Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The lack of color

Have you ever noticed how our world is becoming devoid of color? Have you looked at the color of cars lately? I would say that a great percentage of cars are either black, grey, silver or white. Why is that?

I can tell you one reason - it's cheaper. A friend recently bought a new vehicle and if she wanted anything other than black, she had to pay extra. Imagine how much easier it is for the car dealers to find a car when they only need to find a black one. Last year when I bought my car, I wanted a red one (as usual). The new color is called paprika. It's NOT red, but it was the closest I could get to the color red.

I was very specific - I wanted red, and standard transmission with the lowest package of goodies. They found one and it didn't cost me anything extra.

Same thing with winter jackets. I was at the gym this morning and as I walked past the coat rack in the ladies' change room, this is what I saw.

Coats are all black

That's not quite true - there was one red one tucked right at the end. Holy - I don't think I own a black coat. Well, I do, but it's got a white design on it. My winter jackets are red and orange and NEON orange. Yes, I have three and they are used depending on the temperature outside. Cool, cold and very cold. Granted, I don't have a "formal" winter jacket, but still - we need to get some color in our lives.

Keeping track of passwords is a huge headache. There's no way that you can keep track of all of them in your head as almost anything you touch these days requires a password. Elle provided this web site with some online password keepers.  Her hubby is in the IT business and she has LONG passwords. Holy - that would drive me insane although some of mine are long. But it is one way to keep track of your passwords.

I was out earlier this week and I bought a paper password keeper.

Password keeper

There is a huge warning in the front of the book about liability and where to keep the book, etc.

Caution in the password book

I liked the fact that it's like an address book so it's easy to find the correct password - provided you can remember how you filed the passwords.

It's like an old fashioned address book

Now here's the thing. There are two things wrong with a physical book. One is that you can misplace the book. That's super easy to do especially in this messy space. However, once I give something a spot to reside in, that item will always go back to its home, which makes the items easy to find. I'm pretty religious about making that happen. I haven't found a home for it yet - it still sitting on the floor beside my chair as I haven't had time to deal with it. The second thing is that someone can find it and use your passwords. Hmmm  - if someone were to find the book and use it, then I think we have a bigger issue with strangers in the house.

Keeping your passwords online also has its issues. I would suspect that my passwords would more likely be hacked online than discovered by someone in the house. Let's be realistic - some major companies have been hacked with loads of personal data at stake. I'm talking about passwords for my account to buy quilting patterns and embroidery patterns. I don't really care if someone got into those accounts and they are not likely to be targeted either. BUT they could!

So I'm going to try the paper copy as I slowly transfer the passwords from the little notebook which isn't organized to the new address style book. It's going to take a long time to do that and likely won't happen until I run into an issue with a password and need to reset it.

Oh - did you notice the color of the book cover? Yep - it's black. There was no other choice.

I see Miss Lexi has something to say about her life. That dog is quite the character! But we love her. And all I can say is thank goodness Murphy is cute.

It was Monday sewing yesterday and I got a lot done. I took a bunch of pictures and will share them tomorrow. I've got a date with a computer this morning and another private class this afternoon with a serger. It's going to be action-packed.

Have a super day!!!



  1. I can't get into Lexi's site this morning. Why?

  2. I have used a password book for the last 10 years... started off with a regular address book and changed over to one specifically for the job. I would be lost without it. I keep it in the drawer in my computer desk and that is the proper home! When I enter my passwords in the book, sometimes I use a reminder rather than the entire password. If my password was Jennifer 1940, I might put Jenn40 as my reminder since I would remember that. But, if someone broke into my house, I don't think having my password book stolen would be the worst of the crime? I have the book because what if something happened to me? No one would be able to anything on my computers. Since I do all my banking online and get all my monthly bills online, my husband would be totally stuck. I have a deal with my IT friend, that she will go through everything on my computer and delete what is necessary and change everything back to paper copies for my poor, computer illiterate husband. She would be unable to do anything with my password book. With passwords needed to be longer and more complicated and different ones for each log in, I can't live without my book. I needed to log into Yahoo the other day and sat there clueless until I pulled out my book.
    As for reducing what we bring into our homes, I think the next step has to be the consumer demanding less packaging from the manufacturers and the grocery stores being prepared to sell with less packaging. I tried to take my own container to the deli counter for shish kabobs one night and they said they couldn't use it and had to use a different one for each flavour? I still use tupperware or rubbermaid containers and they never wear out. My only plastic is the liner for the garbage can in our kitchen but with recycling and green kitchen waste pickup, our bag gets changed every 2 weeks when it is pick up day.
    I also wanted to mention that I have a container in my sewing room... large, sits on the floor, round and I make a pillowcase for charity and put it in the container.. use clips to hold it up around the edge and as I clean up bits and pieces of fabric, leftover bits I don't want, I put them into the pillowcase and when it is full, pull it out, stitch it closed and off it goes. Right now, I am donating them to a group that provides pillows for the homeless. As long as you put bits in there that aren't too big, the pillow is cushy and comfy.

  3. Ha ha... forgot to mention that I have always had a red vehicle since my first car purchase but, we replaced my 13 yr old vehicle last year and no red ones available. It was so sad but at least I ended up with a pretty blue... but, red would have been first choice. Finding your car in a parking lot is almost impossible with all the boring colours and the vehicles all look the same.. total copycats of each other! My husband had to pay extra for his standard transmission on his last vehicle. I remember when my father told me, when I got my driver's license, that I had better learn to drive a standard because I would never be afford an automatic transmission vehicle. How times have changed.