Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Are you a ketchup lover?

 Our household is a strange one. No - we haven't turned our AC on, nor will we likely turn it on this summer. I'm currently sitting here in shorts and my big flannel shirt. I'm not hot! And Murphy was curled up in her little dog bed. Our windows are open, and we love it like this! Perhaps we need to move to a different climate so we can enjoy this all year round! I'm still putting in my daily KM. Gosh -- I'm so not focused on the daily totals that I actually had to check to see how many I did yesterday—over 12 KM. 

Definitely on track with all my goals for the year. Yahoo!!!!

Here's something else about our strange household. We have both had our first shot. But it was so not a big deal. I can't even remember what date we got them. People's lives seem to be revolving around the date when they can get the second one. Our lives? They revolve around when the patios open! Is it Friday yet? We have to wait for our second shot, and quite frankly, we're OK with that. Getting that shot will NOT change our lives in any way, so what's the rush? We'll get it when we're eligible, but I REFUSE to wait on the phone or in line for anything. We were NOT the parents who camped out in the parking lot to get signed up for swimming lessons. Our turn will come.

I have a class that finishes at 3 PM on Friday, and guess where I'm going to be at 3:10? Yep - on the patio! Let's pray that many people are still afraid to come out and things will be quiet.  

We have a very high tolerance to risk in this house, and I'm so thankful for that. I'm not sure where that came from, but I'm glad. I won't confess how much (or should I say how little) hand sanitizer we went through during the pandemic. It's not that we don't care - it's just there was never a need to get worried!!! We were cautious and have common sense. Anyway -- enough about that. Everyone is different - I get it. 

So, now you want to know the story of the magazine quilt. I did have several Zoom calls yesterday, and all went very well. Then off to the sewing machine. I wish I could say that the top is together, but it's not. I was dead tired at 7:30 last night, and I just couldn't go on. And I realized that I didn't have enough of one component to make all the blocks. My counting skills are rusty, to say the least. 

I'm happy to report that almost all the new components are made - a wee bit of trimming involved and two blocks to sew together. But that's OK, I've started to sew the quilt together, and I LOVE it. It's bright and cheery - perfect for the time of year when it'll get published. It will be a few days late - I don't think I can finish the top, quilt, and bind it today. So the goal is to get it in the courier tomorrow. We have to be realistic here! 

As I lay the blocks out, I'm trying to be very careful to not get the same color side by side. And certain seams have to go a certain way. Well, let's say that I've already noticed TWO spots where the same fabric color is side by side. At least, it's not the same fabric. Oh well - let's move on. We are NOT changing that. 

I took a peek in the backyard yesterday, and OH MY - the peony exploded. And with all the rain we had yesterday, the blooms are drooping. 

The peony in full bloom

I cut a couple to bring in the house. They smell so wonderful. Don't worry - there's still lots for the bees. Don't you see a gorgeous quilt in this colorway?? Hmm - I already have a bright pink and yellow quilt! I don't need another one. 

A gorgeous quilt colorway

Here are a couple of other pictures from our morning walk. Yes -- Murphy is so patient (OK - so she's learning) when I stop to take photos. Here are some NEW pinecones!!!

New pinecones

I hope you don't find my nature pictures boring, but I think it's important that we stop and smell the roses in all that we do. We need to enjoy the moment, whether that's sewing, cooking (OK - so I don't cook), but in anything we do. We need to stop and enjoy the moment. As busy as I am these days, I do NOT ignore my walks. Those are sacred to me, and it's my thinking time, zone-out time, and time to check out the neighborhood. It's a PRIORITY in my life. I have to say there is a LOT of home renovations going on. It's crazy!!!

I spotted two snails on the trail! I mean the sidewalk!

Two snails

I managed to snap this little guy before he pulled himself into his shell. Gosh - they are weird looking, so S  L  O  W.  So many get crushed on the sidewalk, I want to move them onto the grass, but I leave them. 

A snail

Speaking of walking, here's the view this morning on the Appalachian Trail. Yep - a stile to go over a fence. This isn't the exact spot where I am on the trail since the trail itself isn't mapped with the Google car, so this is the closest intersection to where I am. Look at those glorious hills. Hmmm - so why is this country girl living in the city? 

A stile on the Appalachian Trail

My chef was out yesterday afternoon, and as a result, we had take-out for dinner. OH MY - I love Harvey's. But here's the question. Why do they include these little packs of ketchup in our bag? I guess we're going to have to start saying NO ketchup. First off, ketchup is gross. I know that many of you love the stuff, but then you are literally smothering the food and can't taste the fries or onion rings or whatever you're eating. 

Little packs of ketchup

We are NOT ketchup people at this house. We keep things simple; I don't even know if we have condiments of any kind in the fridge. I don't think so - we don't use them. Let's say that marketers do NOT make money on us! We don't buy gadgets, we don't buy fads, we don't buy processed foods. We're a boring household! We could be pioneers (with Wi-FI!!), but I can't imagine DH living anywhere but the city. 

My parents used to save these little packs whenever they visited McDonald's, which was often. Every time they went to town, they went to McDonald's for lunch. And they saved EVERY single packet of ketchup they received. The fridge was full of them. Why did they keep them when NO ONE in the family ever used the stuff. It's hilarious!!!!

But think about the waste. How many of those little packs of ketchup end up in the landfill? Probably GALLONs and gallons of ketchup. That is so wasteful. We must remember to NOT ask for ketchup going forward. 

Yep - we're a pretty laid-back household. Not much fazes us; our house is definitely lived in, as you can tell by the trail of debris that runs from the back door to the front door. That's a result of Muphy laying in the leaves, etc., and then bringing it in on her fur. I've given up sweeping it up. So yep - it looks like we live outdoors! You know what? I'm OK with that. I've got better things to do than sweep five times a day, and even then, it probably isn't enough. Oh - it's not that bad, but yes - we have a well-lived-in house. 

On that note, I have a salesperson coming early this morning. The start of my research into what to get done in the house before it falls down around us!

Have a super day!!!


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