Wednesday, May 5, 2021



OK -- so I probably shouldn't share this story with you. It's rather embarrassing, but I thought, what the heck! We all need a good laugh these days. I'm having an issue with my laptop - nothing serious, but I can't uninstall a program. It's a long story, and I'm not going into all the details. The bottom line is I need to uninstall the program and then reinstall it because I need it. Somehow there's an issue with one of the files? 

I've called Microsoft before, and they couldn't fix it, and I have to confess that I left it knowing that I'd have to get it fixed at some point. Well, I need that program TODAY. So I thought I should call Microsoft yesterday to try and resolve the issue. 

I get on their call list. I see the wait time, and it's fluctuating like crazy. I wait, and I wait. No call. It was only after I had waited two hours (I was doing other things, so it's not like I was on hold or wasting time), but after two hours, I realized that I FORGOT to include my phone number. I just had not gone far enough into the program to do that. Oh boy!!!! I think I even said a bad word when I realized it. By that time, it was getting late, and I just couldn't be bothered. 

The support center doesn't open until 9 AM, and I need the laptop at 10 AM. I'm not in trouble - it just means that I'll do the presentation on my big computer. My punishment is that I'll have to take that computer downstairs! Then I'll get on the call and see if we can fix the issue. 

Some permission isn't set right, although I can't see where that is. EVERYTHING is set to be open to the admin person, which is me. So why won't that one file go bye-bye???  Oh - I might force it out rather than go through UNINSTALL, but if memory serves me right, I tried that last time, and it didn't work. 

And my e-mail? It's like there's a gremlin in there. Some e-mail comes into my inbox, and some go into spam. It's totally bizarre - there are NO RULES to make that happen. The filters on the server must be changed??? But why does an e-mail from myself with one photo go to spam?? Is anyone else having changes to their inbox??? Have you checked your spam folder lately??

I managed to get some work done on my Long Time Gone. I'm not happy with a couple of areas and thought I might as well fix it. So I did some ripping this morning and sewed part of it back together only to discover that I sewed it back EXACTLY like it was. Hmm - yes - I've had my moments in the last 24 hours! However, I'm happy to report that that particular section is back together, and YES - I'm glad I made that change. Then I saw another spot that I might be able to change. Oh boy - I should have done that while it was apart! Hey - I'm OK with little repair jobs like this - it's therapeutic. 

Well, therapeutic for the most part as I said a BAD word when I realized that I sewed the first part back in the same way it was originally!!

I did manage to get a customer quilt done. No issues!!! It's all trimmed and ready for pick up today. 

Customer quilt - DONE

I should be careful about the titles of the blog posts. I see that FOUR comments came in on an old post titled "sweatshop." They are just vague enough that you wonder if they were made by a robot or a real person. I think since FOUR of them came in on the same day for the same post? That's a robot. DELETE!!!! 

Did you know there's a Census happening this year? No clue until I got the form in the mail. I'd better get that done - the due date is May 11. 

And yesterday was a very bizarre day - I only took ONE picture! What??? Yep - and it was that quilt above. I went for a massage yesterday afternoon. Several weeks ago, I got a kink in my neck - a bad one. After visiting the chiro last week and some deep tissue massage, I had a lot more mobility in the neck, but it's still pretty bad. I have more mobility this morning and less pain. But it's BAD. Oh well - this guy did a great job, and I could feel those knots moving around, but he was gentle but firm. I'm going back in two weeks!

Some computer work got done, and I watched another episode of The Quilt Show. Now I've found a couple of good channels on YouTube. I'm becoming my Dad - he watches YouTube all the time. Good grief!!! What happened to the audiobooks? They've been abandoned for the moment. I'm trying to finish one and finding it very hard - I do not like the book, but there is one hour left, so I'll try to get that done today as I load the next customer quilt. 

I found the lock and the key for one of my bike racks. Since I do NOT have a hitch on my car and likely won't get one, I have two bike racks for sale. Now that I have all the parts, I can take pictures today and post them on the Facebook marketplace. Did you know bike racks are in short supply these days? Everything is in short supply!!!

The only thing that I'm in short supply is time. I have e-mails to answer, so if I owe you an e-mail, I'm getting to them. And I have two presentations today - Yeah -- that's exciting!

If you want to see some exciting stuff, check out the Virtual quilt Show hosted by Thimbles and Things. These are pictures from the recent Zoom classes. There are a couple of blocks from Long Time Gone; I didn't encourage my group to send pictures since we will have our own BIG show and tell when it's done. But check out the link - LOADS of eye candy. If you hover your mouse over the pictures, you can see who made what. And if you click on a picture, it'll take you into a large picture of the item and then use the white arrows on the side of the screen to scroll through the pictures. 

Well, that's it - I'm out of here. I've got loads to do, and it seems that I don't get nearly done what I plan on doing. 

Your task for the day? Find something big or small in your house that you no longer want. Can you sell it? If so - get it up online and get it sold!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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