Sunday, August 22, 2021



So -- If I set my mind to do something - it usually gets done. There are times when that is all talk, and I procrastinate, but yesterday - I was DETERMINED. 

It started small and built up to this!!!!  Wait -- you have to wait just a wee minute. 

While I have quilting stuff that will soon have a looming deadline, I figured I could take a few minutes and grab some stuff in one of the boxes on the table. 

I started with a small pile. 

A small stack of papers to sort through

Oh boy-- another clipboard. I wonder how many clipboards I will find by the end? It would be great to use them as organizers and hang them on the wall, but I don't have the wall space. No worry - if I don't end up using them, I'll donate them. In the meantime, they are handy to categorize stuff as I deal with it. 

Another clipboard

Good grief -- I found a stack of these giant papers for a paper pieced class YEARS ago. I've no idea why I photocopied the cutting templates for the class. No worry -- I removed the staples, cut the papers in two, and put them in the scrap paper that we use in the printer. 

Paper pieced templates

I found a couple of pages from magazines with a book that I wanted. I'll check to see if I have the book or still want the book, and then those will be tossed. I found a couple of articles on the history of quilting in various areas. I like that kind of thing, and I might just put those into a binder - I'm sure I have a binder with this kind of information in it. And there is that plastic bag - it's material from a class, I didn't get a chance to go through it. 

More paper sorted

Wait -- I should say that I started with that small pile, then I grabbed the next one and then another one, and soon the box was EMPTY!!

It's already been repurposed in this cabinet. There's not too much paper left in this cupboard, and I suspect that some are financially related, which means - it should go in the shredder. I'm OK  to reorganize this hidden space - I'll get to it eventually. I'm going for the visual clutter in the room at the moment, and there's no lack of that! However, I could take everything out and really pack stuff in, which would get rid of a lot of clutter in the space. Then I'll slowly remove one box at a time. I might just do that -- it makes me feel more productive!

Stuff is hidden in the cupboard

I have a clipboard of "action" things. It's mostly stuff that will make entertaining blog material, so you can enjoy that pile as well. 

Interesting stuff to share on the blog

And when I was finished, this is what I had. There was a recycling pile, a pile for the printer, a pile to share with you, a filing pile, one for the shredder, and then there were two other piles. One was pictures of quilts or quilting that I find inspiring. There was even a big sketchbook in the box, and the intention is to cut the pictures up and glue them in the book. I've wanted to do that for a long time. I might just do that later today during the virtual retreat. Then there is a pile of patterns that were photocopied or ripped from magazines. I know I should just dump that entire pile in the recycling, but I CANNOT do it....... yet.

The fruits of my labor

I think I need to let those patterns percolate for a day or two, and then I'll go through them again and decide if the picture alone should go in the inspiration folder or do I or will I really want to make the quilt. Some of them are super fun and exciting. BUT -- I emptied a box off the table. That leaves TWO more boxes, a tray, and a small basket. I'm a master at shuffling, so it's even a bit more compact now than it appears in this picture. 

Look at how much table space there is!!!!

Yeah me!!!!!! OK -- so when I now walk into the room, it feels EMPTY! What will it feel like when everything is gone? I'll be lost! No - I will ENJOY the neatness and the space. And my brain will be clearer to not have that clutter! Oh yes --- now I'm fired up, but I won't have time today as it's Virtual retreat day!!!!

Then as a reward, I decided to go to the mall and YES - I got a new phone!!!  DH wanted a new phone as well, so we drove to the mall. OK -- that took a lot of coaxing. Driving to the mall? That's ridiculous - we can walk. His response? "It's too hot." This is from someone born in Africa and has no issue walking an 18-hold golf course, but a 10-minute walk to the mall? EEK!!!

We have different service providers, so I went to mine, and he went to his. I was able to get what I wanted, and I was out of there pretty fast. He had to go to another location. I took a LONG way home to get my walk in, and I still beat him home. Thank you, Bell, for your good service. 

We both ended up getting the same phone - the Galaxy S21+.  I did NOT go for the Ultra, which has the fourth camera. I did have a wee bit of buyer's remorse on the way home that I didn't get the other model. And then when we had the Virtual Retreat and talked to Carol, she also got a new phone and got the one with the fourth camera. I now have fourth camera envy!!!!

I can live without it -- it's "just" a 100X zoom lens, and it's not often I would need that. I have 30X zoom on this phone, and I'll use Photoshop to zoom in if I need. Professional photographers do NOT like digital zoom anyway - I think that is right. Well, that's my justification for not having one! 

And now comes the joy of getting everything connected to it and logged back in. 

I had a good laugh when I got home and went to call Ronda. I grabbed my wired earbuds. 

Wired earbuds

Wait -- there's no jack for them!!!  Yep --- it was probably after I got the Galaxy S10 that wired jacks disappeared off cell phones. OH NO!!!!  Well, I have a pair of wireless headphones and TWO sets of wireless earbuds, so I think I can get those to work. This means that I'll no longer try to rip my ears off when that cord catches on something? What is the fun of that? 

This is a good set of earbuds, and I still use them for the computer on some calls, so they won't go to waste. 

I figured out how to reconnect the Sonos speaker so I can play Spotify, so that's good, and I'm sure I'll have fun over the next couple of days as I make all that happen. My Fitbit didn't sync last night - oops - I forgot to log in. It should sync tonight. My e-mail seems to be working. And slowly, I'll be back up and running at full speed. 

And yes -- they changed the buttons around on the phone, and Carol and I had fun last night learning how to do screenshots. It's NOT nearly as convenient as it used to be!  I guess, like everything, I'll get used to it. 

A screenshot from my new phone

They kept me up late last night on the Virtual Retreat, and I slept in this morning, so no more time! 

I did get a quilt cut out last night, and I'm cleaning up some scraps. That's on the agenda for today - to finish the tidying up, and then I might actually get to sew later today. 

Before I go, I want to mention one thing about the heat. While I did find it warm yesterday on my extended walk back from the mall, it was not HOT. I've become acclimatized to the heat and humidity to a POINT! The only thing that drives me crazy is my face. I don't really perspire on my body - a bit, but not super amounts of sweat. But my face? And especially my nose? And I wear my sunglasses, so they are constantly sliding! It's nuts!!!!

Don't forget to pop over to the Virtual Retreat today. It's loads of fun and for most - it's going to be too hot to be outside!!!!

Sunday - August 22 from 10 AM - 8 PM

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 872 4663 5892 Passcode: 440473

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Did anyone else catch the title of the book/booklet on that clipboard?? "Time Strategies For the Busy Quilter"! Now that one requires a browse before pitching Elaine!

  2. I tried to do the scrapbook thing for inspiration, but it didn't work for me, as my tastes change. What I've done is limit myself to one shoebox-sized box for one-page patterns/ magazine tear-outs, etc. and go through it occasionally or when it gets full, and get rid of what no longer inspires me. This method has worked for me for 10+ years now, both to help me get rid of magazines, and the tear-outs as my tastes change. I'm learning a lot from you as you go through your journey.