Saturday, August 14, 2021

Spy novels are the BEST!

 It's a great day! Why? No idea -- it's just a great day! I had fun puttering yesterday - no immediate deadlines (OK -- so I'm in denial on that one), I do have deadlines, and I'll get to them this coming week. I puttered on homework for my upcoming classes, and well - it feels good to get the homework done way before it's due. Now I need to make up the presentations before I forget everything!

And I'm hooked on a darn audiobook. I look like some music-loving geek as I run around the house with my over-the-ear headphones! But I'm OK with that -- perhaps it's the book that keeps me so focused? It's a spy novel - Stone Cold by David Balducci. While I love to change up the genres from time to time, it's those spy novels that keep me wanting more!

Oh gosh -- I wanted to keep listening, but not one to sit and just listen to an audiobook; I was actually out weeding the backyard while I listened!! 

Did you see Elle's comment from yesterday? She made it a goal to not have more than one 36" long shelf of magazines and one of the same length for books. Oh, how I wish I had made that kind of a commitment to myself. I won't even go there, but this is a great idea for new quilters or anyone on any subject. It's one thing to keep buying, but if you never process what you buy, then what's the point? You are a collector if all they do is gather dust on a shelf, but if you want to enjoy what you bought and move on - then you have to read it. 

I'm slowly moving from a collector to a user. It WILL happen. Do you notice how many times I repeat that? The more I repeat it - the more I believe it, and I am actually making that happen!! Oh yes -- it CAN be done. My learning curve is just a wee bit longer than others. And I'm OK with that. 

As I mentioned a while back, I have an IN-PERSON sewing party for my birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. The guest list is made - well, a few people are coming, the dates are set, and we're going to have a super time. Thankfully we're in a large room for social distancing, and we're a small but mighty group. I couldn't help myself - I had to pack some projects! 

Packed for the birthday sewing retreat

The bag isn't full by any means (and NO, there is NO chocolate in there) -- we'll only be sewing for two days and not long days, so no need to overpack! I can even put supplies and my extension table in there!

There is plenty of room in the bag

I spent a bit of time cleaning some of the mess on the floor. Here's another bag of quilt tops sewn by Diane. Yes -- I need to get myself organized and get more quilts quilted!!! This is supposed to be my downtime to make that happen! 

More community project quilt tops sewn by Diane

But I have a couple of customer quilts that I switched to August from September for various reasons, and this is one of them. Now I need to get myself busy this afternoon and trim some quilts!

Customer quilt - DONE

As I worked on my homework, I used these little half-square triangles as my enders and leaders. I almost got through the entire pile, and then I'll need to decide what to do with them. I've got more sewing on the agenda for today; perhaps I'll get these finished? 

Enders and leaders

And as I was sewing, I had company. She's so darn cute! She doesn't come down often, but from time to time, she makes an appearance. She loves to lick my feet while I'm sewing or has been known to put her head on the foot pedal and started to sew!!!  What a cutie!!!!

Murphy keeping an eye on me while I sew

Here's one more of the celebrity quilts that I made. I did NOT remember making this one, and what a LOT of work, as it's all paper pieced. I wonder if any of these quilts are still around? 

Another Celebrity quilt for The Quilt

This one was made on behalf of Lynn Redgrave. Here's the information in the brochure:

Lynn Redgrave - A Class Act

Born in London, England, Lynn started out in theatre but has made her way to movies, television, and Broadway during her career. From "Georgy Girl" to more recently "Shine" and "Gods and Monsters," she has made a significant contribution to her illustrious family's five-generation-long family of entertainers. 

When Lynn Redgrave was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, her daughter, Annabel Clark, and Lynn decided to create a photo journal to help with the healing process for both of them. A quote from her journal is included on the front of the quilt: "Maybe all this - all this is to show me, and through me, to show other people that nothing must be taken for granted. Life is this journey, and we must try  to make each bit count." 

I love that quote, and YES -- I think things happen for a reason. 

Wow -- I just let the dogs out, and I LOVE walking into this space with nothing on the floor and fewer things on the table. It just feels so much larger and so much neater. Less emotional baggage as well!!!

I keep forgetting to mention that there is a VIRTUAL RETREAT coming up. That's NEXT WEEKEND -- August 21 (6 PM - 9 PM) and August 22 (10 AM - 8 PM).  I can't wait!!! And I have nothing on the schedule for today, so I get to do whatever I want!!! And the temperature is fabulous - I have my sweatshirt back on!  Oh - I lied! I have a class to attend this morning for one hour, but that's OK. 

Well, on that note, I'm out of here to make the most of my day!!!!

Have a super day!!!


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