Saturday, June 5, 2021

A rescue mission


Another super day! Hey -- we have to look at each and every day with open eyes. We can choose to be sad or upset with events going on or choose to be happy. I CHOOSE to be happy! 

I have a new class this afternoon on Color Theory! YES --- I'm so excited about the class, and I've spent a bit of time ripping the house apart looking for certain items. Most of it was in one spot, so that was good. But I cannot find one particular quilt. 

Searching for a quilt

I swear it's in the "to be quilted" pile. But where? I've looked through my notebook TWICE, and I can't find it. What the heck did I call it? And I don't think I've quilted it. Now I'm physically going through the tubs to find the quilt. I have until 1 PM!!!

I offered this class to one of my groups, so that's why you don't know about it. But I'll be offering it again. It's a two-hour class, and the price is right. So watch for more details on that. 

I actually think something like this will work perfectly on Zoom. Everyone gets a front-row seat to all the samples. Nothing gets lost, and well - I love it. 

OH -- for those of you who follow my blog via e-mail, you know that Feedburner will go away at the end of this month, so you will no longer get an e-mail with the latest post. I have ONE option as a replacement, and I received an e-mail from them yesterday, although someone had mentioned it before.  I think I'm able to install this on my blog to allow e-mails. I have two other options to give you as well. I'll be providing more details on that shortly.

There is great anticipation in the air. Is it possible that we'll be able to open up and have that beer on the patio sooner than we planned? Yesterday, when I walked past the local patio that we frequent, the umbrellas were out. OH MY -- I can taste that beer!!!!

The patio might be open soon

And here's my nature picture of the day. More Rice Krispies on the trees, but in a different formation from those we saw yesterday. 

Rice Krispies on the tree

So I am a sucker for books, and people know that! When someone offered me this book a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't say no. This was published by That Patchwork Place (now Martingale). Check out the number - B72. That's a very early book. It was published in 1983!!!!  What I love about these OLD books is that they have super information in them. Maybe not the pretty pictures we get in the books today, but the techniques are the SAME. And sometimes, the old techniques are better than the new ones. 

A quilting book from 1983

Shoot - -I have something else that I recently rescued from someone, but I don't have time to do it justice this morning. I'll save that for tomorrow. 

All the components for the magazine quilt are together, and I have three blocks done. The rest will go super fast, and I hope to have the top done by tonight, although I have homework to prep for tomorrow. I'll see how it goes, but this quilt needs to get done FAST. 

I had fun with the delete button in my e-mail. I'm down to 2,800 e-mail. I didn't count how many came in yesterday, but perhaps I need to unsubscribe from a few. If I want something, I know where to go. I don't need to be tweaked with a sale because I don't buy because there are sales. I'll try for more deleting later today. And there are many e-mails sent to me by people I know that really just need to be deleted, never mind the number that I've sent to myself. I need to get that under control. 

I will get this under control. I WILL!!!

So here's what I have to deal with, with Grammarly. I love it as it really helps with my writing. It loves COMMAS, checks my spelling, and HATES the passive voice, which I struggle with. 

However, there are times when I get messages like this one. Seriously?? I'm NOT writing formally, and if I want to use AND/OR, I WILL. See that little garbage can in the upper right - I can use that and banish the error. And I'm not afraid to use it!

A message from Grammarly

I'm watching some videos as well - educational ones for mySewnet embroidery software. Oh boy - I'm ready to tackle some high-end stuff. I'm not sharing that with you now, but I will because it's available for anyone to watch. There just isn't enough time to do everything I want to do. I'm barely reading these days - I just don't have the bandwidth for that, and my brain is focusing on other things. I haven't touched an audiobook in weeks. I'm OK with that. 

On the walking scene, I'm making excellent progress. I've just crossed the border into Massachusetts. I think I still have three more states after this. The one book I am reading right now is about the ultra-athletes who aim for the fastest times on some of these famous trails. They are running/walking/hiking 50 MILES in one day. That's huge as some terrain is not super friendly. I'm doing the equivalent of 7 miles a day!!! 

Crossed into Massachusetts

When you hear some of the stories of the physical ordeals, you just wonder why? But then people probably ask the same of the quilters. Why do we put ourselves into stressful situations with deadlines? We do it because we love it. That's the same for the ultra runners. I'll stick with my 7 miles a day!

And that's it for today. I sure hope to start having real sewing stuff of mine to show soon. I have two more weeks of the intense number of presentations. Then it drops off considerably. I'm looking forward to that for the break. 

On that note, have a super day!!!!



  1. This is a comment on yesterday's post... about buying your new shoes. My plan, and it seems to work, is buy one of something and see if I really like 'it' or 'them'.... a new pair of shoes. If they pass the wearing test: feel good,comfy, right size, length etc then, right away, I order 2 more of whatever it is. Of course, this doesn't apply to winter jackets, coats etc. But pants, sweaters, shoes and other items work great with this system. The trick is like storing your fabric, put the new items somewhere logical where you can find them and know that you have them on hand. That is much easier than ordering 3 of something, finding out that wearing them isn't exactly perfect and having to return. Quite often, in non covid, I would buy one and if loving the product, go online and find more because chances are, the store wouldn't have 3 pairs of a shoe I like in my size.

    1. HEY -- that's a great idea and I took your advice. I ordered one pair. I'm still waiting, hopefully it comes today. Then if I like the shoes, I'm going to order two more pair. They'll go in the closet so I won't lose them!!! Thanks for the suggestion. Have a great day!!!

  2. Every teacher deserves summer break :-)

    1. Thanks -- I'm going to try and work some time in. A LOT of days are blocked off. Now will the pandemic rules lift so I can enjoy those days!!!! Have a great day!