Sunday, May 30, 2021

I have sewing tools and I know how to use them

 Oh my gosh -- you guys are the best!!! There are times when I think I live in a vacuum waiting to be rescued by you all!! I will NOT be buying a new rain jacket - I just need to find some waterproofing stuff. So that's on the list of things to track down. See how those errands accumulate!! I can barely keep above the water on the errands, but I did manage to get a few off the list yesterday. You know how it is - one errand leads to another and so on. 

We have some house repairs that we've been putting off, and well, now is the time! At least to start the investigation and get on a list. So I've got some appointments lined up this week to chat with people, and if we decide to go through with it - well, it's going to be a mess for a while. I still have a couple more people to contact before we go into decision-making mode. 

So yes, my morning was spent at the computer, but I'm loving having that little shelf. It was definitely worth the purchase, and I feel more in control, even though I'm probably not. The key now is to NOT put anything on the desktop except what I need to get done in the timeframe I have set aside for paperwork. Why is there so much? Appointments to make, phone calls to make, e-mails to answer - I swear it doesn't seem to stop. 

Slow and steady - that's how I have to look at it, and getting one thing done is better than not getting anything done. So some stuff will be late - I just can't help it - I only have so many hours in the day, and I'm not frittering them away. At least, I don't think I am!

I listed and got rid of one more item yesterday. That was through the Facebook Free Stuff group. Oh boy -- I wonder what I can get rid of today? I've got some portable radios - I wonder if someone wants those? I'm new to this whole business, and there seem to be some rules. Like you have to say how you are going to award the item. Sometimes, people do lotteries if there are lots of people asking for the item. Some people say "my choice". Good grief - I give it to the first person who asks. 

My giveaway item yesterday

But I got a comment yesterday that people are only allowed to be awarded one thing per day, and I think the person to who I gave my item might be a frequent user? I don't know, and frankly, I don't care, but the more I post, the more I'll get to know people. Watch out - nothing is sacred!!! Don't worry - the girls are safe - pets are not allowed on the listings!

Then it was downstairs to get some quilt work done. I got this customer quilt done! This design is the cutest quilt I've seen. It's the second one created like this with the last name on the back of the penguins, and YES - it was made for a Pittsburgh Penguins fan. Super cute. I believe the pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman. Yes, it is - Penguin Party. Except that this customer and the other person who made a similar quilt altered some of the blocks, so it looks like the BACK of the jersey. 

Customer quilt

This one JUST fit on the fleece. There is a HUGE (2") white selvage along one edge on these licensed fleeces. The quilt JUST fit between that white selvage, and there was about ½" on the other side. Not ideal, but it worked. And the next one I get to load later today - it's got a Minky backing. Good grief - where are the easy quilts? Actually, the more I work with fleece and Minky, it's not an issue at all. You just have to be careful when loading to not stretch the backing. And the top has to fit the backing!

As I watched that quilt, which required a bit more babysitting than normal, I was at the sewing machine. Sorry - can't share the project with you as I'm making it into a blog post for this coming week, but let's say that it's done! And well - just wait for the story - it's hilarious, and sometimes, I wonder where my head is!

Let's just say that I dug out some sewing tools to help me. I had the serger out. Gosh -- I love the PFAFF admire air 5000 sergers. It's so easy to thread with air threading, or if you're lucky, the threads are already threaded, and you just tie on your new threads and go. That's what I had to do, and within mere minutes, this thing was up and running, and the seam was perfect. I recently had to switch this serger for the Husqvarna Viking branded one, so that's why it wasn't already set up. 

PFAFF admire air 5000 serger

As I was pressing part of my project, I thought - good grief - you have a heat press - get that out. So I did, and it worked like a charm for my project. I didn't get a chance to put steam in it, which would have been better, but it did the trick! So - if you have one of these - get it out. It's the Singer Heat Press. I LOVE it. 

