously can't complain. Well if I could find my fingerless gloves (it's a wee bit cold this morning), everything would be perfect. I had the darn gloves yesterday morning and when I was doing a bit of tidying, I put them a place where I could easily find them. Oh boy! My logic is failing!

I'm getting good at focusing on this paperwork stuff. I spent most of yesterday working on a pattern. I've got it all written and sent to the people who need to see it. I love doing that kind of thing and of course, using EQ8 makes it so much easier! Now there's the question of getting some fabric to make those quilts. No worries - I've sent in my request. The quilt is small but super fun and super easy to make. It's for a magazine, but a trade magazine, not for consumers.

Then it was off to load the next customer quilt onto the long arm. Oh boy - this is NOT good. The customer didn't realize that the backing needs to be larger than the top. This backing is the EXACT same length. Going to be a challenge, but fortunately, there is a large border on the top so it may get trimmed a wee bit. It's loaded and ready to go later today.

I got the missing fabric for the next quilts I have to make and I'm good to go with that one.

I went out even it was just to the bank to pay a bill - can't be paid online - has to be in person at the bank and no it doesn't have anything to do with a fine or other bad things!

The girls behaved and well - you see what I mean - life is just grand.

The weirdest thing for me is the evening. I used to use that as my homework time, but now that I'm home all day - well I'm a wee bit lost at night! I'm sure that will change in a while, so I read my book which I finished last night. It was a silly book, but sometimes you just need to read the fluff. The latest Jane Evanovich/Stephanie Plum novel. What I'd like to do is get in the mood for embroidery while listening to an audiobook in the evening. Otherwise, I'll end up watching TV again. It's been almost 8 years since I gave it up. I don't think I'm about to get back into it.

I also did some tidying yesterday - got rid of some paperwork that I had brought home. You go to trade shows and collect lots of stuff and never seems like the time to go through it all. That's what I'm doing. I'm saving a few things that I think will be interesting or inspirational or people I want to stay in touch with and the rest - GONE!!

Oh - the other thing. The more people that I can back in touch with, the more opportunities I see. Not that I'll be crowded with work, but a freelance job here and there - I'm happy with that. The word will get out!

In addition, I'm trying to get those work surfaces cleaned up. There is "general stuff" that has been needing to be taken care of for a while.

This was my sewing surface yesterday.

Sewing surface
And here it is today. Clean!!!

Back to normal

 The ironing board seems to stay pretty clear all the time and I needed it yesterday to press that HUGE customer quilt that's now on the long arm.

Ironing board
I had to do some trimming and the trimmed ends are on the cutting table. Otherwise, the cutting table looks not bad! That wouldn't take too long to get back in ship shape!

Cutting table - not so bad
 It's those darn work tables that are the issue!  Look at the mess!

Work tables
 Actually, it's not that bad. Considering all that stuff is stuff that I'm currently working on. It wouldn't take but a minute or two to clear it off. I'm hoping to actually finish what I'm doing and then I can show you and then it'll be gone!

All in all, I don't think I'm in too bad of shape. I'm really trying to work on one project at a time but that's not always the case and I'm OK with that!

The other day the wind was whipping around the house. Here's my view when I'm on the computer. I grabbed the camera to take a picture. It looked much worse in real life!

My computer view!

The nonfiction book I'm reading says that it can take an average of 66 days to form a new habit. Or it could be freezing cold  - too cold to start the car and go to Tim's for tea. So I made tea again. I think part of the problem is the tea is a Peppermint Green Tea. Now where I got that from, I've no idea. It's a bit weird but in light of the holiday season - I'll drink it. I'm almost done the container and I won't be buying this again! I don't think I'm a herbal tea kind of girl.

On that note, I'm off to get some work done. Proofing a pattern, more writing, and quilting. I had better be careful as I had several programs open on the computer and one of them was PhotoShop elements and of course there were pictures in the photo bin. Lots of web pages open and my computer didn't like that! It told me to shut something down or it would and I would lose stuff!  And I did try to swap all that date off the laptop, but the darn laptop wouldn't recongize the external hard disk?  I have to check that out a bit more today. DARN IT! I was ready!

Have a super day!!!


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