Saturday, June 19, 2021

Noah, build me an ark!

WOW --- if you lived near me, we had a wicked storm last night. It rained on and off with lightning and thunder, and then at 1 AM, the heavens opened, and it was crazy windy with buckets of rain. The lightning was crazy. Murphy was not too happy, but she was OK, as she cuddled on the floor beside the bed. Miss Lexi - well, if she was scared, it wasn't enough to brave the stairs to be with her peeps! I can't imagine being in a tornado as the trees were being whipped around, and it was very noisy - a tornado would be 10 times worse. That intense storm lasted 15 minutes and then it was dead calm. Mother Nature is very strange in the way she works. 

I took my time working yesterday. I listened to Quilt Canada demos and sessions while I was prepped for the Tula Pink class last night. 

Cutting and watching Quilt Canada

I have to say that by having the cutting table in a fairly good situation, it's easy to spread out when I need to cut something. I'm using my scrap boxes, and well, I'm getting down to the small scraps for these green blocks. I even had to piece some 1½" squares. But I'm OK with that. I didn't take a picture of the cutting table this morning, but several small things need to be put away or dealt with, so that's on the agenda for later today. 

After my Long Time Gone class this morning, I have a free afternoon! Although I should be doing some sewing to catch up on some of the other stuff that is a bit behind. Actually, I think I'll get some writing done, so I'm not quite so far behind on that. 

Diane dropped off  FOUR quilt tops for the community projects. WOW -- she is going gangbusters. These are all lap-sized quilts, so they can be donated to Quilts of Valour. Way to go, Diane!!!

Quilt tops for Quilts of Valour

While I was sewing my Tula Pink blocks, I used the Hello Sunshine (Kimberbell) as my ender/leader, and the quilt top is now together. It's missing the borders, and I hope to resolve that issue today. At least what fabric to choose.

Hello Sunshine, quilt together minus the borders

That allowed me to cross TWO things off The Task Master list for this week.  Seven tasks got accomplished, six to go. I have until Sunday evening to finish the other six. I won't get them all done, but that's OK - there's always next week. 

As I mentioned yesterday, the coloring of Hello Sunshine was an experiment. I won't say it's a fail, but it's so not me. And for some reason, I don't feel it's that cohesive in color. However, I'm going to finish it and move on. It's a good experiment - I'm learning what I like and what I don't like. The white backgrounds are small multi-colored prints (blue/green/red/yellow), and then I picked coral and grey to go with it? I think that was my first mistake!! All in a day's learning!! 

Have a look at my Tula Pink blocks - now that's ME. Bright and bold. The green blocks on the right-hand side are the new ones that I made yesterday. They are now distributed with the others. I have to start thinking about the sashing. I know it's going to be black. The question is - will I make it a 2" sashing, like the book, or will I reduce it a smidgen. Decisions, decisions. 

Tula Pink

I'll share the homework with you later this week. 

That is going to require some audition time. I had to laugh last night as, over and over again, I heard people say, "I need to get a design wall." And I couldn't agree more. This one is portable that is made from three pieces of 1" thick insulation (the blue stuff). It's been leaning against the wall for months. I don't need it other than to keep these blocks in order, so I'm good with it sitting out. The other wall, where the Kimberbell quilt is currently situated, is permanently attached to the wall. So nice to have two bigs ones. 

If I start sewing the blocks together with sashing, I won't have to keep this quilt on the wall. Oh heck - there's no reason to take it down, so it'll probably stay that way until the end of the class in November. 

Today is our last class for Long Time Gone! So sad! It's an amazing group, and we've learned so much from each other. But never fear - we're going to do another quilt along in the fall with Gypsy Wife and Boho Heart. Both patterns by Jen Kingwell. I can't wait to get started!!! Just kidding -- I can wait!

I haven't forgotten our art project. I didn't have time to work on it yesterday. But I'll have pictures for you tomorrow. It seems that I have a LOT that I want to get accomplished today. And the best news is that starting next week, my schedule is pretty relaxed for the summer. How did that happen? I'm looking forward to it and I better not squander the time. I'll enjoy each minute, whether I'm in the gazebo reading or hitting the sewing machine! 

I've got so many samples that I want to make, and well - I need to make a list, so I don't forget them!

That's it for today. My presentation for Long Time Gone is done! Unless there are a couple of last-minute pictures. I can't wait! And it's the Barn Quilt quilt along this morning. A busy morning and then the day is mine. I MUST remember to watch the closing ceremony of Quilt Canada, and I haven't checked out the quilts yet. 

Have a super day!!!


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