Friday, November 20, 2020

 Wow --- another great day! Hopefully, everyone got a chance to get outside yesterday. Even though the temperature was warm, the wind was strong! I did a couple of errands, including stopping at the grocery store. My neighbors will start to wonder why I don't drive my car much and why I'm out walking so much! It's all about saving my sanity and feeding my craziness - that I won't share with you - you all know that I'm crazy. 

I had two more successful presentations yesterday. Now that we're organized and the internet issue is resolved, it's so much fun to do the presentations. I get to see the same group of people over six sessions, and they are great! We get a chance to chat, and I've learned a few things from some of them. Plus, you get to find out what's happening around the country! OK - so I'm just nosey!

I spent a couple of hours in a planning session for next year and all that walking, and I basically had no time to do any quilting for me! Now how did that happen? 

But I do have this photo to share with you today. I don't know what it was that this squirrel was after, but he was having a grand time in the tree outside my office window. 

Hanging out, having breakfast

One more writing assignment is almost ready to go out, and that leaves three more to write this week. I do love writing. Imagine if I had realized that years ago? I might have a totally different career. But no regrets! It's never too late to write a book! And I've had that intention for a while - perhaps I can think about it and put something together. I've always wanted to write a book about quilts - a historical book. Oh boy - that's lots of research!

Today, I'm going to share a couple of links with you since I don't have a lot to show. 

The latest issue of QUILTsocial magazine is available for download. It's FREE until the end of December. Be sure to check it out; Paul has done an amazing review of all the ODIF products. That alone is worth downloading the magazine. You can also read it right on the screen if you like. I must remember to get my iPad and download it. I love putting all my manuals and magazines on my iPad. Then when I want to read them, it's easy to find. And NO clutter! That's the best part. 

I want to share something else with you. Here are the first four blocks of the Spectrum Sew A Long. Hopefully, you're downloading the blocks and making them with Claire, Paul, and myself. Look at how different each of those blocks looks in each of the three different colorways? Notice how the contrast of light and dark fabrics makes the blocks look totally different. It's incredible!!!

The first four blocks for the Spectrum Quilt A Long

That's so exciting to see those blocks come together! I can't wait to see the final quilts!

Here are the links to Block Four for Claire, and for Paul, and for myself. Be sure to check them out and get working on your Block Four. 

It's going to be a busy weekend. But the most important thing is the Virtual Retreat!!!  Here's the link for Saturday evening. I'll post the Sunday link tomorrow. 

Let's not forget the Virtual Retreat this weekend. Here is the link for Saturday, November 21. Remember the start time is 6 PM EST. That'll be after the What's New Zoom event. 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 810 6665 3108 Passcode: 179411

And the Virtual Retreat continues on Sunday and will start at 9 AM.

 Well, today is going to be an interesting day as we see if we're going to have more restrictions imposed because of the pandemic. Let's just keep our fingers crossed. My thoughts are that we will see a lot more Zoom stuff happen next year and limited travel. I'm OK with that. I've got a sewing machine (or two), I've got fabric, and I've got ideas. I'll never run out of stuff to do!!!

On that note, I'm out of here. Loads to do today!!

Have a great day!!!!


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