Thursday, January 30, 2020

Postcard frenzy

It was another silly day. However, I'm happy to report that the computer work got done and the quilt is now on its way to Colorado. I had to make the binding and sew it on back and front. One hour! I'm getting good at binding by machine.

I've got a few more things that need to be tidied up today and I do want to do some prepping for the next community projects day. And I've been neglecting e-mail. So if I owe you an e-mail, it's not because I didn't get it - I'm just good at ignoring them which I know I shouldn't do. That will part of the job for this morning.

I've started listening to an audiobook while on the treadmill at the gym. Way better use of my time than watching some couple dismantle a house. The book I'm reading now is called Mrs. Everything by Jennifer Weiner. Don't remember who recommended this book but it's about two sisters who grew up in Detroit in the '50s and carries on through the rest of their life. It's pretty interesting and gives you a good idea of how important it was to fit in and not be different. Just finished Part One - I had to linger at the gym to finish that part. That's pathetic!!

I'm brushing up on how to use a serger. I know the basics of using a serger, but I want to become truly proficient with the darn thing. I have three of them in Studio B at the moment so I better get some use of them. I've always thought of a serger as being used to sew clothes together to get those nice finished seams. WHOA!! Sergers can do a whole lot more than that.

This is a book that I borrowed from the library and I need to get it back as someone else wants it. It's a GREAT book that explains in great detail what a serger does and how to use it. The best part - it was published in 2008 but all the information is very current.

Book on serging

Here's the interesting thing about sergers. Sergers have been around for a long time, yet what they do has pretty much remained the same. The type of stitches they do and how they do them - it's the same regardless of when you got your serger. Oh yes - sergers have improved over the years - air threading, auto tension, built-in two thread converter. But seriously???  Not much else has changed. Most sergers come with one main presser foot and then you can buy accessory feet that allow you to add beads, cording, make ruffles and gathers and a whole lot more.

I know that I'm pretty good with the basics of a serger, but I want to go beyond. So I foresee a few projects in my future that utilize the serger. I might even try to put together a class for my freelance job. Wouldn't that be a shocker!! I'm game for that.

Did you dig out some supplies to make your postcard for Quilt Canada that was mentioned in yesterday's post? Did you watch any of those videos? At the end of the videos (I watched two of four), there was a photo of the postcard display from a previous Quilt Canada. Oh my - they received tons and they all looked so beautiful.

Well, as promised, I dug out my box of postcard making supplies. At least, I'm super organized. Everything you ever wanted to make fabric postcards is in this basket. OK -- so the Timtex is in the drawer with the rest of the stabilizers.

Basket of supplies to make postcards

I found these garlands of very tiny fall colored leaves years ago. My intention was to make some fall-themed postcards. Well, I might just get my act together and make that happen.

Fall colored garlands of tiny leaves

I also found this container filled with buttons, miniature ornaments and other small things suited to embellish a postcard.

A container of miniature embellishments

There's even a stamp for creating the back of the postcard. Use a fabric ink pad and you are set!!!

A stamp for the backing of the postcard
Gosh - there's even muslin already cut to a size that can be used for the back of the postcards. Obviously, something happened along the way because I haven't touched this box in eons.

Pieces of muslin pre-cut into backings for postcards
I also found some pre-made postcard backs that I had purchased from somewhere, more ink and a couple of other small stamps if you didn't want that big one I showed you earlier.

Pre-made backings for the fabric postcards
And if that isn't enough, I opened up this tin that was inside the basket to discover several half-made postcards. I know that I was in an exchange in 2013 and I'm thinking that I didn't finish my commitment to some of the group members????  I was probably in several exchanges and one I think was a monthly one. So we did snowmen for January, hearts for February, etc. Now I have to go through the rest of my postcard collection to see what's going on.

More supplies to make fabric postcards

Yep - I found more fabric in that tin as well. Oh boy! Well, if I buckled down, it shouldn't take long to finish up some of those. Should I do that first? I guess I need to reach deep into the tin and see all that is there. I just quickly glanced through it this morning.

It shouldn't take long to make a postcard and then I could mail it off to Quilt Canada and it would be done. But we all know that everything takes longer than we think it will. I'll see how I get along today. Perhaps if I can at least come up with the concept, then I'll be good or perhaps I'll find a half-finished one in the tin that I can use.

I forgot to mention my blog post on QUILTsocial yesterday. I went back to my blog and added the link, but if you read my blog early, then you missed the link for the Wednesday post. Here it is. And you MUST, MUST, MUST check out the post this morning. OH MY GOSH - I'm so excited about what I was able to create with the new PREMIER+ ECQ software. It's unbelievable and best of all? It's pretty darn easy to use. And reasonably priced.

There's just so much to learn and so much to do - where does one start? All this new technology is super exciting and I'm so glad to be a part of it.

Before I go today, I want to share something else with you. Quilt show season will soon be upon us.  I know there are more than the two that I'm going to post this morning and as the dates get closer, I'll be posting the details of those I know about.

So why should you go to a quilt show?

  • It supports the local quilt guilds. You may not be a member of a guild, but the guilds serve a purpose in the community. And they are exactly that; a community in a world when many people no longer have a community. 
  • You get to see some amazing quilts. All levels of quilters put their quilts into these local shows. Some quilts will blow your socks off and others will not. It's a good place to go and see how far you've come and where you want to go. 
  • Inspiration - you might see a new pattern you like or see a quilt made up from a pattern that you already own. You might find a colorway that you absolutely want to use for your next quilt or see a new line of fabric that inspires you. 
  • A day out with like-minded people - you get to spend the day with your friends, meet up with friends you haven't seen in a while. Sit down - have a cup of tea and a sandwich and have a good chat. Don't be in a rush. 

With that in mind - here's the information about the upcoming quilt show for Etobicoke Quilter's Guild. 

 The second show is in July, but you NEED to mark it on your calendar. It's the new show at Black Creek Pioneer Village. The dates are July 25 and 26. It's called Quilts in the Village. And they are going to need several things from you. The show is being run by the staff at Black Creek Pioneer Village, but they are looking for volunteers to help out with the events of that weekend. They are also looking for a committee member or two so if you have a wee bit of spare time - let me know. And the most important thing is the quilts! If you want to put a quilt into the show, I'll be providing more information soon with the site to register your quilt (s). There is no fee to put your quilt in the show and it's amazing to see your quilt flapping in the breeze amongst this beautiful setting.

It's going to be a great season of quilt shows. Let's get those dates on the calendars and support our local quilting community. And even if you're not a quilter, it's great to get out and see new things.

On that note, I'm off to walk the girls.

Have a great day!!!


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