Monday, May 31, 2021

On writing and sewing

 It was a very long day, and well, the days have the same number of hours, but the number of things to do doesn't seem to get less. Now, why is that? I know people say that I'm doing too much, but I'm not on ANY committees; I'm not doing many magazine quilts these days, although I'm still designing and making them. It's just stuff in general. Trying to keep on top of it all, and that's never going to happen, so I'll just muddle along. Honestly - it's the small, seemingly endless number of silly tasks or follow-up that seem to consume the day. 

I do like my little shelf. It's a small thing, but it seems to help me get more work done? I doubt that - but it really helps to have the extra space. 

I got another writing assignment done yesterday and one more finished today! I know- ALREADY!!! Have you ever wondered how many words I write in these assignments? Well, they average around 2,500 words. I know - who knew that I was so verbose. OK - so you all did! But I'm getting faster, and I can usually crank that out, including editing in about 3 hours. The amount of work required to get subject matter to write about - well, that's a whole other story! 

I should check the number of words in an average blog post. I think I did once before, and it's about 1,000 words. No wonder my total number of written words is huge. That's a lot of words in the last couple of years.

Words I've written since 2016

My grammar is getting better (hopefully), and well, it's just easier. Perhaps one day, I'll think about writing a book. I have a couple of ideas, but right now? There's no time. 

We had LOADS of fun at the Virtual Retreat yesterday. Oh my goodness - I got several projects done, and the motto of the day was slow and steady. And by the end of the day, the items were done. I can't share them with you just yet, but you'll see them either later this week or next week. I didn't touch any of my own projects, but that's OK. We have Monday sewing today, and I have several small things that I need to clean up. It's stuff for other people, and it would be nice to get those done. I'll see how it goes. A couple of things require some programming in the embroidery software. 

If I can get that programming done before Monday sewing starts, then I can stitch them out and tidy them up today. These small things have been on the "to be sewn" pile, so it's not like something new is added. One of these days, these niggling little projects will be all tidied up (HA - don't worry - I'm laughing with you on that one!). 

There was no bike riding or long arm quilting that got accomplished yesterday. I've got a lot of stuff happening this week and more stuff on the weekend, so lots of planning and prep work need to occur. But I'm OK with that. I'm getting much better at sitting at the desk and doing that. I never was good at that before. 

I did get out for a long walk before the Virtual Retreat started, so I'm keeping my miles up, and I'm now in Connecticut on the Appalachian Trail. Just shy of 70%. I think there are three states to hike through! 

Now in Connecticut

I'm making a quilt from this fabric. It's called Hi de Ho by Maywood. Does anyone have any that they would like to part with?  My preference is for the more solid prints, but I'll take the plaid or the large yellow or red florals. I need it for binding a quilt. I need about .6 meter of a meter. E-mail me if you have this and want to part with some. 

Hi-de-ho by Maywood

OK -- so I've never heard of Halston. I know - GASP!!!  But anyway, I came across this link. Apparently, there's a show on Netflix about his life. And here's a story about the actor who learned to sew because of his role in the show.   It's quite interesting. 

Well, it's going to be short and sweet this morning. My brain is already working on the next thing - oh yes - it's an e-mail!! I HAVE to get some e-mail answered this morning. 

Have a super day!!!!


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