Monday, May 17, 2021

UFO Show and Tell

UFOs are NOT unidentified flying objects. At least, not in the world of quilting! Nope - that means UNFINISHED OBJECT. And there are a ton of other acronyms that have so cleverly been put together over the years. OH MY -- I just found a site with a LOT of acronyms. Check them out! Some pretty funny ones. 

Before I get to the show and tell, I need to clarify one small detail about my wee rant yesterday. Some people sign up for classes with excellent intentions. Then life deals them a blow, and they are not able to continue or even to start. I know of several people in my classes this happened to. I know these people are not the ones to sit on the fence, so that comment was NOT directed to them. Nope - it's the ones that have NO intention of ever doing anything in the class; they are there just to watch. 

I have to say, it's a bit unnerving sometimes. Are they spies for another teacher? What do they do with my notes? Do they share them with someone else? Do they turn around and teach the class? I had that happen - someone attended my classes (and did the project). Then I discover thery used my ideas and tips and taught the same class at a different shop! That has happened more than once. What can you do?? 

I don't know that they handed out my notes, but they definitely used my schedule and ideas. But you know that flattery is the best form of a compliment. I don't mind people using my notes for their own personal use, but to take my ideas and then teach a class? Sigh.............

There is no shortage of enthusiasm in this house, and certainly, the sky is the limit as to find new things to learn. The list keeps getting longer and longer, and I discovered something in the last week, and well - I can't go there today, but perhaps later this week. I'm so excited, and let's just say that a HUGE BLACK hole just opened. I thank my family genes EVERY DAY for being blessed with a high level of energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity. I don't need anything else in life - I'll be entertained until my last breath!!

But I digress -- it's time for some Show and Tell. It was a busy weekend, with loads of show and tell. Today, I'm tackling the UFO homework. I'm happy to report that NO MONEY went into the kitty this month. This group is COMMITTED, and I love it. We motivate each other, and that's all that counts. The number of UFOs is slowly being diminished, and well, I couldn't ask for more. 

And on that note, let's get started. 

These are NOT in the order that they got presented to the group. They are the order that they appear in my folder. 

I'm first! OK -- so I was so happy, I got the photos from everyone on time, and the presentation was done. Then I get to my page and a total blank! While I finished my project, I had totally forgotten to take a picture and put it in the presentation. Thankfully, I turned my computer and the group could see it on the wall behind me!!

Here is the FIRST of two quilts from that mystery quilt project. All those blocks were supposed to be used as the border of the giant original quilt. I added a solid sashing between the rows and added an inner border around the entire thing. Then I used up most of those strips of the busy print and then one more skinny red border. It's the perfect size for Quilts of Valour. I need to make the binding and the backing and move onto the second quilt. Am I happy? You bet!!!!

My completed quilt top

Colleen got her scrappy butterfly quilt together. That is a LOT of sewing. And it's funny how you peg people. She is the last person I would say would be into scrappy, but she loves it, and she's good at it!!! Way to go, Colleen. 

Colleen's Tulip Time, minus borders

She also finished up the quilt top for one of the July Shop Hops. I believe this one was 2016. Some piecing, some applique, and a huge learning curve as she just bought a new sewing machine. 

July Shop Hop quilt 2016

Slow and steady is Dede's motto. Here are four more blocks from the Dear Jane quilt. She's working on the blocks that can be paper pieced. This was a class that I taught a number of years ago, and we greatly changed up the methods of putting this one together. Way to go, Dede!!!!

Four more Dear Jane blocks

Diane is working on her LAST (absolute) last Celtic quilt. This was from the Northcott Stonehenge fabric collection several years ago. Shops created a block using the collection, and consumers purchased kits or patterns. This is Diane's fourth (and LAST) quilt using her purchases. 

Progress on Diane's Celtic Stonehenge quilt

Elaine got her Loon Quilt quilted and trimmed. This one has been around for a LONG time, but it's done, and that's all that counts!! Way to go!!!

The Loon wall hanging is now quilted!

Jane is working on a T-shirt quilt. I love when people give themselves a commitment and then go further. She was only going to get five T-shirts stabilized and cut. Nope - she got almost all of them done. Awesome job, Jane!!!!

T-shirt blocks 

More T-shirt blocks

And instead of making ONE block for her bargello table runner, she completed the entire thing!!!!  Yep - once you get going, the job isn't nearly as bad as you thought it would be. 

Jane's bargello table runner

Katheleen is a great example of practice making perfect. Years ago, she took the leap into the free motion world, and her quilting is AMAZING. So her goal was to quilt one more of the blocks in this quilt. These blocks are huge, and that was a pretty intense couple of hours to complete this. Awesome job!!!!

Gorgeous free motion quilting

And she got her cow quilt assembled. This was the result of a group exchange we did a number of years ago. It's so darn cute!!! The backing and the binding are also done, and it's ready to be quilted!! Yahoo!!!!

Katheleen's cow quilt

Linda W. was busy as a beaver this month. She got the binding put on this giant quilt. 

Linda's quilt with the binding

Then she quilted and bound this house quilt. 

Linda's Covid house quilt project

And I love what she did with the backing. 

And this is the backing

In addition, she's working on her Aunt Millie's Garden. This is stunning. The colors against the black background are to die for!!!! So the main part of the top is together, all the applique on the top is now done, and she's working on the borders. 

Linda's Aunt Millie's quilt

There's nothing like a bit of cash and some peer pressure to get things done. Actually, it's not that at all. It's the focus!!!!

OK -- I have time for one more project. The rest will have to wait until tomorrow. This is Linda G's quilt top from over 20 years ago!!!  The final border is now on the quilt, and it looks awesome. There's just a wee problem  - those bow tie blocks are dimensional, and she has a long arm. So that means those 3-D bits will have to be tacked down in order to stitch a design, or it needs to be done custom. 

Linda G's quilt top

And I noticed on the screen behind Linda that she has partially assembled another top that was on her UFO list last month. She didn't have any homework assigned to that project, but she's working on it.

Don't get me wrong - I love the 3-D effect, but when it comes to quilting? I could kill the person who thought dimensional blocks are so cute. I mean - flying geese in 3-D - gorgeous, but a pain to quilt. 

OK -- so I thought I'd get ahead of the game and sign up for the sessions at Quilt Canada. Only to discover that I have time conflicts with BOTH of them. What are the chances of that? One of them is NOT being recorded. Sigh............  So I'll sign up for one lecture and one of the tours. I must try and get that done today. 

I did not get to the long arm, nor did I get to spend much time outside, other than my walking time. But that's OK - I was in the house on one or two computers doing some cool stuff and teaching classes, so I was OK. You can't do everything every day!!!

But as usual, it's another busy day! I've got a ton of samples to make, and I spent some time this morning assembling supplies. Except I cannot find the giant ball of pink chenille yarn. How can you lose something like that? Thankfully, I have other colors, but I really wanted the pink one!!

Oh well - it's time to get the day rolling!!  Today, it's all about mending!! Do you have something around the house that you have intended to mend, and you still haven't go there? Well, today is the day!! Get that item out, get the supplies to fix it, and get 'er done!!!!

Have a super day and get out and enjoy this weather if you can. 



  1. Well about that "custom quilting"....not going to happen. I do pantographs, no custom quilting happening here. Those edges will get basted down.....

    1. OH -- that's too funny!!! I have a quilt on the frame with SIX flange borders. IT's been there a week. The stitch in the ditch is done but I just can't get motivated to do custom in the borders. This weekend!!!! I should have said NO. Thankfully, it's not huge.