Thursday, November 19, 2020

 Well, I don't believe it! I don't know how I always end up in a time crunch when it comes to writing. It never fails, and it doesn't matter how much I plan. Technically, this time it isn't my fault, but that doesn't take the pressure off! 

Oh well - perhaps next time will be better. OK - who am I kidding? 

But I'm making great progress, so I shouldn't complain. Most of the photos are edited and ready to load, and sometimes, that's half the battle. 

I had two great presentations yesterday, which doesn't help with the time factor, but those come first! Well, not first, but there's a specific time for those. I've got two more today. Then one more on Saturday to end off the week. If anyone is interested in checking out the event on Saturday, it's all about WHAT'S NEW for Husqvarna Viking. The shop hosting the event is in Winnipeg, but you can sign up by calling them. It's all by Zoom, so why not? The shop is called Carallan Sewing Center. And there's a LOT of new stuff! 

Let's not forget the Virtual Retreat this weekend. Here is the link for Saturday, November 21. Remember the start time is 6 PM EST. That'll be after the What's New Zoom event. 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 810 6665 3108 Passcode: 179411

And the Virtual Retreat continues on Sunday and will start at 9 AM. It's going to be tough to get some extra steps in that day. I may have to do some virtual walking around the studio to get in the miles! 

Speaking of which, I'm on track with that aggressive target - I walked over 13 KM yesterday. I know - I'm totally off my rocker, but I like a challenge, and I like goals, and I like reaching those goals even if they are a stretch!  Just let me be in my own little dream world!

Here's my sample book. It's starting to explode! I still have a few samples that need to be cut and put into a page protector. For the moment, this project is on hold, but I'll need it tonight for my presentation, so I did try to tidy it up a bit. 

My sample book

Despite all the writing, the walking, and the presentations, I did finish up a customer quilt. It was late, but I have a few that I need to get out the door. 

Customer quilt - done!

I've got to put the binding on this one, and I hope to do that tomorrow. 

It's like a feeding frenzy in the backyard. Lots of birds hanging around. 

The birds at the feeder

And, of course, those nasty squirrels think it's fair game for them to eat up the leftovers that spill on the ground. Let's just say there's a certain someone in the house who is NOT happy. You would think those lazy squirrels would be eating nuts in their treehouses! 

The other day, I spotted this woodpecker in the forest. It's a bit fuzzy, but you can see him tapping away on one of the trees. 

Woodpecker in the trees

So I'm listening to a new audiobook. Yep - I'm back with the audiobooks. I find that listening to one on my long walks is a good thing. I didn't do that in the summer, but for some reason, I need it now. I'm reading a novel about the Indian Schools. It's disconcerting to read. There's so much wrong that it's hard to comprehend that people once believed that this was acceptable behavior. And I know that these children in the schools are NOT the only victims of this kind of behavior. It's shocking, especially considering that the teachers belonged to the church. It's hard to read. 

That wraps up today. I still have a bit of editing to do this morning that needs to get done before my presentation. 

Have a super day!!!!


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