Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Paperwork! - UGH!

While I'm a long way from getting my desk organized, it does make a HUGE difference to have the computer stuff mostly organized. I really need to migrate the laptop data to the new external hard disk. I'm creating new folders on the hard disk and I shouldn't be because they're already made!  Hopefully, that will happen later today.

Here's the thing - I still have stuff that I'm finishing up for work - yes - work work!  Don't worry - it's all good and I hate to leave things hanging. I've some blog posts to write and I few other things to take care of and THEN I can start clearing up the desk area and getting rid of the excess paperwork. I'm highly motivated and it'll happen. Just have to take care of the deadlines first.

I discovered something yesterday - it's been a long, long time since I had this relaxed of a schedule and well - I'm not coping well. I didn't go out yesterday at all except to shovel the driveway - otherwise, I would have stayed in my PJs all day! I know - not good! I need to treat each day as if I were going to work otherwise I'll be soon frittering those 50 hours away!

One of the weirdest feelings was that I was working away and I couldn't believe that I actually have time to do what I'm doing and not trying to rush through it because I work to do! This is my WORK! I love that!

It's also a bit weird as I didn't have face-to-face contact with anyone (DH is away) and well for a social girl, that's crazy! Yes - I didn't even make it to Tim's. I'm trying to be reasonable and not get in the car to drive 1 KM to get tea when I could make it at home. However, today I've already been to the gym, pumped out 26 K on the spin bike, stopped at Tim's on my way home and I'm good!

I also noticed yesterday that as soon as I had breakfast, I was looking forward to lunch and once I had lunch, I was looking forward to dinner. Really?  What's that all about? At least we have no snacks in the house so I could nibble. I better not start doing the shopping.

I did make good progress on the paperwork so I was happy about that and I had a chance to read my book(s) - one is fiction, the other is not! I didn't get any sewing done! I'm going to aim for paperwork/errands in the morning, sewing/quilting in the afternoon and relaxing/reading in the evening.

And I'm able to almost get a handle on my e-mail as well. Yep - I'm not missing work at all!

Then in the afternoon, I thought I had better produce something that I could actually see progress on so I quilted my scrap quilt.

Scrap quilt of mine - DONE

I have one more like this to do. I made them from scraps that came in all those bags that people gave me to make pet mats out of. I'm going to keep one for my trunk show and I'll finish the other one off and donate it.

I'm keeping on top of my lists and well - it's absolutely weird to be able to do this and still have time in the evening to read. It's totally insane! BUT - I must remember to NOT overbook myself as that would be the death of this situation.

It's a tad chilly out there this morning, but the girls couldn't care less. They are running around like idiots.

Oh yes - I'll be doing a review of EQ8, Elements 18, the Reliable irons and a whole lot more. I just need to get this wee bit of work out of the way.

On that note, I'm out of here to check out a few more e-mails and then get to work!

Have a great day!



  1. Elaine, don’t be so hard on yourself. A lazy day now and again is a treat!

    1. Rose -- thanks - yes - I need to relax! Just so used to go go go!

  2. Elaine - you are going through a period of adjustment- I am sure by the new year you will be totally back to a schedule, Being motivated and goal driven, you will find that perfect strategy to accomplish tons but still have the bonus of enjoying time with your sewing groups, visiting the gym, biking and most important - enjoying your 2 girls!!.(I just love your dogs)

    1. Helen -- thanks. Yes - it's hard to figure out what to do!Part of me feels guilty that I"m not doing more. BUT DASH That thought! Let's just enjoy!