Monday, May 10, 2021

Humpty Dumpty cannot be put back together again

OH - it's a GOOD news day!! I'm thrilled to report that there are now only THREE pineapple blocks to complete. Yes -- I managed to get one done this morning. Now that I'm finished fiddling with the Long Time Gone quilt top, there's time to actually do other things! The remaining three blocks have all been started, so if I don't finish them at Monday sewing today - well - they need to be done!

One pineapple block - DONE

I might even get that last section together and into the quilt. Fingers crossed on that!!!

I got the binding on my Spectrum Quilt-a-Long quilt and took the necessary photos. So that project is done - I still want to make a fancy label for it, but for the moment, it's done. I'll be posting all the links soon, but if you want to follow along, it's on the webpage. Here's the link to my Block Two. 

The binding is on the Spectrum Quilt-A-Long quilt

And I got a customer quilt finished as well. 

Customer quilt - DONE

So I've made a big dent in the quilts for May, but this is going to be a busy week, so not sure how much quilting I'll get done. Well, there are two on the list for this week, and I won't be able to do more than those two. 

While some paperwork got done, the essential writing did not. It was Mother's Day, after all, so I just said, "screw it!!" I chatted with my Mom and my Aunt and got caught up on the news. So that was good. 

OK  - so I'm totally amused by small things. When you walk as much as I do - checking up on the happenings in the neighborhood keeps you entertained. So, remember those two eggs on the red plastic lid? Yesterday, the lids were gone, and only one egg remained - intact!

One egg left

The other egg? Well, let's put it this way - Humpty Dumpty cannot be put back together again. I'm still curious why they were there in the first place. Now I have to watch every day to see what happens. BTW - in case you are wondering about that palette from way back? It's gone. It's been gone for a while. So I need to find something else to amuse me! 

Poor Humpty Dumpty

Every afternoon, I take a walk. It clears my mind, gives me a chance to reflect on stuff and just get out and enjoy the neighborhood. I used to take the girls, but I no longer do that. They are quite the handful. 

I also used to take the girls to the leash-free zone. We'd go by car, and they would freak out when they knew we were close. Listening to two frantically barking dogs was more than I could take, plus a wee bit of politics thrown in, and we haven't been to the dog park in over 2 ½ years!!! 

It's only 1 KM to walk to the dog park, so I thought we should check it out again. I only took Murphy, which didn't go over well with Miss Lexi. But she mostly just stands around at the park anyway - so what's the point? It's all about fairness, just like with kids. 

Well, it was an easy walk despite Murphy's excitement at sniffing new territory. I'm happy to report that she is getting better on the leash. Not perfect by a long shot - just better. 

And the dog park? WOW - lots of changes. It's completely mulched (or almost), which is a good thing since it was always a mud pit when it was wet. There's a BRAND NEW fence along the back, which is great as the old one was a joke. 

Murphy uncertain what to do at the dog park

What was crazy is that she, for the most part, clung to me. What? Murphy never does that. She did do some exploring and was a little apprehensive when some other dogs came to visit - OK - they came to sniff! I didn't take her ball, but I will next time. Yep - I think we can make this a regular visit, and I'll take both of them. I walked in the dog park so, by the time I got home, it was a longer walk than if I went by myself. This might just be a good thing for all! 

Murphy checking out the squirrels on the other side of the fence

And I need to take water. There is NO water in this dog park, which is OK. I just need to carry some. Murphy was panting like a mad dog on the way home and happy to have a wee rest in the grass! We don't have grass at our house, and she loves the grass. 

Murphy having a rest in the grass

On the way home, we passed a beautiful front yard with all kinds of tulips. Where are the rabbits in this garden?? 

A beautiful garden filled with tulips

And here's my sad, lonely little tulip which the rabbits have eaten the good stuff from the bud. It will not be blooming this year. 

My sad little tulip

While most consider the dandelion a weed, it's actually a very bright, cheery little flower, and look at the bloom up close. It's gorgeous!!!  Plus, they are good for the bees!!!

The dandelion bloom

As I sat in the gazebo and chatted on the phone, I was entertained by the birds at the feeder. There were lots of them yesterday!!!

Birds at the bird feeder in the backyard

So here are two things for you to contemplate. It appears that the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England is a GO. IN PERSON. It's scheduled for the end of July/August. Would you go? Hmm - I've always wanted to go to this show. And while I'm not afraid of getting COVID, and I know that I'm protected and take precautions, what about the others? It might be the year to go - things might be cheaper as businesses open up and want people to travel. I wonder if there are travel restrictions - the UK isn't exactly my choice of destination at the moment. 

Here's the second thing. I'm reading Mindscan by Robert J. Sawyer. It's the year 2045. Jake (the main character)  has a hereditary disease that could end up with him becoming a vegetable (are we allowed to say that any longer?) Anyway, his father has been in an institution for years, and Jake didn't want that to happen to him. So at the early age of 44, he had his brain scanned and transferred to an artificial body. He no longer needs to eat, drink, or sleep. He doesn't get tired and no aches or pains. 

We're following his story in his new body and his old self in the old body as it goes to the moon to a retirement home. Hmmm - would you be happy with an artificial body? No more chocolate - no more wine - and no more luxuriating in bed just before you fall asleep. 

I'm not sure I could handle that - immortality and no other real pleasures or mortality and guilty pleasures. I love chocolate!!! 

I was chatting with one of the neighbors who is decluttering. He agreed that he's a hoarder and gave away have of his clothes that he never wears any longer. So the job today is to tackle that closet - yes - do it again. If you don't have time to tackle the entire closet, look at ditching at least five things you no longer wear. I'm sure that won't be hard. Just let the emotions go and if it's something that you really liked, take a picture of it, try putting it on, and then put it in a bag!!!

On that note, I'm out of here. Another super busy day and some things HAVE to get done today. So no slacking off. 

Have a super day!!


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