Thursday, May 6, 2021

Digging for gold

 Holy -- things seem to take forever to do! At least I took more pictures than I did the previous day, but not much I can share with you. I'm working on my blog posts for the end of the month, and well - you just don't get to see them yet. 

I had two presentations yesterday. And I attempted to use my desktop computer. I lugged the darn thing downstairs, only to find the camera wouldn't work on Zoom. Seriously? I've used Zoom on this computer before, so I don't know what the issue was. I left it and went back to the laptop. Using the old software was better than not being able to see me. 

Why or why does technology not like me? Well, that keeps me on my toes - I never know what's going to happen. I do have to say that overall, I think I've got a good handle on technology - it's just when things change!!!

After my first session in the morning, I logged a call with Microsoft to figure out why I couldn't delete ONE file (from a software program) from my computer. This is what I found when I logged the support call correctly. 

Wait time of 3,140 minutes!!!

How many hours is that??? 3,140 minutes is something like 50 hours. Good grief - that's not good news. However, I had barely sat down to eat my lunch when I got a call. I don't know about you, and I don't want to do any stereotyping here, but I kind of feel how the call will go by the voice on the other end. This time, I felt good! The last time, the person was messing with all my settings, and it was a mess after. Which caused the air to be quite blue for the remainder of the afternoon. 

This person? They figured out how to delete the file fairly quickly - it's all a question of who has control, and while I know how to change the admin settings on a file, I just couldn't get this one to work. Then they were able to change the name and e-mail on the account that I've wanted to happen for a long time. EASY!!!  And it only took about a half-hour. 

I was too afraid to try and reinstall the software that I need. I've rebooted the laptop several times to ensure everything is up-to-date, and the memory is cleared, and all that stuff. 

Today - I get to reinstall the software, and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it works. If not - I'll be going to their software support to see what the issue is. 

I asked the service person about my e-mail, and I got the information I needed to log another support call. I see this morning that my e-mails are still going to spam, so I'll be logging another support call later today. Then I need to figure out how to set up the e-mail for the blog, which will be more challenging. 

The big thing is when stuff like this needs to be done - where do you learn? Who do you call? That's the tough part. But I'm learning! 

I got a customer quilt quilted yesterday. 

Customer quilt - done!!!

You do NOT want to see my Long Time Gone. It's in pieces! It looks terrible at the moment, and I can only hope that it looks OK when it goes back together. I am NOT ripping it out again!  Fingers crossed on that! I do have another presentation this afternoon, but I hope to fire up the embroidery machine and the sewing machine, as well as the long arm, so it's going to be another busy day. I need to get Long Time Gone because it's putting me way behind on the other projects!!!

And when you think things are going just fine - what happens? The girls go crazy. I was downstairs, and I could hear them - not barking, not whining, but making crazy noises. I come upstairs, and I get these innocent looks - wasn't us!! We didn't dig a big hole at all. Not us!!!!

Oh yes - Miss Lexi - no digging 

Murphy - definitely NOT digging in the mud

Pool Murphy - her fur gets her into trouble every time! 

I've no idea what they are trying to find - I checked and did NOT see any nests of baby rabbits or other critters. And thankfully, when we had that section of fence installed, they put a wire mesh deep into the ground. 


They would NOT leave the area alone. Wood is totally useless. Murphy just drags that away. I put some bricks into a plastic tub. Murphy pulled it away. Hmm - what do I have that's heavy? I went into the shed and found the HEAVY metal stand for the umbrella. I lugged that into place, and so far, she's not able to move it. But trust me - she's trying to move it, and she's determined! I have a giant rock that I'm going to try and shove into that corner. OK - so it's not a giant rock, but it's just an extra rock that we had at the pond, and now it's behind the gazebo. 

It's all in the crazy world that we call our household. Let's say there is NEVER a dull moment here. These two girls have been a constant source of entertainment since the day we got them. And they get along so well; however, Murphy is a bully. Not intentionally - she just needs to be first, and she just needs to be the one getting the attention. 

Well, it's time to get the day moving! I barely had time to touch any paperwork, and it keeps piling up. I hope to get some done this morning and some writing, and then I'll be downstairs with my nose to the grindstone. But not before I get to the grocery store. I was so focused yesterday that I completely forgot there were no bananas for breakfast. My oatmeal is just not the same without the banana!!!

No decluttering task today -- well, keep deleting those text messages!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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