Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Open the flood gates

It's done! I completed the LAST of those Snail's Trail blocks during Monday Sewing! Yeah!! There was a total of fifty-three 2 ½" units to make. That was a LOT of cutting and a lot of fussing, especially since most of it was done as an ender and leader. It doesn't matter - they are done. 

Five of them went on the bottom of the beach house block. This will make a cute little wall hanging. I have several small projects that need quilting. I'm leaving them on the sewing table so I can just GET THEM DONE.  Notice - that these five blocks are not just completed but actually sewn together. So what about the other forty-eight blocks? 

The beach house block

Yep - they are all together in a row!!! Yeah!!!  That was a HUGE job to get those together, and that is the worse row of the entire quilt! And it's done - that's all that matters. My first row completed for this quilt, and we only started it in January! Actually, this is my second row - I do have a row of trees done. 

The Snail's Trail row

Since I was feeling so excited, I grabbed the next set of blocks for another row in the All in a Row quilt. These ones are going to be a breeze. I need to make 12 blocks. Four are already done. 

Four blocks for the next row

I have to find a bit more fabric for the background, but the rest of the components are cut and ready to sew. I see the flood gates opening up here!!! I might actually get that mess on the sewing table up-to-date. How fun would that be? 

The next row for the All in a Row quilt


I don't know what has happened to our girls, but they seem to think that digging in a new national pastime. They started with the hole by the fence, which I think was because a rabbit had its burrow on the other side. The rabbits have moved on and so have the girls. Look right dead center in this picture to see a new garden "ornament." 

The new garden ornament

Yes - that would be Princess Lexi, who is looking guilty. 

Princess Lexi in the garden

But who dug this big hole? "Not me, Mom. That was Murphy. Yes, it must have been Murphy!"

A new hole dug by a phantom dog

The water lilies are in fine form, and I see the first blooms of the summer are out. There were two yesterday with more buds popping up. 

The lilies in bloom

And have you ever looked closely at the lilac flower? They are fascinating - long little tubes. I had a good look at them as I spent some time in the gazebo yesterday. 

The lilacs

This was the closest I got to ride my bike the other day. I charged the speedometer. So that's a good starting point. 

Charging the bike speedometer

There was a major fire in a restaurant near me two nights ago. It's just one block from my usual afternoon walk path, so I took a walk past. Oh my -- it's a mess. Actually, what's strange - the roof is gone, and the windows are blown out, but the rest of the building looks in "good" shape. The patio is still completely intact, as was the patio furniture along one side. Strange how fires work. Apparently, when the fire trucks arrived, they realized they could NOT save the building, so they just poured water on it from above. It was rather soggy in the area. I'm sure they'll tear it down and rebuild? 

Ruined restaurant

And remember all those stories I've been mentioned about almost getting hit by cars turning right without looking. Well, a 5-year old on a bicycle was killed in that exact scenario. The Dad was with the child, but I bet the child was slightly ahead and started off the sidewalk on his own. TRUST NO ONE -- not the cars, not the cyclists, not the pedestrians. Everyone is doing their own thing and NOT paying attention. 

I don't know if it was because of that incident, but the drivers were EXTREMELY courteous yesterday. 

If you were paying attention to that photo of Lexi in the garden, it was looking rather unkempt. The gardening guy was here yesterday, and it looks much better. 

The gardens are clean

Yes - we could do the work ourselves, but when I think of the time it takes this guy to do the work, how much we pay him (it's fair), it's so worth it to have him do the work. I'd rather read out there than do the gardening!

I need to be more careful now that the warmer weather is here. I couldn't figure out why my neck was sore—the skin on my neck, that is. Then I realized that when I put my hair in a ponytail for the walk, I got a sunburn on my neck!! Good grief!! Bring on the sunscreen. 

On that note, I'm out of here. Another busy day, but I'm in good shape with guidelines. Well, lots of deadlines, but I'll get there. 

Have a super day!!!


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