Monday, May 3, 2021

More changes a coming..............


I really should look at the notifications that appear on my blog. However, I have techie friends who alert me to upcoming changes. Thanks to Morgan for this. For those of you who subscribe to the blog and get a daily e-mail, that feature will go away in July. There is some option that I need to implement so you won't miss a single crazy episode. I'll be looking into that and let you know what's happening!

I also need to put together a distribution list and a newsletter - just because I want to. I've got to look into that because it just won't work from my e-mail. I need an e-mail service, or everything will go to SPAM, just like my current e-mail situation. It's hilarious - I forward an e-mail to myself, and it goes to SPAM. At least more stuff is getting into the inbox, but I think the service provider added some extra security, and well - it's working!

From a sewing/quilting perspective, yesterday was a bust! Well - not exactly -- we had two amazing classes in the morning, and I'm so inspired to get working, especially on the embroidery side. But then a phone call and an errand, and well, when I got home, I went for groceries, chatted with the neighbors about the craziness on our street. Got home from that and went for an afternoon nap in the gazebo. Not much got done. And you know what? It bugged me for a little bit, and then I thought - who cares!

I'm happy to report that my navigation system worked THREE times. The first time with the map and the second two with just turn-by-turn directions. I think I know why, but not sure. I don't really care - I was just excited that I got it working. It's only taken over two years. The new app made all the difference, and that app was released on April 27, THIS YEAR. It's still not perfect - I have to figure out the right order to plug in the phone, which app to have open, etc. But I can make it work, and that's all I care about. The old way was so idiotic - Toyota should be totally embarrassed with their previous TOTALLY complicated system. It was terrible. The nice thing about software? You don't need to buy new - the old can get updated!

I had meant to write them a letter about the previous navigation system. Perhaps I should write them a note thanking them for finally getting it right. A few more tests. Can you believe that I went through a tank of gas this week? That hasn't happened in a LONG time. And it won't happen for a long while since I now have nowhere to go. 

The navigation system is working!

However, I was up bright and early and got some work done. Let's have a look. 

I took a picture of my churn dash block. So it's starting to look like a churn dash block - or a block made with LOTS of churn dash blocks. 

The progress on the churn dash block

Ok - so I'm happy to report that this is what the churn dash block looks like now. 

The churn dash block is now in ONE piece

Yes -- that block is totally together, and it's the right size!!!!  Yahoo!!!!!  The end is in sight!

And this is what it looks like in Section Five. 

Section Five of the Long Time Gone quilt

Now it's time to cut the sashings and get those in order. Oh, wait..................

That happened this morning as well. 

Section Five with the sashings cut

Yahoo!!!!!!  It's Monday sewing today. The big question - do I sew this section together or get to work on the four remaining pineapple blocks?? I might sew the section together and THEN start on those last pineapple blocks. Oh boy -- I can't wait to get this done!! 

And one more Snail's Trail block is done. That makes a total of 12 left to sew. Yep -- a little progress is better than no progress. 

One more Snail's Trail block

I have a new quilt to make for a magazine. I'm using up my stash, and I thank them for allowing me to use my stash rather than getting the fabric from a company. So I pulled this basket of 5" strips that we exchanged YEARS ago. There are a LOT of strips in this basket. Probably enough for MANY quilts - what were we thinking when we did this exchange? 

Strips from a fabric exchange

And I found a ruler and several patterns in the basket. Oh boy!!! I wonder how many more rulers and patterns I'm going to find as I go through stuff. 

Patterns and a ruler in the box with the fabric strips

No word on those missing Jen Kingwell books. I SWEAR that I have several more around here, and I've put them in a safe place, but where? 

So on my trip the other day, I had to make a curbside pickup at Len's Mill. This is what I picked up. The order was processed in a very timely manner, and it was easy to get the items. I'm ready to start sewing this week. I believe the only location that is doing curbside pick-up is in Cambridge. But their website was easy to find things, and I was happy with the service. The other thing in the car is that giant quilt that I picked up last week. I need to get that trimmed TODAY. 

My order from Len's Mill

And I got this junk journal (for my passwords) from Katheleen. Oh boy --- she makes the BEST junk journals EVER!!!! She's so creative and so talented. I LOVE everything she makes. This is where I'd like to go, but I just do not have the time at this moment. I'd get started, and then nothing would happen, so it's best not to start. 

My NEW junk journal

That orange ribbon was neatly tied around the journal, but I had to check out the inside! There are TONS of little hidden pockets and pull-out cards, which is perfect for secreting passwords. Not only does she use paper, but she's done some machine embroidery as well. Katheleen - YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!  Thank you so much. 

The inside of the junk journal

If anyone wants one - perhaps she could sell you one!! They are truly gorgeous. 

I was supposed to get some computer work done yesterday, and I did make a bit of progress on one project, but I need to do some writing. I have five presentations this week and NOTHING on the weekend. NOTHING!!!!  I'm super excited!! I should be able to get this paperwork cleared up and get some major writing and sewing done. I'm excited!!!

I just feel that it's going to be a good day!! Don't you love when you start the day like that? And I finished my non-fiction book last night. Disloyal by Micheal Cohen. All I can say is OH MY. It's an excellent book, and the insight into the political scene in the US during a certain person's time in the Oval Office is crazy. How that can happen is beyond me, but you get a better idea after reading the book. It's still shocking. I wouldn't buy the book - Micheal is rich beyond our wildest dreams, but get it from the library. 

And then, after my stretches, I decided that I wanted to read a novel. I need to get to work on that pile of books on my shelf. I have to get rid of them, but not before I rad them. I started The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. OK - I'm two chapters in and already creeped out. 

On that note, I'm off to walk the girls, and then it's Monday Sewing!!!!!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Since you are finding rulers and patterns in baskets with fabric, maybe that is where your Jen Kingwell books are--with some fabric for a potential project.
    Just an idea.....

    1. Oh yes -- this is probably what happened. I was distracted and set the books down somewhere - the question is where????