Friday, May 21, 2021

Long Time Gone - Part Two

My intense weekend is coming up. Lots of stuff to prep, so I know what I'll be doing today. And that means there's going to be some Show and Tell all next week!! I have three classes, one presentation to listen to, and a discussion on UFOs. And the virtual retreat. It's a jam-packed weekend. 

Our province-wide reopening plan was announced yesterday, and well - I'm not ready!!  It's easy to say NO to things right now because we can't do them. But when things open up? I think I'll still say NO. I've been quite happy and have way more work than I've ever had. No packing stuff up, no "wasted" travel time. But it would be nice to sit on the patio and have a Corona! Soon! 

Let's get back to the Long Time Gone project. 

First up today is Jana's. I LOVE this color combination. She used a darker sashing color, and it helps to set those blocks off. 


Judy's color combination is gorgeous! I love how the fuchsia sashing really makes those blocks pop. And see what she did with her trip around the world in the bottom left? She added cats in the corners to tone down the white. 


Kathi is making excellent progress on her quilt. Another great color combination. 


Larraine has her top completely together, including the borders as per the original quilt. She's used different colors for the sashing. 


Laura has also used different colors of sashing on her quilt. Looking at all the quilts is a super lesson in value and colors. OH -- I see that half of Laura's quilt is sewn on differently (upside down) than the others. 


Leslie has loads of her blocks done, but the most recent picture I had were of her checkerboards. I remember Leslie saying that she doesn't do small - those look small! Way to go, Leslie!


This is Linda R. She substituted a few blocks and used the dark sashing, making the blocks pop. 

Linda R

Lois has her top completely together as well. I see another block that people sewing together differently was the courthouse steps. There were several ways to twist and turn those blocks. 


This is a better picture of the original quilt by Jen Kingwell. Don't want to brag, but I think the quilters in our class have done a MUCH better job of choosing colors and values. While busy backgrounds and busy prints are fun to use if you can't see the blocks, what's the point of doing all that work? 

Jen Kingwell - the original quilt

Lucy also used different sashing colors in her quilt, and all the colors are being pulled together with that scrappy border. Her border is similar to the original, but she's made the outer strips wider. 


Lynn has her top together and used a light grey sashing. Gosh -- look at her courthouse steps blocks and the pineapple blocks - so many ways to color those!! Each one has its merits. You know the biggest problem with this show and tell? I want to look at each block for every quilt and see how different they are!! The class has done a smashing job!!!!!

Lynn K

Lynn M has chosen a more monochromatic colorway for her quilt. I think she sewed her courthouse step blocks together in three different ways!! Pineapple blocks are different, OK -- stop looking and move on!

Lynn M

Lynne chose super bright and cheery fabrics for her quilt. She also used the simpler version of the pineapple block. And it looks PERFECT. No need to fuss with those time-consuming ones!!!! And look at the coloring of the cross blocks (red/yellow/blue) in the top right-hand corner. They look totally different done with all the same coloring.  


Maria is definitely having loads of fun with her blocks. She fussy cut the center of all of her pineapple blocks and see how coordinated each one is with her florals and ginghams!!



One more of Maria's blocks with a fussy-cut blue teapot in the middle. 


She's also making some different components from other classes, and oh my - she used all those little cutoffs (bottom left) to make teeny half square triangles. 


And she's even done a couple of crazy patch blocks with her scraps. 


Shoot - not enough time to finish off the show and tell today. That means we have one more day of Show and tell for Long Time Gone. 

I have to admit that it's fascinating to go through all the quilts and see how differently each person interprets the same block and how each quilt has its own unique personality. It's totally fascinating. 

One presentation today and one class tonight. I'm almost ready for the class tonight, and there are piles of books and papers surrounding the computer begging to be dealt with. I think most of it will have to wait until next week when there's NO major writing deadline to contend with. 

Don't forget the virtual retreat this weekend. It will be a nice weekend, and we can finally get out and do things outside. Well, we could do things outside since the first day of the shutdown. We can now do more. I have a TON of stuff to sew during the Virtual Retreat!!!!

So far this year, I've walked over 1,600 KM. Which is kind of crazy when you think about it!!! And thanks to my chiropractor, who is doing DEEP tissue massage (no joint cracking), my knee feels brand new again. OK -- not quite that good, but it's so much better. The range of mobility in my neck has increased a whole lot as well. That little mishap was probably a bad night's sleep weeks ago, and unknotting those muscles has become a big deal. It's totally muscular, which goes to show that I should be stretching more!!! 

Saturday, May 22, 6 PM - 9 PM

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Sunday, May 23,   10 AM  - 8 PM 

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Well, I'm off to get the day rolling!!!  

Have a super day!!!!!


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