Sunday, January 5, 2020

Changing Habits

Habits can be our friends and our worst enemies! Habits like buying a coffee every day, eating a cookie or going for a walk. Twenty years ago, I got into the bad habit of having a hot chocolate at Tim's. I was at school and everyone went to Tim's for coffee. Since I didn't drink coffee or tea at the time, I settled for hot chocolate. That was the start of my downfall! OK - so I'm exaggerating! But it wasn't a good habit to get into. Sometimes, I'd have two a day and once in a while, I'd get three and I always had a cookie to go with it. OH!!!! 

I know - the calories and sugar - oh my!! No wonder I was addicted to sugar. Then I started having breakfast at Tim's especially when I worked and often as a treat on weekends. I think of the money and the time I spent waiting in the line - well - I won't think about it.

I gradually changed my habits and switched from hot chocolate to tea. And then I cut the habit out over a year ago. I can make tea at home - saving time and the environment. When I came home from the gym at 6 AM this morning (more on that in a minute), I passed by Tim's without even the slightest thought of stopping. I'm cured!!!!

I do stop at Tim's for a tea on my way to Monday sewing - that's my treat. But if there's no Monday sewing? No Tim's. I'm not really worried about the money I'm saving, but the time I've saved and the frustration of seeing other idiots do silly things in the line - well - that's priceless!!!

So why was I returning from the gym at 6 AM this morning? Because I'm traveling today, although later in the day and I won't have much time to get in 10,000 steps. I NEED to get those steps in if I want to make my Virtual Challenge goals. So that's a good habit. Let's just say that at 5 AM there is NO ONE at the gym - well a few people, but it was wide open! It usually is in the early morning when I go, but being Sunday, it was even deader than a weekday which makes sense.

And whose fault is this? That would be Ronda! She signed us up (OK - so she didn't exactly sign us up, but we all got FOMO (fear of missing out) when she signed up), so we had to sign up as well. It's been 6 days into the challenge. The numbers for yesterday haven't registered yet, but I'm ahead of the pace on both of my Virtual Challenges. I'm currently in some small town in Illinois called Romeoville. Now that's an interesting name! I love that we can see the street view on Google Maps. My second challenge which I didn't mention before is to walk across Canada. I've set two years for that goal. I'm starting in Victoria and I'm currently on the ferry heading to Vancouver.

I don't mean to bore you with this, but the blog is for me as well and I'm fascinated by this Virtual Challenge and I WANT TO WIN!!! Now here's the thing - this isn't winning per se in the fact that I finish first. NO - this is winning in the sense that I set a goal and I want to meet that goal! I WILL MEET THAT GOAL.

This first shot shows us leaving Chicago behind. The red marker is the pace I've set myself and when the numbers for tomorrow get posted, I'll be ahead of the pace marker once the numbers from yesterday get posted as I did over 12,000 steps yesterday. I even have a "yellow jersey" beside my name on the leader board of our small group. Yellow jersey referring to the Tour de France where the leader gets to wear the yellow jersey! How cool is that???

My position on Route 66 trek

And on the cross-Canada walk, I've just passed Salt Spring Island. I've been waving to my Aunt Yvonne who lives there and I'm sure I saw her wave back!!! I'm ahead of the pace on this trek and on my way to Vancouver!

My position on the cross Canada walk

This kind of thing is HIGHLY motivating to me. If only the UFO goals had some kind of thing like this. Well - we have our lists and our UFO club and support from our fellow quilters. We're going to be OK. But 2020 is going to be a MOTIVATIONAL year - I'm pumped to get things done!!!!

Speaking of getting things done, I HAD to do some admin stuff yesterday. I'm away this entire week and some stuff just couldn't be put off any longer.

I started the morning with this to face. Yep - a pile of stuff. ICK!!!  This is my nightmare.


And because of the desk situation here, the stuff sits on the floor. It's not that there isn't space - it's just not laid out well. I'm not sure even how to reconfigure it. I've got to put my thinking cap on.

Anyway, I was printing a few things (minimal printing), creating and updating distribution lists, created a Facebook page for one of the Sew Alongs. Answered, deleted, and filed e-mails. Verified numbers and on and on.

By lunchtime, the pile looked like this.

Making progress on the paperwork

Back at it right after a quick bite. And I filed some more e-mails, sorted more paperwork, and whatever needed to be done. There is NO PUTTING things off. Get it done NOW!!!!

By 2 PM, I was down to this. I can live with the amount that's left since none of it is super urgent. When I'm back, I think I'll have to add some more paperwork to that pile and have another marathon day!! There's no shortage of paper to add to that pile. Then I headed downstairs to work on some sewing.

The pile at 2 PM

No that's a lie - I did not go downstairs. I went for a LONG walk with the girls. That's why I got 12,000 steps in. They were having a bad day - oh well. It was an interesting walk and I'm sure that I'm now the talk of the neighborhood. A lady in a bright orange coat with two very badly behaved big dogs!

I'm good with that. I'm enjoying my neighborhood and my girls and I'm in way better shape than those that pass me in their cars!

Speaking of which, I should say that while these Virtual Challenges have changed my habits, others in our group have changed theirs as well. I won't mention names to protect the innocent, but I see that one of the others was up at 6:00 AM yesterday and on the treadmill for 45 minutes because she had something else going on later that day and wouldn't be able to walk. This is someone who normally would hit the snooze button. Oh my - the habits are changing and all because of a Virtual Challenge. It cost us $60 US to join! So far - we're definitely getting our money's worth from the $60.

I'm taking a break from novel-reading (physical book) and reading about the Thai boys that were stuck in the cave in 2018. Holy - I'm not sure that all the information is correct, but I suspect it's pretty darn close, but it's a MIRACLE that the boys were ever rescued. TONS of resources, tons of organizations wanting to help out, but NO ONE TO TAKE CHARGE. The fact that the boys were even found is a MIRACLE, let alone that they actually all got out. There's no other way to describe it. It's a fascinating read. I'm at the point where the boys have been located and now they're figuring out how to bring them out. I can't wait to read all the details. The book is called The Boys in the Cave, by Matt Gutman

What is utterly shocking (but unfortunately deadly true) is that people (and I won't mention their nationalities wanted (NEEDED) to be first to find the boys so they could look good for their country. And they were seriously upset when divers from another country found the boys first. Seriously????  What happened to the priority of finding the boys and rescuing them?? I recently had a discussion about this very topic. Is it OK to do a good deed if your main goal is to seek attention for yourself? Turns out that's a loaded bombshell. I say do things because it comes from your heart and it needs to be done and you want to help. But NEVER do a good deed because you're going to get air time. That's the WRONG REASON to be doing good deeds.

The person I had the discussion with said "as long as some good came of it" what's the harm? BECAUSE it's for the wrong reasons and totally insincere!!! 

Anyway - nice to take a break from the novels for a while, although I see that I have several audiobooks that came in ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Why does that happen?? They were scheduled to arrive weeks apart. I don't have noise-canceling headphones so it's hard to listen on the plane. I'll aim for some time in my room tonight once I hit the hotel.

On that note, I've got SIX hours before I need to leave for the airport. I must use them wisely as I have ONE sample to finish and I have to get the homework prepped for the first sew along as the first e-mail goes out on Friday when I'm still away. Everything is cut and ready to sew. I'm in good shape!!!

Have a super day!!!!!


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