Sunday, August 8, 2021

Pitch and purge!

 Is it me, or are the mornings starting to get dark? It's quite overcast this morning which doesn't help, but when I came up from Studio B, I noticed it was considerably darker than it has been. That can only mean one thing - the days are getting shorter. Well, technically, the days aren't getting shorter - there will always be 24 hours in a day, but the amount of daylight each day is getting shorter. 

So we need to take advantage of every second of it and do something outside! I haven't sat in the gazebo in quite a while, but I do spend time in the backyard every day. Mostly sitting at the table on the deck and eating dinner or reading after dinner. And let's not forget playing ball with Murphy and brushing Lexi. How much hair can a Husky lose in a year and still be called a Husky? 

I have a class this morning. Oh, how quickly we forget the schedule when it's summer! This is the first one this month, and there are several others. I just can't seem to sew fast enough to keep up-to-date. However, I'm quite excited that I am, in fact, up-to-date more or less. Way more than I've ever been up-to-date in the past, and I'm doing MORE of these ongoing quilts. More focus!!!

As I walked past this house yesterday, I noticed that they have, in fact, picked the ripe tomatoes, which is a good thing! Perhaps they heard me talking about them. But look at the garden. While the concept is great, if one is going to have a flower garden in their front yard, it needs to be taken care of - not left for the grass and weeds to dominate. 

An attempt at a flower garden

And those tomatoes plants are on the left side of the driveway!

I'm sure there are several of you out there that would love to see me sit down one day in the office and just go for it! Well, it's not going to happen. However, I have a small pile of stuff on the kitchen table, and I've been puttering through it. Almost all of it is in the recycling bin or the garbage, but I had fun as I browsed through the stuff. My brain just doesn't want to deal with the copious amounts? Or am I afraid of what to do when it's all gone? Or don't want to "waste" a day? Not sure what my issue is, but I'm OK with my turtle progress. 

Then for whatever reason, I opened a door in one of the bookcases in the room. Oh boy -- there's a lot of stuff in there. I found a ton of Connecting Threads catalogs and a Canadian Tire catalog from 2016. All of which is now in the recycling bin. 

Old catalogs

That cupboard looks a wee bit tidier on the inside. So one day, it's just going to happen - everything will be gone! Slow and steady! The recycling bin needs to be emptied again, and then I can start all over. And I must admit that once you get started, it becomes easier to get rid of stuff. I'm not ready to just throw stuff away willy nilly -- nope -- I have it for a reason. I'm taking a last look, and then it goes. 

Hey -- there are NOT many boxes on the floor any longer, and at one point, there were many boxes of junk on the floor. So that's a huge improvement. There are five chairs in the room. One I try to keep clean since it's the one I sit on. The other four were piled high with stuff. I'm happy to report that there is only one box sitting on one chair. The others are clear. That's a HUGE improvement! Now we need to work on the two work surfaces - my goal is to clear ONE of them this month. So far, I'm not making much headway! But that's OK -- any progress is better than no progress. 

And as I opened a kitchen cupboard this morning to get something, I saw serving dishes and such that I'll likely never use again. I feel so tempted to pack them up! But if I do, there'll be NOTHING in my kitchen. So they can stay for a while longer. Some of our kitchen cupboards are already empty or very nearly empty, so there's no rush to get back in there and tidy up. Although, why do we have so many cups? They barely fit on the shelf! I've culled them a couple of times, but all of these are special!!

And besides, if I had NOTHING to clean up  - what would I do with my day? And what would I talk about?  

OK -- so here's a great example of why focusing is a good thing. I put my oatmeal in the microwave as I usually do. I set the timer, and I hit the Power button. However, I'm unsure which power level I set it to - obviously, not the right one!!!!

Oatmeal incident

I got another customer quilt done. Yeah!!! I'm going to try and trim everything that needs to be trimmed today. Technically, I'm done with all the customer quilts for this month, although a couple did get bumped up to this month from September. That was my choice, so I've got a couple of those to work on. 

Customer quilt - DONE

Well, I'd better get myself together. I have a ton of pictures to edit for the class this morning. 

Have a super day!!!


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