Saturday, November 28, 2020

On a new adventure


So today, well, actually yesterday, starts a new Virtual Adventure. I was excited and set up the start date as yesterday. 

Wait a minute - let me backtrack here. I had NOT bought anything as part of Black Friday. I don't need a thing. Not even in the quilting world. Although I did check out a couple of websites, nothing piqued my interest. How could it when there's so much already sitting in Studio B waiting for its turn to hit the sewing machine? Oh - you don't even know half of what's down there. And let's just leave it like that!

That's the problem with organizing - you get to see the extent of what is still to be done in clear detail. Kits bought years ago, half-finished projects, and boxes filled with stuff that I'd like to attempt - one day! The only saving grace in all this is that almost all projects started this year and last year got finished this year. I'm still working on a few things but have plenty of time to finish before the year is out. I cannot justify spending more money on stuff that will just sit there and eventually be donated to someone when I'm not here. 

However, I did spot an e-mail that intrigued me, so I went shopping. My original intention was to buy the latest Virtual Challenge - climbing to the top of Mount Fuji in Japan. It's a short challenge, and there's a 30% off right now. The distance is something like 46 miles (74 KM), which is very doable for ANYONE!! Imagine if you only walk one mile a day or even half a mile a day, you'll get it done! And you get a very cool medal to boot. The sign-up cost and the medal are $21 US plus $5 to ship the medal when you're done. So a very reasonably priced gift for you or someone else. 

When I placed my order, I was asked if I wanted to buy three more adventures (any of them) at a discount. I thought - why not? So now I have three adventures to choose from, plus Mount Fuji. So I got excited and signed up for the next longest adventure, the Appalachian Trail, along the US's eastern coast. 

But here's the thing - these adventures would make an awesome gift for someone. You receive a code, and they can start whenever they want to. No shipping, no gift wrapping, unless you want to wrap the code. They get to set their own time frame for finishing. You need a way to track your miles, but who doesn't have a FitBit or some other tracking device these days. 

If you're interested in buying the adventure, then use this link. If you use the link below - you'll get an automatic 10% off the cost. But if you're going to buy Mount Fuji, then use the link above as it's 30% off right now. This link is for any of the other adventures at 10% off the regular price. 

Your unique referral link is:

Loads of people, like me, are hooked on these adventures. They are a lot of fun, and I love seeing my progress on the Google Map. 

Well, I decided early this morning that I should start this new one on January 1. Well, I already have miles logged, and I have no idea how to back them out. It appears I'm on my way up the East Coast of the US. Oh well - it's not a big deal. I was missing looking at my progress on the map anyway. I've shifted my distance into KM, so that's easier for me to comprehend! 

The Appalachian Trail Virtual Challenge

This one is shorter than Route 66, which was 3,669 KM. This one is only 3,167 KM. A whopping 500 KM shorter!!! My goal is to finish it by the end of September 2021. 

And here's the route I'll be taking! It's pretty exciting, and wouldn't it be fun to walk this trail in real life? OK - only for crazy people like myself. Since the route follows the real Appalachian Trail through the mountains, I'm not expecting to see many Google pictures since it would be a challenge for the Google car to drive that route!

The Appalachian Trail route on Google maps

But if you sign up for one of the challenges or buy it for someone, let me know! Remember, these are NOT races. You just log your daily steps. And if you have a FitBit, all the logging is automatic, so you just open the link on the computer or the app on your phone to see your progress. Super easy, but super motivating. The mileage gets updated once a day. 

There are days when I don't always feel like I want or have the time for that afternoon walk, but I'm excited to see my progress on the map, so I go! How silly is that? 

I had another successful presentation yesterday and a class. I'm now down to four presentations and several classes. The teaching year's end is drawing to a close, but there's still stuff going on. There's the UFO club, following up on some of the Facebook only groups, and well, a whole lot more! But the bulk of the "hard" work is done. All that's left is making up PowerPoint presentations, so the group gets a front-row seat in the show and tell. 

I also got another customer quilt done! I just counted, and there are a "few" quilts waiting to be worked on. But there's time to get them done before Christmas, so that's all that counts. 

Customer quilt - DONE

And I'm playing around with the new mySewnet Embroidery Software. I've got loads of samples that I want to make, so I get a few minutes of playing in when I'm waiting for a class to start. I'm learning loads! There's still lots to learn, and I'm only focusing on the easy stuff - the stuff done with Wizards, but boy - can you do some amazing things. I'll be sharing that with you once I start to do the stitch-outs. 

Don't forget that Block Five of the Spectrum Quilt a Long is now posted. Here's the link to my version made with Blue Stitch by Riley Blake Designs.    And if you want to see Claire's version, here's the link.   And the third version of the block is done by Paul.  I just love how all three blocks look so different. It's going to be great fun to see all the finished quilts. 

But I swear that I see so many different ways that I could have placed the fabrics to make different parts be highlighted! Wow -- those are great blocks to put in EQ8 and play around with!!!

I have one of the two presentations that I need for this morning done. I'd better get to work and get the second one finished. And yes - it's going to be another crazy day, spent mostly on Zoom. I'm sure getting my money's worth from that Zoom account!

Have a super day!!!


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