Sunday, June 27, 2021

A RIPPING good time

 Do you ever have one of those days where everything you sew just seems to go together wrong? Yep - that was yesterday!

I had a great day with the two classes and the demo. I do a lot of prep work to make the class a success, but the students really make the class. It's their "show and share" that we ooh and ah over. Their questions make the presentation that more interesting and I swear they try to stump me! So far, I'm doing not bad in the answering question department!

But what happened? Well, I was presenting the new homework in Schoolgirl Sampler, and Lucy says, "I think your block is wrong." Oh - yep -it's wonky. And in the back of my mind, I knew something was wrong with this block, but there was no time to register what it was. 

Oops - do you spot the mistake (s)

So I ripped that out after the class and sewed it back together during the Virtual Retreat, which started last night. 

I might not have changed it if the mistake had been symmetrical, but one of the four outer half-square triangles was right; three were wrong. And I know exactly how this happened. The book was on the cutting table. I said to myself as I walked to the sewing machine (I remember saying it), have one dark edge of the half-square triangle touching the light of the pinwheel. So that's good, except the half-square triangle has TWO dark sides!! Now it looks like it's supposed to.! 

Now that block looks a bit better

Oh well - it's fixed now!!! Time to move on! Yes -- I literally ripped the entire block apart and started over. 

The next thing I fixed didn't require seam ripping. But that block that I supposedly fixed the other day - well, it was still bugging me. Remember -- this is the original. 

The original block

This is the second iteration. 

Version Two

Well, that still bothered me, and I wanted to cross off the School Girl Sampler homework on The Task Master list of stuff to do. So I got out the fabrics and remade the block yet again. This time, I'd say it's a success. 

The third time's a charm

So once that was done, I wanted to finish the large block from the Bonnie and Camille homework. I only had time to sew half of the block together for the class. Well, I got one quarter-section done and was working on the last one when I realized that I had turned some of the components, so that was wrong as well. Good grief -- I was having quite the day. I ended up riping out the ENTIRE half block that I was working on. The first half was OK. See what happens when I have lots of time - I make mistakes! 

Anyway, that block is almost back together again, and I'll be working on that later today at the Virtual Retreat. Then I'll be able to cross that task off The Task Master list as well. I have to confess that I've NOT crossed much off this week. But I should be able to cross quite a few things off today. Well, if I can keep the seam ripper away!!!

Then I started to sew this mess together. This is one of the rows for the All in a Row quilt. This has been cut for quite a while and is sitting on my work tables. There's quite a bit of prepped stuff on those work tables, and I'd love to get it cleaned up! Now is the time. 

A row for the All in a Row quilt

The problem with prepping stuff way in advance is that you forget what you've done or not done. Again - I didn't read the book properly, even though I had it right beside me. So I grabbed a white square and started sewing it to the green rectangle to make a leaf. 

I trimmed the first unit and realized that this is NOT right. This does NOT look like a leaf!!!

This is NOT a leaf

Oh, shoot - I picked up the wrong-sized white square. I had NOT cut the teeny tiny squares. So I cut those, and now this will look more like a leaf when pieced into the block. At least, I had the presence of mind to recognize that error before I made all eight of the units. 

That's a bit better

I took stock of what is on that mini design board. All the small flowers are now organized! That will make a good ender and leader project for the rest of my sewing today. And let's pray that I can keep that seam ripper away! It was quite the day, to say the least. 

My goal today is to get some stuff cleared up from the cutting table. You can see the GIANT block that I had to rip apart. I didn't take a picture of the mistake! 

The cutting table to be cleared today!

So I want to get that block done; there's a paper-pieced block on the cutting table as well, and the boarders for my Kimberbell quilt. Let's see how clear this table looks tomorrow morning!

And here's the current situation on the work tables by the sewing machine. What a mess. 

The work tables

At least it's an organized mess. Everything is in its place, but I would really like to get it a bit tidier. So between the Virtual Retreat today and Monday sewing, my goal is to get this stuff cleared up! Some of that stuff has been sitting there for months, and it's time to get it done.

Don't worry; there's a lot more where this came from, but it needs to be prepped, and I might get started on the next round of blocks for the homework assignments. Yep - we're working through the summer. No clubs during the summer, but the ongoing quilts - no rest for us!!!  It was pretty much a unanimous decision so let's go for it. 

And I hope to get a couple more backgrounds done today. Those would be the backgrounds for my art project. Oh my - I'm mighty ambitious. Let's hope that today isn't a repeat of yesterday or NOTHING much will get done!

There's nothing like goals and motivation to keep you entertained! I'm listening to A Promised Land by Barack Obama. OK -- I don't care what he writes; I LOVE listening to his voice. He's so calm, the voice is so soothing, and I love his inflections. He could be reading anything, and I'd listen to it. I just checked online - holy - he's written quite a few books. I can't imagine him having a row with his kids! 

I wonder if there will ever be a memoir from a certain past president, and how would that go?  ME ME ME - It's all about ME!  Oops - I shouldn't have written that. I try to keep neutral on politics. 

Well, there are now a ton of photos to share from our classes this month. I shall endeavor to plow through it all this coming week. 

On Tuesday, I'll start with the writing assignments. And Oh my - I just looked at my July calendar, and there are multiple days in a row with NOTHING on them. However, will I cope with that? I can't wait!!!!

Don't forget to visit the Virtual Retreat today. We start at 10 AM EST, and we'll run until at least 8 PM tonight. I suspect it'll go longer since it usually does!!!

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 872 4663 5892 Passcode: 440473

And don't forget to set aside time on Tuesday evening - June 29. There's the Facebook live event for the Spectrum Quilt A Long. Claire, Paul, and I are going to take about our adventures with making this quilt. We had a blast!!! So be sure to visit. Here's all the information and there are PRIZES. I love prizes!!!!

And if you want further entertainment today, check out this giant crocheted labyrinth. Good grief -- it's huge, and I can't imagine getting on that thing. 

Well, that wraps up today!!! 

Have a super day, and keep that seam ripper tucked out of sight!!!


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  1. Not to worry.....the narcissist will write a book. His ego can't not do it!