Singer Heat Press

This is my power cord tower on the sewing table. There are six plugs and two USB ports. It seems to be constantly FULL, and I had to unplug something to plug in the heat press. But that's OK as I can't use all the machines at once and with the computer there, it takes up an extra plug. Normally, the computer is on another table, but it's beside the sewing machine for the Virtual Retreat.  And if you're still putting your power cords on the floor - STOP doing that. Put it on the table where you can actually reach it. 

Power cord tower

Here's something that I can share with you—one more Snail's Trail block. 

Snail's Trail block

And the best news? The last one is almost together. Yes - FINALLY - hey, if you think you're relieved that you won't hear me talk about them again, think about me!!!

Almost all the blocks are DONE!

Since the serger was fired up, I emptied the scrap bin on the cutting table and made another pet mat. 

A pet mat

Oh my gosh -- we had so much fun at the Virtual Retreat last night. It was hilarious, and we talked about everything and anything, and it was fun! It was the perfect way to finish off my project and chat with friends. I'm so thankful that we have Zoom to stay connected. This is one super POSITIVE thing that has come from the pandemic. Where would I have the chance to chat with Daphne from BC, or Mary from Athens (that's Ontario!), Megan from North Bay, and everyone in between. There's no way it could be done in person. So this is super!!!

Don't forget that we have a Virtual Retreat today. It starts at 2 PM. So be sure to stop by and say HI. It's loads of fun, and we get stuff done, and we help each other should someone have a question. I hear there's a $5 charge for questions!!!  You had to be there for that one! 

We have a lot of fun on the retreats, but here's the thing that makes them extremely important. It helps you to realize that you are NOT alone. We have people whose family members are in the hospital for various ailments. They can't visit their family members, but they have concerns, worries, etc., and guess what? They can be shared. Same thing with the show and tell - show us your victories and your failures! Zoom sessions are meeting the need of feeling connected and NOT being alone. I look forward to all the Zoom calls for that very reason. 

Here are some things to check out this morning. The last post of the week for QUILTsocial. I got all my cushions done. And I played with some piping. 

We didn't see anything too interesting on the walks yesterday. WAIT -- I took two pictures. 

The first is this leaf. Look at the gorgeous colors in that leaf, and I love the two-toned effect. 

A two-toned leaf

People leave cars parked on the street even if they are not supposed to. A house was recently vacated on a street near me, and they cleaned TONS of junk out of that house. They hadn't lived there long, but boy - it was full of junk. Stuff would get left on the curb. Some disappeared, some did not. Well, I noticed that the leftover junk got piled in this car, and then the car got parked across the street. It's been there for almost two weeks now. I wonder why????  Perhaps we need to call the city and report it. 

An abandoned car?

And before I go, here are those silly girls. I swear, I run around the house snapping photos of them. I'm worse than a parent with a newborn. They are hilarious. 

This was Murphy this morning. "MOM - I need a belly rub!!" What a silly girl. 

Murphy asked for a belly rub

And Lexi? Well, sometimes, she's just creepy. If you approach Murphy, she gets up! "You need to touch me," "I need to lick your feet," or whatever she needs. 

Lexi? Totally different. You walk into the room, and she doesn't lift her head. Oh no - that's too much work for a princess. Nope, she follows you with her eyes!! It's pretty creepy but funny at the same time. 


Well, that's it for me. I've got more computer work to get done this morning, and I have to get my walk in before the retreat starts at 2 PM. Be sure to stop by and say hi!!!!

Sunday, May 30 - 2 PM -- 8 PM

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Have a super day!!!!!



  1. Our FB Buy-Nothing group also tries to police the process. I give to the first person as well. I send them a private message via FB. As soon as they respond when they are coming, I delete my posted item. I don't need the Admins nagging me. Like you, my time and life matters!

    1. That's a good plan. I haven't posted anything recently, but rules -- why so many rules to GIVE something away!!! Someone needs some power it appears. Time to find my next item to get rid of. That's a job for the later part of June. Too much stuff going on this week and next.