Thursday, December 21, 2017

Let's get organized

Here's a last random photo that I found in my files! A scrappy binding for those two scrap quilts of mine. I'm happy to report that I've completed step one of applying the binding to the first of the scrap quilts. Maybe tomorrow or later today, I can get to the sewing machine. 

Scrappy binding for a scrap quilt
 As you can expect, I keep all the leftover bits of binding in a container. Then when I'm working on a scrap quilt, it's easy to join the pieces together to get a scrappy binding. I've obviously made a lot of bindings. The tin where they're stored is jammed so I had better get my act together and make more scrappy quilts!

I mentioned earlier this week that I was missing that outer border fabric for the Amish with a Twist quilt, but luckily my subconscious knew where the missing fabric was hidden. As I was looking for the fabric, I came across this box. Which of course got me to thinking.

In this box is the fabric and the pattern to make a tote bag. It's not started. But why is it hanging out on my shelf that is supposed to contain UFOs?  Seriously?

A project that hasn't been started yet
I may or may not ever get around to making this tote bag, but it shouldn't be filed on this shelf. Actually, there are many other boxes like this mixed in with the UFOs and it would be great to sort through them so that all the UFOs were in one place and all the "would like to make someday" are in another. That's for another day.

However, what I decided to do was to empty a shelf on that UFO shelving unit so I could create some order in there.

Emptied one entire shelf
 Of course, that's going to make a mess on the worktables.

Mess on the work tables
What went on the shelf? I had creaed a list of UFOs to be completed in 2018. I did that because I really appreciated that list in 2017. While I'm still working on that list, those UFOs are in my face and I'm not forgetting any of them. That was the intention.

I located all (I think) bits of the projects on the 2018 UFO list and they are on that shelf. I had to squeeze a few of the bits in there, but hopefully they are all on the shelf.

2018 UFOs on the shelf
 Hopefully by the end of next year, that shelf will be empty and I can fill it with UFOs for the upcoming year. I may start a few projects this year, but my goal is to start and finish them. I also hope to work on a few small projects, but those UFOs are BIG and will take a lot of time. BUT there are no multiple quilts in each box - one UFO and only one! That's HUGE!

As I was doing that, I decided to assemble the rest of the items for 2017. ACK!  Big PILE as there are lots of bits and pieces to some of them. But those are sitting on the work tables and I don't plan on putting them away until they are done!

The rest of the 2017 UFOs

 Speaking of getting them done, here's what I worked on this past Monday. It's amazing what you can get done when you are surrounded by friends and you have NO other project to get sidetracked by. I had to re-iron some of the applique pieces and they all had to be glued in place. I managed to get the stems and the four bottom leaves stitched down as well. Am I happy with my progress? You bet!!!
Applique prepped and ready to sew 

When I hung up the pieces, I did have a wee bit of heart attack. You probably won't realize that the leaf colors were supposed to be in the same spot on each piece. That was my rule. However I didn't follow that rule. Thankfully, I have two of each - it would have looked a bit odd if only one of the leaves were in different positions. Oh gosh!!!  Had a good laugh about that!

But my glue was pretty gooped up so when I got home, I put the entire cap in boiling water. Once it had softened a bit, I was able to clean out the needle applicator. I love this bottle, but it dries up a lot. Part of the problem is that my container for applique supplies isn't tall enough and the bottle has to lie down. OK - note to self - we're finding a NEW container for the applique supplies!

Hot hot water to get rid of the glue!

Can't wait to do more applique now that the needle thing is clear!

I spent almost the entire day yesterday at the computer, but I made HUGE progress on getting the last bit of this paperwork completed. Well - that part. There is tons more to do, but almost done this one job. I was so busy that I didn't even have time to walk to the mall to get my present which was waiting for me. I hope to get out today - and I'm going to walk. I need FitBit steps.

On that note, I still have about 3 hours left to finish this job and then onwards and upwards!

Have you got your UFO list for 2018 done?  How have you made out on 2017??

Have a super day!!!!!


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