Monday, January 27, 2020

Sit n Sew

It was one of those days again at Sit n Sew. I seem to have spent a good part of the day searching for stuff for others. I don't really mean searching, but someone asks a question and I seem to have the product or a sample to show. We talked about our new panel exchange - which you'll hear more about when the time comes. One person forgot the power cord and foot pedal for their machine, so I had to get one of mine set up.

BUT - it doesn't matter. I got my quilt top assembled and the backing is together. I had hoped to get it loaded on the long arm last night, but I had something else that needed to be done. I'll share that with you tomorrow as I don't really have a lot of time this morning. Some urgent computer work that has to be done. The quilt top I can't share as it's for a magazine. But I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

OK - so you have to bear with me as I show these gorgeous pictures. Yes - it's about the virtual challenge, but I'm going through the beautiful mountains in BC and how could you not post the pictures.

I think I'm just under five miles ahead of my pace on that challenge. But look at this view.

View on the Coquihalla Highway

This is approaching one of the snow sheds. I've been here - at least once on a bike and several times in a car. This is so exciting for me. I know - small things amuse small minds!!!

Approaching one of the snow sheds on the Coquihalla Highway

I must be close to the summit as on the map, it is indicating the Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area. And you can see my pace marker is now behind me. For now...............

Me and my marker on the Coquihalla Highway

This challenge is doubly exciting for me, not because I have a pace marker to keep up with (or stay ahead of), but the fact that I cycled this route is making this pretty darn exciting to see my position on the map each morning and the street view. I'm sure there'll be other sites that I have to share with you along the way.

I didn't snap pictures of what everyone was working on yesterday. I was just trying to keep up!

But Ronda was taking pictures of her tote bag that she finished so I tossed her my phone so she could grab a picture for me.

Ronda's Crafty Tote

She had purchased the fabric in Hamilton, the previous day. And now the bag is made up. How cool is that?  Notice her small tag in the seam?? I think she said, she had bought the tags at Quiltcon last year.

Little tag in Ronda's bag

FYI - if you're interested in making the Crafty Tote, you can find the instructions on AllPeopleQuilt. Here's the link. It's a super bag for carrying projects, groceries, or whatever. I love it. This particular version of the bag is by ME!!!!

I had extra corrugated plastic for the bottom of her bag which is cut and ready to insert into the sleeve once she makes that at home. Can you believe she forgot to bring the extra lining fabric to make the bottom insert?

Liz was working on making the ball of "cord" for her rug but had to leave early so it didn't get completed. France was working on 52 blocks in 52 weeks. Sharon was assembling a quilt top and Lynn worked on one of our community projects quilts. It was a great day.

But once they all left and I did my walk with the girls, it was time to hit the computer. Another learning curve. But I learned some things and you'll have to wait to see. Always something to learn.

It's my week to blog on QUILTsocial. And I've got something totally new to share with you. Not a serger, not a sewing machine. It's software. Very cool software and the more that I use it, the more I LOVE IT. Check it out.

It would appear that a trip to New York is in the air. One of the Quilt Posse road trip group has Mood Fabrics on her wish list. That's two out of four - I'm sure the others can find something in New York they want to see. And I checked out this link that Barbara mentioned is on Paula Nadelstern's website about the Garment District in New York.   OK -- doesn't that make you all want to go???? 

On that note, I'm out of here. I've got a couple more things to get organized. It's Monday sewing, but I'm going to be a wee bit late and I've got a blister on my toe that I have to pop at some point today. It's those darn rubber boots. I think it might be time to invest in a new pair. But I like this pair.

Have a super day!!!


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