Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Love notes in your UFO projects

 Another super sewing day with the Monday group! Gosh -- I would be so lost without that sewing group. They keep me grounded, and we catch up on all the gossip and what's happening in the world of guilds and quilting. Some guilds have embraced this technology and really flown, and others? Not so much! I currently don't belong to any guilds as I mentally needed a break from all the politics. Why or why do guilds need to become political? It's so sad how some of the quilters treat the others - for the sake of what?  I won't even go there as it's so sad and what's even worse is that so many people put up with it! They let the bullies get away with murder! 

Someone said that I could be a guest and hear the guest speakers if I wanted. Well - I could, but I'm having fun listening to Alex and Ricky on The Quilt Show. I paid $50 US for that privilege, and while I watch the shows, I also listen to the live events, and I'm having loads of fun. A nice change from the audiobooks. Definitely more entertaining, and I'm learning loads. 

I accomplished a lot on my Long Time Gone quilt. However, I've decided to make a couple of changes, and therefore, I'm keeping it under wraps until I can share it with the group in two weeks. So you have to wait until then to see what I did. It's NOT a huge thing, but something that has bugged me about the quilt from day one. So I'm making some changes, and I'm thrilled with it. It requires a wee bit of work to make that happen, and I still have four pineapple blocks to make, so there's still a LOT of work to do before that class. 

All the quilted quilts are now trimmed and almost ready for pickup today. That means that I'll be putting another one on the machine later today. I NEED to get some computer work done. And there's some embroidery that has to be done today. It's just like a merry-go-round at our house. 

One of the Monday ladies pulled out a new project to work on. And what she found is a quilter's DREAM. What was it? She had left a detailed note about what was done and what needed to be done on the project. 

A love note in a UFO project

Now, isn't that just the best? I mean - who wouldn't want to open up their UFO and find a note about what needs to be done?  I'm very impressed, and I wish I were better at this. My problem, I don't realize that it's going to get shelved. That just happens. 

You know that I was out in the car last week for a couple of long trips. Well, it did NOT go unnoticed in the house, and a certain someone was quite upset that she did not get to come. When I left the door open to bring in my stuff, she jumped into the car. And she would NOT leave. No amount of coaxing would get her out. Notice how she ran as far away from me as she could. 

MOM  - I NEED to go for a ride!

I thought I could trick her and take her for a drive to the end of the street and back. Oh - she's way too smart! She didn't fall for the trick, and I finally had to drag her out of the car. I felt bad! But I was NOT getting back in the car. And it's not like we used to go for car rides. 

Speaking of road trips, on one of my road trips, I was lucky enough to see visit a dairy barn. I've seen one of the automatic milker set-ups before, but it's fascinating to wash the cow teats get cleaned (with those little red and white brushes). Then the milk suckers (I have no idea what they are called - maybe nozzles) get attached automatically to the cow, and the cow gets to enjoy some treats while all this is happening!!

An automatic milking machine

And this is the inside of the computer thing that controls the milker. The best part of this? We were given the tour by a young girl! OK -- she's probably in her late teens, early 20s. But she's interested in the family farm and has learned the automation in the barn in a couple of weeks. I was truly impressed. 

Inside the guts of the automatic milker

I got to see brand new calves - this little girl was just a couple of days old. 

A newborn calf

And look at the face on this one!! 

The masked cow

OK - so that face reminds me of a new movie coming. Cruella - the adult version. Check out this movie trailer and think about the cow's face!!!  I can't wait to see the movie - that means we have to get Disney + or Premium or whatever it's called just to watch the movie. Oh, and DH has a couple of movies he wants to watch as well. 

Check out the sponsors at the bottom of the webpage. YES - that is JOANN (as in Joann's fabrics) and SINGER as in the sewing machines. The costumes in the movies are stunning, and I believe that they were stitched on Singer machines? I'm not sure. But oh my - they are stunning. 

Here's a couple of shots from the forest. No one can ever accuse me of NOT stopping to smell the flowers. Keep in mind, these plants are only about 6 inches high at the most, so unless I actually laid on the ground, it would be a tad difficult to actually smell them. I think Miss Lexi is getting tired of stopping to allow me to take pictures. That silly girl. 

Almost ready to open

And here are more of those flowers in a little bunch. 

More flowers

I've been watching the trilliums. They are in bloom. In some areas, the blooms are completely open. I did take pictures of those, which you get to see another day. But spring is here!! Well, the weather is pretty rainy these days, but that's good - perfect weather to stay inside and sew. And I need that - Studio B has exploded. There is stuff everywhere, and I do need to get it under control. 

The Virtual Quilt Canada is coming next month!! Are you signed up?? I need to get myself organized as I've decided to sign up for the entire thing - I think. I definitely want to do the virtual walk-through of the quilts, lectures, a vendor mall, and PRIZES. The prizes are AMAZING, but you have to be signed up to win!!!  Check it out and remember - you don't have to be a member to see the show, you don't have to travel to see the show, and it's going to be great to get all the insight into some great work.  SIGN-UP!!!!  Hey -- you can even visit in your jammies with a glass of wine in your hand. Now - it just doesn't get better than that. 

WAIT -- it does get better. Here's the thing -- why not sign up for a lecture with a friend (s). Then schedule a Zoom meeting for the evening, and then you can compare notes and chat about the quilts. I mean - that's what it's all about - making modifications so you can still enjoy the show - just in a different way. 

Instead of lamenting about what we can't do, let's celebrate what we CAN DO. And if we're creative, we can actually see and do almost everything we could do before. Change is going to be a constant in our lives, and we need to learn to adapt. I have to admit that I'm so used to the lockdown that I don't even care any longer. We live a pretty quiet life, so we're doing pretty good - OH, DH does not like the fact that golf is shut down. 

I can't even wrap my head around decluttering at this point, but here's the task for today. Dig out ONE UFO and get it organized like we saw above. Even if you don't work on it - get it out and get it organized. 

Anyway --- check out the links above - lots of cool stuff coming. 

Have a great day!!!!



  1. You nailed it. As she aged Mom said, "Don't be made about what you can't do, be grateful for what you CAN do". She walked across her home just 3d before she died. Because she could :-)

    Have a Terrific Tuesday Elaine!

    1. WOW - that's so cool!!! Yep -- it's what we can do!!