Saturday, May 22, 2021

Long Time Gone Show and Tell Part 3

I'm right in the middle of a marathon! And I'm winning - well, I'm on pace. Yesterday was a totally crazy day. I was on track, although I did have a couple of interruptions. It's a bit sad when your time is measured in 15-minute increments, and you need to decide if you can give up one of those precious time slots! Let's just say that I had to get up at ridiculous o'clock this morning, but almost everything is done. 

I still have the equivalent of two hours (don't ask) of prep time, so that's lots of time to finish off what needs to be done. I'm a quick study, and thank goodness for that, or I would not be ready! And I didn't manage to get out for my second walk until 8:30 PM. It was actually better because it's so hot outside, but hey - it gets dark by 9:30. I had considered not going for the second walk, but a look at my daily mileage, and I wasn't even at 6 KM. I couldn't let that go—my final tally at the end of the night - 11.2 KM. 

They do NOT call me CRAZY quilter for nothing!!! But can you tell me why someone was playing with fireworks (literally) after midnight? Seriously??? 

And now onto part 3 of the homework for Long Time Gone. 

Nancy also has her top completely together and has used a dark sashing. I love the little pops of turquoise!!!


I must say that I'm doing very well with the names. I don't even need to go back to the original! These blocks are Paula's. She has changed some of the blocks up and is fussy cutting a farm-themed fabric. 


Rose is catching up with her blocks. Slow and steady - I like that. I love the coloring she did for those blocks!! 


Sandra's quilt top is also together. She has also used a variety of sashing colors. Hmm - she's changed something up on the bottom of the quilt. I need to come back and study this one a bit more. And look how her flying geese on the bottom right are forming pinwheels!!!


Sandi is so close to getting her blocks complete. As I'm sure you have figured out by now, this quilt was a LOT of work. Kudos to anyone who got the top done or is close! I see a couple of spots with some fussy-cut motifs, and the coloring is so soft. It's beautiful. I can't wait to see it together. 





This one belongs to Sharon. Looks like there is one color of sashing on this top. Notice that she used a DARK fabric behind the trip around the world block. And gosh -- they all just look so different!!!!



This is Sheila's quilt, and well - this one is TOTALLY different. She's moved the blocks around and put in some fillers. That's awesome, and it's not written in stone that you have to make the pattern exactly as it was designed. 


This one is Sonya's. Notice how her sashing takes a backseat, and yet, the blocks stand out. So all options work!!!


Susan is hard at work getting her blocks completed. I see some of the complex pineapples and at least one that contains fewer pieces. Those pineapples!! They are very time-consuming!


And the last quilt in the show and tell belongs to Suzanne. This is Section One, and it's sewn together with a dark sashing! Yeah - only five more sections to go, and hopefully, she has most of her blocks done. 


It's that super exciting?? I can't wait to see the final Show and Tell in June. That means - I need to get my butt in gear and get to work on that. There are days when I feel like I'm on a merry-go-round and someone keeps pushing the repeat button. Things calm down for a day or two and then very quickly ramp up again. How the heck does that happen?? 

Well, I've got a pretty quiet week ahead of me. I was supposed to be going away for five days, and well, that's not happening. So there's nothing booked during those five days. I have one errand I want to do, and then I'll be sewing as I try to get ahead of the game. I'm making progress, and I've NEVER been this up-to-date with the homework of these projects. They usually ended up becoming a UFO, but I'm determined to NOT let that happen. 

I think I'll be having a wee nap before the virtual retreat starts at 6 PM. But hopefully, we'll see you at the retreat. It's too hot to be outside! Or if you're in the west - it's too cold!!! 

Saturday, May 22, 6 PM - 9 PM

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Sunday, May 23,   10 AM  - 8 PM 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 872 4663 5892 Passcode: 440473

On that note, I'm out of here! I feel like I've already put in a full day's work - OK - half a day, but that's OK. Bad time management on my part! 

Have a super day!!!


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