Sunday, May 16, 2021

A teaching moment

 What kind of a student are you? Are you the one that sits in the back, takes notes (or not), and then never does anything with the material? Are you the one in the front that EVERYONE wants to shut up so they can get out of the class? ( I LOVE these students, and I'm one of them) You could also be the one who sits in the middle, says nothing, absorbs lots, and goes home to review the material and plays, but never asks questions!! And there's are loads of other types in between.

Well, there are all kinds of learning experiences, and we all learn differently. As I reflect on my classes this past year, it's interesting to see how some people are just happy to pay money and sit in and do absolutely nothing. I get it - that their schedule at this moment in time might be jam-packed with other things. But what is the likelihood that they will pick this up later? It's slim! 

But here's the thing that I was pondering last night as I prepped the material for today's sessions. Some people are doing the assignments and handing in their homework. Others are asking questions, and you know what?? They are ALL learning. By playing with the software, stitching out the designs, creating quilts, or sewing the pattern, they are all learning, and here's the best part! If they have a question about whatever, there's another session next month where they can get the answer to their question. You CANNOT put a price on that!!! 

Oh - I might add that those students are probably making mistakes or running into a stumbling block. I LOVE those students the best. There might be an easier way to do what they wanted to do, and then I show them a better way. I LOVE when that happens because it means that they are stretching limitations. Pushing limits, making mistakes is not always fun, but it's the ONLY way to learn. If you do something perfectly the first time, you got lucky!

I love when I get the homework back, and I review it and then offer some advice on how better to do it. And the questions - bring them on!!! So if you're in one of my classes, I don't expect you to do everything every month, but if you want to get the maximum use of me and my knowledge, then do do do and ask, ask, ask!!! 

And I much prefer questions in the lessons than answer them via e-mail to one person! 

And the UFO group? Well, they've gone crazy - totally crazy. The number of projects that they have committed to and ACCOMPLISHED would blow your mind. Some of these projects that have been sitting for over 20 years is now done!! It's amazing what a little bit of peer pressure and $10 can do to motivate a person!!! 

I love all my groups and am having a blast. I'm learning from them, and I'm motivated by their creativity and enthusiasm. 

Gosh - I'm so not good when it comes to a custom quilt. I stall and find tons of other things to do. That quilt went on the long arm on Thursday, and it's still not off. At least all the stitch in the ditch is done. Wait until you see it. It's beautiful, but well - you have to wait for it. Now I have to quilt the borders and the center. I won't get it done today, but I hope to at least get the center quilted. 

We had an amazing class with the Long Time Gone group yesterday. A HUGE thank you to everyone in the class for your kind comments and wonderful feedback. Sometimes, I think that is what teachers live for! It's been so much fun, and wait until you see what the results are!!! I'll be posting those pictures this week, and there are LOTS. 

So if anyone is interested in a great class format that is very inexpensive and you don't have to travel from your home, watch the blog as we'll start another class in the fall. There will be two patterns - both by Jen Kingwell. One is called Boho Heart, and the other is Gypsy Wife. They are going to be crazy fun, and we'll be changing up the settings, and well, I'm sure there's going to be loads of other changes to that pattern. 

Gypsy Wife

Boho Heart

And I'll be teaching another Jen Kingwell starting in January. This one is Green Tea and Sweet Beans, and it has APPLIQUE!!!

Green Tea and Sweet Beans

So lots of fun things coming up!!!! I also provide my students with a pretty detailed written handout - my online classes are a HUGE bargain!!!

I'm happy to report that everyone got their homework assignments in on time, and everything is set for today. So you have to wait to see what I did with my UFO. Let's just say Studio B looks like a tornado went through, and before it got cleaned up, another one went through. What happened?? Frustration with technology puts me into a funk, and I'm in a major funk right about now! 

The cutting table isn't that bad, but still, there's stuff on there that needs to be dealt with, and there just doesn't seem to be time. Notice that everything is shoved away from the edge. That's what happens when you're putting borders on a quilt. 

The cutting table

The worktables aren't in much better shape. Again, notice the stuff shoved away from the edge of the table to work on borders. 

The work tables

And the area available for sewing seems to be getting smaller and smaller. It's time to tidy up! I've got a hectic week coming up, and I don't think there's going to be much time for tidying up! Hopefully, the week after!!! OK -- I doubt that either - two quilts will become urgent soon, so I need to start working on those. 

The sewing area

And here's the update on the All in a Row saga. Oh, shoot - I forgot to take a picture of the THREE units that I completed yesterday. That leaves 10 units left to piece. However, if I count my pieces, it would appear that I'm short by one block. Good grief - counting is obviously an issue. I pulled the box of blue scraps back out and hope to get that cut today. If you are tired of seeing this board, trust me - so am I!!!  So close now!!!

Units left to sew

When I went for my walk yesterday, I smelt these before I saw them. Why is that lilac scent so strong? It reminds me of the farm, and I LOVE it. We used to have one that grew in the forest right behind our fence, and one year, I pruned it a wee bit too much, and it's gone. I should get another one. I do have one near the gazebo; it's not in bloom yet. 


Here's the assignment for today. What about your calendar? Have you signed up for a class or an event (virtual) event that you signed up for just because? If you don't really plan on participating in that class or that event, do you really need to be part of it? I don't think I could say anything to encourage some of the students in my classes to participate more or do the homework. Some of them are content to just watch, but then I wonder why bother? Why not find another activity with something that you really want to learn and will actually play with the project or software or whatever? Oh well - it's not my worry. 

Speaking of that, here are some upcoming events. There's the virtual retreat on May 22 and 23. OH MY  -- that's next weekend. OK -- I hope to get a LOT of sewing done that weekend. Watch as the links will be posted this coming week. 

There's also the virtual Quilt Canada which takes place in June. Check out the link and sign up for one lecture and maybe one of the tours. At least get a ticket to visit the virtual quilt show. This is our Canadian organization, and we need to support local. I need to get myself together and sign up as I haven't done that yet.

And I'm looking for a couple of things. If anyone has either of these two books and no longer wants them, let's talk. Or any other book with Pictograms. 

On that note, I'm out of where. Hmm - dog park or separate walks?? Murphy is NOT her bully self at the dog park. She's like a velcro dog. Why?? No idea. Lexi just wants anyone to pet her! 

Have a super day!!!!



  1. I too, do not understand why people join groups or take classes and do nothing. My LQS had a group for 12 years called Stashbusters. For the annual fee we received 13 patterns. We met monthly, received that month's pattern and shared show and tell of past pattern flimsies and/or finished quilts. 1 member bragged she had never made a single one. People are interesting indeed!

    1. LOL --- All well - a good thing we're all different, otherwise the world would be a boring place!!