Wednesday, May 26, 2021

A bit of this, a bit of that

 Today was supposed to be the first day of a sewing retreat. Alas, that is not to be. I can't imagine being the owner of one of these places, as it's a scramble as some people have paid for the retreats; if things don't work out, new dates have to be scheduled—a total nightmare. I know from my perspective, it's been fun to book retreats. Last year we managed to get in FIVE retreats - the most in any year. This year? Well, it's just silly again. The back half of the year will be heavy with retreats? Not sure. I'm losing steam at the booking process. 

Just kidding - of course, I'm not!

Yesterday was a pretty intense day. I have a big assignment that I'm wrapping up this morning, and well - it gets me every time. I'm overly ambitious and end up in a time crunch! But that's OK. I'm happy with the end results. 

As I shut down the sewing machine last night, the area looked like a cyclone had gone through. And right after I took this picture, I broke TWO needles. 

A disaster sewing area

There's a wee bit of sewing this morning and some editing, and I'm done! Then I NEED to put some stuff away. 

Since I have NOTHING on the schedule for the day, it's a question of doing more writing? YES - I need to get those homework assignments out or sew something for me? I might do both!! And let's not forget the e-mail that needs to be answered. 

I managed to get in a decent walk yesterday and ended up with a little over my average. Thank goodness, because all last week, I slacked off every day, and I was getting worried. I'm walking a bit later these days because of the heat in the afternoon. Although there was a lot of wind yesterday, and I really didn't find it that hot. I know - I'm the one with the sweater on even in summer. 

I was off for a massage yesterday. I really like this therapist, and I was able to just totally chill out and relax. It was awesome. I'm really trying to get the kink out of my neck. It feels a bit better today, but gosh, I am stiff!!!  I'm going to try and treat myself once a month for the massage. The rest of the month, I will have to do some manipulation myself and stretching—lots and lots of stretching. The last time I had issues with my neck, it took acupuncture to get those muscles loosened up. 

On my way home, I decided I couldn't put off filling the gas tank any longer. My indicator said that I had 54 KM left. Good thing I waited as the price was 122.6 or something like that. 

Time to fill the tank

As I was working last night, I had help. Well, if you call Murphy, help. I had thrown some fabric scraps on the floor, and she was all over them like they belonged to her. And I LOVE where her tail ended up! "Hey MOM - I'll just rest my tail on the project box!!" Silly girl. Don't look at the hack job I did to her tail. The hair was getting so long, and she wouldn't like down, so I just cut it. Oh!!!

A regal tail 

I'd better be careful when I wear this T-shirt out in public. I think I got a couple of glances from people. They probably wondered where my chainsaw or my lawnmower was!!! They overlooked the VIKING part, which is what differentiates us from the other guys!!

My T-shirt

The companies used to be together, but it's been a while since they went separate ways. Hey - I just checked out the Husqvarna site. I want a robotic lawnmower. It's like a Rumba on steroids! I don't even have grass!

Don't forget there's another great post on QUILTsocial today. It's an excellent one today -- and you'll learn the importance of stitching a sample stitch out. 

Well, it's going to be short and sweet today. I'll have much more to share tomorrow, provided I get back to the sewing machine for FUN!! 

Don't forget there's going to be a Virtual Sewing Retreat this weekend.  Here's the link for Saturday night from 6 - 9 PM (or whenever we close down).  I'll schedule some time on Sunday as well, but not sure when we'll start. It might be an afternoon/evening thing rather than all day. 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 862 9003 3234 Passcode: 016601

Have a super day!!!


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