Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Social media - good or evil?

 Have you ever wondered how our brains can retain all those little details that we need in a day? And how do we retain all the steps to make something? It's totally amazing! 

I do like to make lists as backups! My list of things isn't that long at the moment, but I know if I think hard enough or be honest enough to write everything down, that - well, the list will be lengthy. I do owe a few e-mails and homework assignments. I'm working on them! I'm working on the last of the urgent paperwork tasks for today. Then I'm off for FIVE days, and I can't wait! While I'm away, I may ease my mind and write down all the things that need to be purchased or written and accomplished. Then when I get back, it'll be easy to schedule what I can fit in a day!

Another successful day! Well, any day with glorious weather like we are having could be nothing short of successful. It's hard to believe that it's almost the middle of November, and we're outside in shorts and T-shirts. You got to love that. Meanwhile, our friends out west are suffering through some terrible storms - 40 - 50 cm of snow in some cases, with ice. Stay safe, everyone!!!

It did feel weird to be passing Christmas decorations on houses in a T-shirt. I felt like I was in Florida. I spent one Christmas, years ago, in Florida, and it was the weirdest thing. It certainly did NOT feel like Christmas. 

Outdoor Christmas decorations

And this house had tons of inflatables! I get it that the weather was perfect for doing that outdoor work, but somehow it just seems wrong. Too early!

Christmas inflatables

We had Monday sewing, and well, I didn't sew! I spent the entire time cutting for a quilt with a mid-December deadline. I made good progress, and I'm going to throw it in the retreat bag if I want to start sewing on it. Actually, it'll be a great project for enders and leaders. 

I also got two more quilts quilted. These are not that big, so that was a bonus. Oh - did I mention that all of them have fleece on the back, so they take longer to load. 

Customer quilt - DONE

And here's the second customer quilt - done!!

Customer quilt - DONE

I have to put the binding on these quilts and hope to get it all done by the end of today. I'm not so sure that's going to happen as I have several things that I'll be attending throughout the day. Nothing that I have to prep for, so that's good! 

Three of the quilts are trimmed, and I have one more to go. Even if I get them trimmed today, I'll be happy, and any progress in getting the binding on them will be a bonus. Otherwise, I'll take them to the retreat (that does NOT count) towards my single basket of projects!

We must have another sewist on our street. I saw this on their lawn yesterday. They've made a bunch of kids masks and are giving them away. We don't have many kids on our street, so it's nice to see that they are slowly disappearing and just didn't all disappear on the first day! Yep - I could have done something like that, but my efforts are going into other areas. No time to make masks!

Free masks

Two more presentations last night. There are many participants in both sessions, and they ask a lot of questions. I give them a homework assignment (a small one) after each presentation, and some of them are doing it, which I love. What is so rewarding is when they come back the following week and say they learned something with the homework assignment. AH - that satisfaction is gratifying! 

It's very challenging to have only one hour - there's way more information in my brain, but I try to keep it organized, although I know they probably sign off the call totally overwhelmed!

I wanted to mention M. She's been hit hard by the pandemic, like many other young (and other age people) as far as jobs go. She's doing OK, and I want to say that I'm really proud of her. She's learning the hard way (is there any other way?) what it's like to be an adult, to have to make choices, and oh my god - she's just like me!! Could a parent be ever prouder? Good job, kiddo. Hang in there - times will get better! 

But there's one thing that I'm especially proud of. She knows (and is continuing to learn) what or how damaging social media can be to us all. With things like fake news, or biased news, or too much news, hate, and bullying, it's great to know that one can just turn off the phone, shut down your accounts, and try to remember what life was like before social media. 

I see some of my quilting friends consumed by IG. Everyone is trying to get more followers, more LIKES, and seriously?? Do we care? I just want to be happy, and only "I" can make myself happy. Not the number of LIKES, not the number of followers. It's sad when we're more in tune with online "friends" than we are with our real friends or family. 

There are days when I'm not on IG or Facebook, and I feel bad for the groups I administer. I hope to do better next week for them. Part of it this week has been a time factor. But do I miss it? Not one bit. I like the connection it provides with people, but I don't need a daily dose. I detest things like click-bait and the fact that there are algorithms created on all social media platforms to show me just what I want to see. I'm not searching when I request information - the system is searching and sorting to send me what it thinks I should see. Is that not scary? 

And I REALLY HATE when people send you memes and nothing else. Seriously???  I do NOT look at those, so please do not send them to me. I also DETEST when the only contact I see from people to me directly is to use my name for an entry for a giveaway. DO NOT use my name in your bid to win something. I do NOT continue the chain!!! I hated chain mail when I was younger, still do. But it boggles my mind to see how much people need to WIN something, which in most cases, they will end up giving away or never using. Use your time more wisely!

Just like food companies will develop food to create addictions and, therefore, more sales, the social media companies are doing the same thing. Until we as a society just say NO, this is going to get worse and worse. I've said for years - who really rules the country? The government or social media? Think about that for a minute. And then get off your phone! Try not touching ANY social media platforms for one day. You WILL survive!!!

I felt bad last night. I had asked the electrician to stop by to look at the power situation in the gazebo. I need the outlet to be working to keep the pond warm this winter. When he arrived, he went to the outlet, RESET it, and I had power. GRRRR!!! I never even thought that because it was an outdoor plug that it would be a GFI plug, that it might just need to be reset. I know that GFI plugs are used in bathrooms but never thought about that outside. Oh boy! I felt like an idiot. Thankfully, we know George, and he didn't charge me, even though I offered to pay him. 

Now I have to zip off to the hardware store to buy a cover for the outlet. There was one, but I think the girls flew past that outlet one too many times and ripped it off. Darn dogs!! But that means I won't have to run an extension cord across the backyard to run the heater. I also need to buy a new bubbler as my other two are toast. Tasks for next week, which will get written on that list!

George was saying that they are running at full capacity. They are short-staffed and just can't keep up with calls. That's crazy!! Not sure why they can't hire another electrician? I didn't ask him because I was just about to start one of my calls last night, and I was short on time. 

I'm not sure what's going on in our house this morning, but I thought we were having an internet issue. No radio stations will play on Alexa, but I seem to have internet, and that's all I care about. 

Have a super day!!! The last day in our area with the super warm temperature, so be sure to get out!!!


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