Friday, December 22, 2017

Applique supplies

My FitBit went into overdrive yesterday! First I had to get my paperwork done and then I got a call that I'd been waiting for - that something was ready for pickup. Shoot - not a good day, but we'll work it all in.

The paperwork got done just as I had to leave the house to do the pickup (that was tight!). I've more paperwork to get done today and then I hope to take the entire week off next week from that kind of boring stuff! Well - it's not all boring, but you know - it's an obligation. I hope that next week will have ZERO obligations!

After my errand, and I had something to eat at about 3 in the afternoon, I decided that I had better get to the mall to pick up my present. By the time I left the house, it was 4:16 - late to be heading out for a walk, but better yesterday than today because we had a storm last night. I walked to Indigo where I browsed the magazines, waited in line to pay for my purchase (but not long), walked to the mall and got my parcel - no waiting. Then I went to Bath and Body Works because I like their hand soaps and I was willing to walk home with them. What a disappointment. It's been a while since I was there and I smelled all the scents and didn't buy any of them!!!!  Is that me?  Too much stuck in the past and the old scents? I don't know, but I didn't find any of them appealing.  Now, what am I going to do? I'll hit the drug store I guess. That's an errand for another day.

I made it back home at 5:30 so I made good time and put on lots of steps!

This morning when I went downstairs where I've already loaded a small quilt, I decided that my applique container needed to be replaced. I checked in the stash of empty containers and found something. Let's check out the applique supplies. 

Old container for applique supplies
I did like the fact that it had a lid and you could see inside, but the fact that my glue bottles won't stand up is an issue.

So I found this. Funny - this was my ORIGINAL container for applique supplies. I think it might be temporary as it's a tight fit to get everything in the bag, but they do all fit.

New (old) applique supply bag
 What's in the applique supply bag?  Lots of stuff!

A jumble of applique supplies
 Let's start with the scissors. There was three brand new pair of scissors still in the packaging! Now all the scissors are out of the packaging and contained in this little box. 

Box of scissors
 Some of those scissors have curved blades, some have straight blades, some are serrated. All are useful!

For making those perfect circles, stems, and leaves, here are the PERFECT templates by Karen K Buckley.

Perfect templates
 You also need ironing supplies when you prep applique. There's a teflon pressing sheet for fusible applique, an ironing pad, and a travel iron.

Pressing supplies
You also need some kind of pointy device for turning seams, poking corners or whatever. Do you think I have enough?  Yes - there is even a BRAND new set of appliquik tools - never out of the package. I like my old tried and true tools, but perhaps I don't need this many.

A vast assortment of pointy devices
 I consolidated a bit of everything into this one bag (there's more stuff on the other side), but it's now all nice and contained in one spot in my bigger applique bag.

Consolidated and minimalized the pointy devices
 A few pins and a pin cushion. That pincushion is strictly for ONE flower head pin that I use to clean out the nozzle of the glue. Technically that pin could go in the small container and I could save one more thing in the applique tool bag. And technically I NEVER use pins for applique, but not bad to keep a couple on hand, just in case.

Pin supplies
 Here are the starch supplies. Starch is my favorite applique prep method - a stencil brush, a small container of starch and a container to put the starch in. I also have a set of fingertip protectors from the heat of the iron. Notice the package is NOT opened. I'm so quick with my hands that I've never burned my fingers, but you never know.

Starch supplies
 Then there's the entire reason why I had to rejig this bag. The glue. Notice there isn't just one glue bottle - does that surprise you? I have my ORIGINAL glue bottle from years ago. The others were likely bought because I forgot my glue and needed it so why not buy a new one?

Notice that the needle tip is broken off the original bottle. So why am I keeping that one? No idea.

Glue bottle

I poured the glue from the bottle with the broken tip into the other two similar containers. I warmed up the other needle and cleaned it all out. So now, I'm down to four bottles of glue and they all fit UPRIGHT in the new applique container.

I have a big applique project on my list for 2018 and now I'm ready to tackle it.

What I'm enjoying is having the time to actually make this happen. I have the time to sort out those supplies so that when I need/want them, they're ready to go. I suspect there will be a lot more of that this coming year and I'll be sharing that with you.

That's about all the excitement I can handle for one day! I've got a full plate of things to get done today - how the heck did I ever have time to work full time?? Seriously!  I'm thoroughly enjoying the fact that I can actually (guilt-free) in the afternoon or evening get to read a book!

However, I'm sitting with 7 quilts that need to be made and sewn in the next couple of weeks, so that will be my focus over the next week.

My exercise today was to shovel the driveway! Yeah! But I need to get to the hardware store and the bank - that will be my walk later today. I wish I could take the girls but Miss Murphy is a bit naughty on the leash and it's too hard to take her and bring something home. They get their own walk!

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day and if you have to drive - be careful!


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