Friday, November 13, 2020

It takes how long?


I know that you've all experienced this. You think you're going to get project A done in a day. It's all cut out - how hard can it be? Well, I'm still working on the first small bag that I pulled from my projects box. With all the chatter and the side trips and the movie last night - I don't seem to be getting much done. 

However, I'm just laughing it off because, technically, this is a mini-vacation, and well - if I don't get a lot sewn, who really cares? Not me. I did get more blocks done, and I should be able to finish these blocks today. Then I get to pick a new project from the box. I think I'll pick a small one!

I know - the fabrics I chose for some of these blocks - what was I thinking? I must have cut them out a very long time ago when I wasn't as savvy with color contrast. But I'm OK with it. These are the blocks for the border, and it's the hand embroidery in the center of this quilt that's the showcase - not the blocks. And it's a learning experience! I can see it already - this quilt will be a teaching aid for more than one reason. It's interesting to see my fabric choices!

The first set of blocks

Here's one more set of blocks. There are three block sizes in the border - 12", 9", and 6". There are different size combos for each block style. I'm really not fond of this next block, but it's going to be OK once it's sewn into the border. 

The second set of blocks

Here's the last set of blocks that I worked on yesterday. So in total, I got nine blocks together. Which isn't bad considering that some of them had a lot of flying geese and half-square triangles. 

The third set of blocks

There are eight blocks left to work on today. There's four of one style and four of another. I see that for one of the styles, that some of the pieces are already assembled. Hmm - let's hope that will make the project go faster. 

I did manage to get one of four quilts bound as well. And one side of the binding is done on the second one. That's my focus this morning as the machine is set up for that. Then onto those blocks and if I'm lucky? I get to choose something different to work on tomorrow. 

So - I definitely will not run out of projects to sew while I'm here. As if!!!!!

I did some online shopping for those missing fabrics and got lucky! The first store I called had the plaid. It has to be that specific plaid, and they had just enough. It's being shipped to me. Now I have one fabric left to find—the BLACK STONEHENGE FLANNEL. Thanks to my "online" shoppers for helping out. 

Once I get that last fabric, and the other three picked up yesterday by Shelly and will be delivered in three weeks, I'll be ready to start the quilt. I also did some work on my enders and leaders yesterday, and all in all, it was a great sewing day. 

Let's not forget the quick trip to the local quilt shop. Thimbles and Things. I haven't been out shopping much this year, but that store is hopping. People coming in by appointment, waiting outside if they don't have one and hoping to get in, and the phone just didn't seem to stop ringing. That's a good thing, but I'm sure they feel they are run off their feet. 

I had to laugh yesterday. At one point, I was in the house by myself. I glanced around and saw this on the ironing board. NONE of that belongs to me. That's Ronda orange backing fabric and Lynn's orange iron! Did they leave it there to tease me???

Orange backing fabric and an orange iron

So while here, it's important to keep up the walks. I'm so close to the end of my virtual challenge of walking Route 66. So close!!!! See how close??? I'm at 99% of the walk. Only 27.5 miles to go!! 

Almost completed Route 66

I snapped a few photos from my early morning walk. I know these are totally random photos, but I thought this looked hilarious, or perhaps I was just bored. There's this big box marked FRAGILE, laying on its side in the ditch. I know that whatever came in, it was probably no longer in the box, but it just looked silly. 

Fragile box in the ditch

What is disturbing is the number of empty beer cans I see in the ditch! That's just wrong. 

And there's the usual caution sign, which is probably a good thing to have posted. There are loads of leaves on the ground, and they were wet yesterday morning, so I took extra care when going up or down some of the small embankments. However, the leaves prevented me from seeing the tree root that almost spilled me onto the ground. Thank goodness for good balance, and I was on my way. 


But the trees are gorgeous. And it was a beautiful sunny day. A little bit on the brisk side to start, but once that sun hit, it was warm. That little wooded area is a nice place to walk. You do have to walk on the road to get there, but that's OK - extra steps for the day. Right now, I walk at least two hours each day! So that cuts into the sewing time as well. But if I don't walk, I won't be happy, and so walking takes priority. 

The leaves are gone in this forested area

I wonder who lives here? I love looking at the trees and wonder what happened to them over their lifetime? Who has walked past them? 

A hidey-hole?

Here's a new talent of mine. I'm a fire starter! I'm getting good at it. I have a nice fire going this morning, so the morning chill in the sewing room will be gone when the others get up. Ah - they are going to owe me big time!!!

My morning fire

If anyone is interested, I see the new Encyclopedia of PIeced Quilt Patterns by Barbara Brackman has just been released and is ready to order. This is a new release of the original book. I have the original one, and I'm on the fence if I need the new one. I haven't used my old one a lot, but it was nice to have on numerous occasions. Hmm - I'll have to think about that. Hmm - it appears that there'll be a new BlockBase where all the blocks will be available to put into EQ8. So I could just buy that. 

Something to think about: but if you want to buy it - only 5,000 copies were printed, here's the link on the Electric Quilt website. Not sure what shipping to Canada will be like - expensive, I'm sure. 

Well, it's time to get moving. I've got quilts to bind! And I'm baking cookies this morning. 

Have a super day!!!!


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